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San Diego is an undeniably beautiful city that epitomizes the idea of California living. It is never too cold or too hot, the beaches and people are equally beautiful, the food is amazing, there is high cultural diversity, and so much more. The problem is, dating in San Diego can feel a bit like a chore. 

Free hookup sites san diego

This is because the main focus among local singles seems to be on hookup culture. There is so much swiping and so many one-night-stands that the entire town starts to feel a bit like a college campus. 

Luckily, there is a way to overcome this issue – dating apps. And if you stick around, we’ve found the best dating apps for singles in San Diego to help you find truly compatible matches! With these apps, you can stop finding short term romances and begin fostering real, long-term relationships. If you are ready to turn your dating life around, just read on. 

The Best Dating Apps in San Diego

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Why These Dating Sites are Great for San Diego Singles

The dating apps on our list can help you overcome the difficulties that come with dating in San Diego. They help you broaden your search and use compatibility matching, search features, and filtering options to narrow down your results to the singles who have a real chance of being the one. 

Not only do these sites make dating easier, they also use modern platforms that are compatible on most mobile devices, which means dating can be done anywhere and on your own time. We also love their moderators and customer service teams who work tirelessly to keep users safe and satisfied.

If you want to find love in San Diego and aren’t having much luck on your own, these dating apps may be the answer you are seeking. 

Here’s a few more of our reasons for the rankings:

  • Singles in all of the major San Diego cities, including areas like Carlsbad, Carmel Valley, La Jolla, Mission Hills, Pacific Beach, East Village, Coronado, and more! No matter where you live in San Diego, these dating apps are ready to serve your needs.
  • Singles from all different backgrounds and walks of life. If you’re looking for someone who fits with your background or you’re looking for something a little different, these San Diego dating apps have you covered.
  • The ability to filter out tourists—San Diego is a hot tourist destination, which is great if you’re someone looking for casual flings. But if you’re looking to date online to meet someone for something serious, you’ll want a way to filter out people that aren’t residents, which these sites provide.

Key Takeaways about Dating in San Diego, California

  • The cost of living in San Diego is 44% higher than the national average, which also means the cost of dating is going to be much higher.
  • The nice weather and temperate climate make every season great for dating, unlike other cities where people hide away in the “off season”
  • The city is rich in amenities, which means finding a place to take a date won’t be hard
  • Local dating has been known to focus heavily on hookup culture, but there are ways to meet serious singles
San Diego Skyline

How San Diego Stacked Up In Our Best Cities For Singles Research Study

Dating in the United States is wildly different depending on where you live. To truly grasp how the dating scenes vary, we did a study on the 100 most populated cities in the United States. We compared the date night amenities, pool of singles, cost of dating, rideshare costs, and more to determine who has it made and who struggles when it comes to dating. 

Out of the 100 cities, San Diego ranked in at a depressing #74. There are a lot of issues with the dating scene in San Diego and you can get a better idea of what they are by looking at our full study, here. Luckily, the apps on our list are great at helping you overcome the difficulty of being a San Diego single. 

The Perks of Dating in San Diego

  • Temperate Weather: The weather in San Diego is always beautiful. It’s never too hot or too cold, which means that every season is great for going on dates and meeting new people!
  • There is So Much to Do: From the Historic Geisel library to plays, art exhibits, aquariums, the beach, and great restaurants, there are plenty of things to do in San Diego. 
  • Some of the Most Convenient Dating Around: Dating in San Diego is easier than some other places because locals are pretty vocal about being single. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really help you find a compatible partner. 
  • The Scene is Great For Those Who Love Hookup Culture: If you are only looking for a casual fling, one-night-stands, or something similar, the dating culture in San Diego is right up your alley.

The Challenges of Dating in San Diego

  • Local Date Scenes Don’t Cater to Long Term Relationships: If you are one of the thousands of San Diego singles who want a serious relationship, you likely find the local dating scene exhausting. 
  • People Believe in Neighborhood Stereotypes: One of the biggest challenges of dating in San Diego is the number of people who believe that singles from certain neighborhoods are automatically incompatible. This skewed type of thinking can really hold people back. 
  • The Culture is a Little Skewed Toward Beach Life: If you love the beach and surfing, this isn’t much of a problem. However, those with less love for the water and sand tend to feel stifled by the sheer number of beach-focused entertainment amenities. 
  • You Run into The Same Singles Over and Over: If you only stick to your favorite neighborhoods and places, you are going to see the same singles over and over again. Any new faces are likely tourists, which aren’t great choices for long-term relationships. 
  • Dating is Expensive: Like most large cities in California, San Diego is very expensive. It can be discouraging to try dating when you are wasting hundreds of dollars on singles that don’t have any real potential. 

Best San Diego Date Night Ideas

Forget about the zoo, a drive through La Jolla, or hanging out at Fashion Valley Mall. Our San Diego date ideas will give you high marks for creativity.

Be a Hip Cook

Hip Cooks is a fun cooking class provider that teaches culinary skills and ends every class with a dinner party.

You and your date will spend plenty of together time preparing dishes, extending to vegetarian, wheat-free, or dairy-free. Then you get to reap the benefits of your “hard work” and maybe make some new friends along the way.

Unlike some other cooking classes, you don’t even have to bring the wine. Your instructor provides the perfect pairings for your multi-course meal.

Gaslamp Who Dunnit Tour

Is it a tour? A murder mystery? How about a fun way to spend two hours?

The Gaslamp Who Dunnit Tour by Murder ‘n Mayhem is a unique San Diego date idea that’ll take you on a scavenger hunt through San Diego’s famous Gaslamp Quarter. It’s a clue-filled walking tour with plenty of ideas for post-tour stops.

You can grab a tour ticket for just $25 or do the “Tour and Grub” for $30. The “grub” gets you a $10 dining credit at Henry’s Pub after you solve the case.

Don’t worry about the timing, as the Who Dunnit Tour is every night from 7 pm to 9 pm, so you’re covered for a weekend or weekday outing. And, if you’re not up for a walking tour, check out the Murder ‘n Mayhem site anyway, as another experience might catch your attention.

Fat Woody

The Who Dunnit Tour is an outdoor activity for the evening. We’ve got something for the daytime, too. After all, you’re in San Diego.

All you have to do is take a quick drive over the Coronado Bridge, and you can hop on a Fat Woody!

Fat Woody is a beach cruiser experience – a guided electric bike tour of the island. The bikes aren’t just any old two-wheelers, though, as they’re retro-styled in the classic woody car design. Woodies get up to 15 mph and have onboard speakers and comfy seats, so you won’t be too sore to enjoy some island cocktails after your excursion.

FAQ About San Diego Dating Apps

Should I use mainstream or niche dating apps?

There are a lot of different dating apps out there and some of the more niche apps can seem like they’d be a great way to narrow your search pool. However, they tend to:

  • Have far fewer singles
  • Lower quality platforms
  • Less professional customer service
  • Higher Costs

Overall, we highly recommend choosing a mainstream app, like the ones on our list, and utilizing their search features to find the best matches for you. 

Can dating apps help me find singles compatible with my religion?

Yes! Religious preferences will be included in search filtering and your bio information. 

Are these apps free to try?

Yes! You can try the apps on our list for free.

How long will I need to use dating apps?

The average time a single spends on dating apps is between six months and a year, but this can vary based on the individual. 

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