Indianapolis dating site

When compared to its more underground roots, online dating has matured greatly. It has developed to the point where it can be used to facilitate meaningful connections between people, from casual friendships to long-term marriages, saving time and energy in the dating process. In a city like Indianapolis, where making friends can be difficult, this is a godsend.

Tourists who are hoping to strike up conversations with locals may be disappointed by the city’s constant flow of pedestrians. Just when you think you’ve mastered the art of dating, you find out that your perfect match lives on the other side of the country. For those singles in Indianapolis who are tired of the club scene and ready to settle down with someone special, here is a list of the top dating apps to help you find your soul mate.

Indianapolis dating site

We also have great information about dating safety and success tips to help you along the way. Ready to turn your love life around? Just read on!

The 6 Best Dating Apps in Indianapolis

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Key Takeaways About Dating in Indianapolis, Indiana

  • There are fewers date night locations in Indianapolis than other large cities
  • The large city can make it difficult to find compatible singles in your daily life
  • The cost of dating in Indianapolis is impressively low
  • The majority of Indianapolis singles are well-educated and driven 
  • Online dating makes finding the perfect partner in Indianapolis so much easier
Photograph taken of the sun setting in the distance. Sunset is peeking through between corner city buildings in the downtown area of Indianapolis, Indiana.

How Indianapolis Stacked Up in Our Best Cities for Singles Research Study

We were surprised to see how different the dating scene can be from one city to the next, even when they are in the same state. To get a true grasp for these differences, we compared the dating scene from the 100 most populated cities in the United States. This study is based on important factors in dating like the number of singles, cost of dating, number of dating amenities, and more!

Indianapolis is on our list and came in at #47 on our list. It isn’t the most exciting result, but it is respectable! If you would like to see why we placed your town in the middle of our list, you should take a look at the full results of our study, here. 

5 Tips for Singles Dating in Indianapolis

  1. Know the Best Place to Meet Singles: There are a lot of places you can meet singles in Indianapolis; bars, clubs, speed dating, and more. However, dating apps are the only way to ensure you are meeting truly compatible singles who are in it for the same things you are. 
  2. Take a Self Inventory of Your Dating Goals: Are you wanting fun for tonight or a companion for life? The answer to that question will seriously redirect your dating path and can help you choose the best app for you. 
  3. Be Happy with Who You Are: It is important to learn to love yourself before starting any dating journey. This will help you make smart decisions while dating and prevent you from settling for a smooth talker who isn’t right for you. 
  4. Be Ready to Date: Similar to being happy with yourself, you also need to be ready to date in general. If you find that you are overwhelmed with your daily responsibilities and current goals, it is okay to take dating slowly or wait a while to start. 
  5. Switch up Your Date Night Plans: Dating in Indianapolis doesn’t need to be a constant repeat of going to dinner, then a bar, then back home. There are plenty of unique date night opportunities like duckpin bowling in Fountain Square, hiking at North Crow’s Nest, heading to the speedway, and much more. 

Best Indianapolis Date Ideas

When you’re planning a date, you could go to a football game or take the dinner and movie route. However, even though we’re covering food and films, we’ve got a few Indianapolis date ideas that are a bit more creative.

Mystery Picnic Date

One of the more original Indianapolis date ideas is a fun daytime activity called the Mystery Picnic Date.

It’s a walking experience in the downtown area. Before you and your special someone share a delicious meal, you’ll first have to figure out clues that pop up on your smartphone, leading you to it.

If you’ve ever been apprehensive about a new date, maybe worried about making small talk, then this is the one for you. The experience includes games and conversation starters as you solve the mystery together, giving you plenty of things to chat about by the time you sit down to enjoy the picnic spread.

Tibbs Drive-In

It’s not the 1950s anymore, but drive-in theaters are back. So how about a retro-style date in Indianapolis at Tibbs Drive-In Theatre in the southwest?

You can stay in your car. Or, it might be fun to bring some chairs and a portable radio and sit under the stars.

The tip to cranking up the volume on this Indianapolis date idea is to plan on supporting the theater with popcorn and snacks. But surprise your special someone with a gourmet dinner you picked up on the way – something really elegant and unexpected!

Couples Cooking at Nestle Inn

It’s a B & B in downtown Indianapolis, but the Nestle Inn is also the place to go for a fun date afternoon or night.

Like the Mystery Picnic date, a cooking class is a great way to get to know someone. You’ve got built-in conversation as you work together to create your culinary masterpieces. Every event is different. Some are full meals, while others teach you how to make homemade pasta, sushi, or chocolates.

Tickets for the classes are $80 each, and you get $20 off if you’re staying at the Inn.

Indianapolis Online Dating FAQs

Is online dating in Indianapolis safe?

Online dating is perfectly safe as long as you utilize the tool properly. Online dating even has the added benefit of allowing you to learn about a person before letting them know intimate details about yourself or meeting them in person. Just be sure to follow the rules on online dating safety.

What are the rules of online dating safety?

  • Never link your dating profile to your personal social media.
  • Never give personal and/or financial information to your matches.
  • Report any misbehaving matches to the moderators.
  • When meeting in person for the first time, meet in public and let a trusted friend know where you will be and when you should be home.
  • Do background research on matches with whom you are considering having a relationship.
  • Utilize video chatting features to avoid catfishers.
  • Use the communication offerings of the dating app as they are monitored by mods who want to keep you safe.

Which dating app should I choose?

Any of the dating apps on our list are great for singles in Indianapolis, but you might have more luck at some over others. The best thing to do is see which app best caters to your needs and dating goals. You can see more information about each app right here on our website. 

Are dating apps expensive?

The price of dating apps vary depending on which app you choose and which tier of service you sign up for. We’ve seen great dating apps that cost five dollars a month and others that cost upwards of 50 dollars a month. Still, the most expensive dating apps are still highly affordable compared to the cost of hitting the bar or the club a few times a month.  

How many dating apps should I sign up for?

Technically, you can sign up for however many dating apps you’d like. When utilizing free trials and testing the waters, we actually find multiple signups can be super helpful. However, when you decide on an app you like and start paying for a membership, you are better off utilizing just one platform.

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