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Hola! If you are a Latino single looking for tu’ amor, you have come to the right place. The best dating apps for Latinos and Latinas are discussed here. We’ll show you where to look on the internet, how to sign up, and how to take advantage of some great free trials. On top of that, we’ll give you some great tips for making the most of your online dating experience.

You’ve found the right place if you’re a Latino or Latina in search of a partner who shares your values and can help you realize your potential. Here, you’ll learn about some of the most popular Latin American dating apps, such as:

Latina dating site

Best Latino Dating Apps

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eHarmony – Best Serious Dating App for Latinos and Latinas

Whether you’re Hispanic, Latino, or from Mars it’s really hard to find a better serious online dating app than eHarmony. Through advanced matchmaking this dating app allows you to find true compatibility rather than just simple attraction.

But wait, eHarmony isn’t just for Latin American singles?

That’s true! But there are quite a few reason we still think they’re your best bet for finding a lasting relationship online.

  • You can easily filter and edit preferances to separate the Latino out from the millions of other singles.
  • Singles from over 200 different countries worldwide.
  • Advanced matching algorithm truly leads to better results.

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Zoosk – Best App for Casual Latino Dating Online

Zoosk is a very flexible online dating app. They get that not all singles are looking for marriage immediately. So maybe you just want to find some good looking Latinos and start some conversations. Set your search preferences and you’re off! Nothing wrong with seeing where things go.

But what’s great about Zoosk is if you change your mind and decide you’re ready to look for something more serious it can be done in just a few clicks.

  • Over 40 million singles on the app
  • Most flexible dating option for Latino and Latina singles
  • Simplest to use app and website

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AmoLatina – Best International Dating App to Meet Latinas

AmoLatina has multiple features to help you get yourself out there are start meeting Hispanic singles quickly. We’ve found that most profiles on this platform are thoroughly completed with details about interest, education, relationship goals, what they’re looking for in a partner, and more.

If you’d like to learn more about AmoLatina and start browsing through a seemingly endless pool of Latin American singles we recommend using the button below to claim your free trial.

  • Simple but detailed search feature.
  • Get to know singles with video broadcasts.
  • Quickly send multiple messages with “Let’s Mingle”.

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LatinAmericanCupid – Best Dating App to Meet Latino Men

As one of many sites from the reputable and time-tested Cupid Media Group, this Latin American dating site is definitely worth a look for anyone on this page. But, we specifically wanted to give it a shoutout for being the best place for women to find Latino men online.

Approximately 62% of LatinAmericanCupid’s members are men. This is incredible news if you’re looking for a handsome Latino whether you live in Latin America or not.

  • Over 530,000 monthly users
  • Over 60% of users are men
  • Rated very well (9.25/10)

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Christian Mingle – Best Religious Dating App for Latinos

With Christianity being the leading religion by far, there are over 500 million Christians living in Latin America today. For that reason, we couldn’t end out list without giving you an option for religious dating.

Christian Mingle launched in 2001 and has been serving singles in Latin America and around the globe ever since. If your faith is a priority in your relationships we recommend you give this Latino dating app a look.

  • Lookbook offers modern swipe stype dating
  • 100% faith focused dating service.
  • Over 80% of Latinos are Christian (meet them here!)

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Christian Mingle Latino Signup – Simple and Easy to Use Latino Dating App

Ever heard of FriendFinder? Well, is one of the many site’s in their network of dating sites and their answer to a growing interest in Latin American dating apps.

Like the other FriendFinder apps Amigos does it’s just, but in a very simple, no-extra-flairs, kind of way. If this sound like something you might be interested in then claiming a free trial definitely wouldn’t hurt ya!

  • Simple way to connect with other Latino singles
  • One of the fastest signup processes (Under 2 minutes)
  • Webcam/video chat options available

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More Hispanic Dating Apps by Country

For anyone who may not have known, “Latino” or “Latina” are broad terms for men and women of Latin American decent. This group includes the local residents and descendants of 17 different nations including Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, and more! What this means is there are a LOT of Latin American singles online.

In this section, we’ll be looking at just a few of those countries, the gender ratio in each, number of singles, access to internet, and demographic specific dating apps. As a local, using these country specific Latino dating apps making finding singles near you easier. As an international dater, zeroing in on one Latin American country will help you narrow your search for that spicy Latino Mr or Mrs Right!

Online Dating in Mexico

Photo of Mexico with Mexican Flag Overlay

In previous years one of the biggest issues facing Mexican online dating was locals not having access to internet. In 2012, under 40% of Mexico’s population had internet access holding back dating apps and a number of other online markets. Thankfully that number has continued to grow and is now over 70% (That’s over 92 million Mexican internet users!).

If you’re living in Mexico today you have a lot of options for online dating, but the one most ruputable has to be MexicanCupid. This Latino dating app has been around for over 20 years and has more than 87 thousand active users every month.

  • Gender Ratio: 95.7 males per 100 females.
  • # of Singles: Over 44 million singles in Mexico.
  • Access to Internet: 71.3% of population.
  • Meet Mexican Singles Online: Try MexicanCupid Free!

Online Dating in Colombia

Photo of Colombia with Colombian Flag Overlay

Colombia has had access to broadband internet since the late 1990s, but the quality and availability of home internet has been less than ideal. Even today only about 65% of Colombians are using the internet. What may surprise you is that despite these technological shortcomings Colombian online dating is a massive market drawing the interest of millions of singles around the globe.

Enter ColombianCupid, a dating app with over 2 million Latino members! It’s a massive community with decades of experience and 36 pages of user success stories you can read though. This dating app is an excellent fit for locals as well as international daters looking for Colombian women (and men). If you’re ready to find your Colombian sweetheart click the link below to claim a free trial account and see if this Latin American dating site is right for you.

  • Gender Ratio: 95.6 males per 100 females.
  • # of Singles: Over 16 million singles in Colombia.
  • Access to Internet: 65% of population.
  • Meet Colombian Singles Online: Try ColombianCupid Free!

Online Dating in the Dominican Republic

Photo of the Dominican Republic with Flag Overlay

People around the globe seem to agree that Dominican singles are good looking and loyal partners. As a result multiple Dominican dating apps have come and gone over the years. The most reliable however has to be DominicanCupid.

This Latino dating app has over 40,000 users from the Dominican Republic active every month. Whether you’re living in the DR or not that’s definitely a figure that should excite you if you’re reading this section. Click the link in the list below and start meeting Dominican singles for free or you can learn more about online dating in the Dominican Republic here.

  • Gender Ratio: 102.2 males per 100 females.
  • # of Singles: Over 3 million singles in the Dominican Republic.
  • Access to Internet: 77% of population.
  • Meet Dominican Singles Online: Try DominicanCupid Free!

Online Dating in Brazil

Photo of Brazil with Brazilian Flag Overlay

While not all Brazilians consider themselves to be “Latinos” there are 2 important things to point out. First, Brazil has more internet access than any of the other countries we’ll be discussing on this page. Second (and more importantly), Brazil has more singles by FAR than any of the other Latin American countries we’ve discussed.

Interested in meeting some of them? BrazilCupid would be our recommendation!

With translation tools to help navigate the multilingual culture, ability to respond to premium users’ messages for free, and a huge selection of Brazilian singles to browse it’s really a no brainer–this is the Latin American dating site for the job!

  • Gender Ratio: 96.8 males per 100 females.
  • # of Singles: Over 64 million singles in Brazil.
  • Access to Internet: 81% of population.
  • Meet Brazilian Singles Online: Try BrazilCupid Free!

Online Dating in The Caribbean

Photo of the Caribbean

Now of course “The Caribbean” isn’t a country, but if you’re looking for beautiful islands full of beautiful island people this is the section for you. CaribbeanCupid is a dating app that will help you meet interesting singles from the Bahamas, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, and more.

But is this Latino dating app really worth joining? It’s over 800,000 members seem to think so!

Like with many niche dating apps, we will say that CaribbeanCupid has fewer features to offer than major sites like eHarmony, Zoosk, or Elite Singles. But sometimes you don’t need extra bells and whistles to find love. There’s a free trial link below if you’d like to see more about what this Latin American dating site has to offer hands on:

  • Gender Ratio: Average of 98.42 males per 100 females.
  • # of Singles: Over 13 million singles in the Caribbean.
  • Access to Internet: Over 50% of population (Varies by country).
  • Meet Caribbean Singles Online: Try CaribbeanCupid Free!

Do I Have to Use a Dating App Designed for Latinos?

Nope! The benefit to using them is that each of these sites is packed with quality singles from Hispanic backgrounds that are actively looking for love. But, if you’d like more options we completely understand and respect that–There are thousands of online dating apps out there.

What we don’t recommend is just blindly trying any dating app that pops up. If you’d like more options here are a few resources to help you find the perfect dating app for your needs:

Latino couple embracing

Tips for Getting the Most Out of These Online Dating Sites

  • Don’t discount the sites that are not 100% Latino. Just because a site doesn’t limit membership to only Latinos doesn’t mean it’s not a great option to find what you’re looking for. These sites have millions of members and search functions that can help you find singles only from the ethnicity you’re looking for. It’s a common misconception that these options aren’t great dating sites for Latino singles.
  • Spend some time building out your profile. Even the best dating site for Latino men and women is not going to do everything for you. In order to find that special someone, you need to put some time into writing the best dating profile you can. Take your time to really capture who you are. If you do that, you’ll find a lot of success on these apps.  
  • Dedicate some time and effort to the process. Chances are, it may take a little while to find that special someone. Remember, you’re not shopping for a new pair of shoes, you’re looking for someone special to spend time with. It may take more than a few days, and that’s okay. What you can do, though, is be patient but be active. Involve yourself in the process but be patient. Latino dating sites can help out a lot, but you have to do your part.
  • Know what you want. Are you 100% only interested in dating Latino singles, or are you open to dating people from all backgrounds? The good news is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing what you want! The point we’re trying to make here is to take a few minutes before you start dating online and think about the answers to these questions. The clearer you are on what you’re looking for, the better your chances of success finding that are going to be.

Hispanic Online Dating FAQ

What dating app do Latinos use?

Some Latinos use niche dating apps like, Columbian Cupid, Dominican Cupid, and International Cupid. However, the bulk of Latinos tend to use mainstream dating apps like eHarmony, Elite Singles, and Zoosk.

Are these Hispanic dating apps affordable?

It’s no secret that paid dating sites are better than free dating sites for a lot of reasons. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money to find your new love interest. We won’t recommend any Latino or Latina dating sites unless we think the price is affordable and fair for what you get. If the value doesn’t match the price tag, we’re not interested.

I’m not techy… Will using these Latin American dating apps be hard?

All of these Latino dating sites are simple to use and don’t take hours to learn where things are. You’ll have your profile up and running in a matter of minutes and be able to start searching for Latino singles near you or around the world in no time.

If a dating app is hard for average users to adapt to it generally doesn’t last well in this competitive market (and would never make it on our list of recommendations).

What’s the best place to find single Latinas?

Much like with any ethnicity, there are a ton of different places to meet single Latinas. You can find them at bars, around town, at school, at church, or anywhere else people congregate. That being said, Latino dating apps can make the process a lot smoother and help you to connect to more options faster.

Do I have to speak Spanish to use these dating apps?

No. Most Latina dating apps have translation tools built in. That being said, if you want to have a successful relationship with a Spanish-speaking guy or gal learning Spanish should definitely be somewhere on the to-do list. It will help to show your partner that you’re investing in the relationship and working to understand them and their culture.

What’s the biggest obstacle facing online dating in Latin America?

If you read through this whole page you probably noticed a pattern in the Latino dating apps by country section. Despite efforts to improve infrastructure, the biggest obstacle limiting the growth of popular Latino dating sites is limited access to internet in many parts of Latin America. Hard to date Latinas online if you can’t contact them after all.

Are Latino dating apps free to use?

There are some Latino dating apps that you can use completely free, however, you are going to get what you pay for (or don’t pay for). If you’re looking for any semblance of quality, you’ll want to use a Latino dating site or app that does have some pay barrier. Two things to add, though.

  • First, that doesn’t mean you need to pay an arm and a leg. When we recommend out list of the best Latino dating apps, we pay attention to price.
  • Second, most of these options have a free trial where you can try things out for yourself.

We’ve made sure to add links to those in the sections above. You’ll most likely still need to eventually upgrade to a paid account to get all the features you want, but it’s a great way to get your feet wet before needing to do that.

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