Free hookup sites san antonio

There are thousands of eligible singles in the San Antonio area, not to mention an array of places to meet them. If you have been single in San Antonio for a while, you may be thinking, “umm, where exactly are these eligible singles you speak of?” Turns out, the majority of them are online!

Free hookup sites san antonio

In the modern dating age, fewer and fewer people head out on the town to meet singles. Why? Because why would you waste your time and money just hoping you run into someone who is single, looking for a relationship, and interested in the same things as you, when you could easily find compatible partners through an app?

We have put together a list of the best dating apps in San Antonio to help you get over your dating hump and back into the saddle. Each of these sites are great because they have the best amenities to help you narrow your search down to just the singles that are truly right for you! For more information on these apps and some great San Antonio dating tips, just keep reading.

The Best Dating Apps in San Antonio

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Key Takeaways about Dating in San Antonio, Texas

  • Ranked 64th in a recent data study on the best cities for singles in the USA; Arlington was the only Texas town to crack the top 10
  • Lots of unique date places both indoors and outdoors (thanks to the favorable weather most of the year)
  • Inclusive dating scene for all different interests and walks of life
  • The in-person dating scene is not as prevalent as the online dating scene, especially for San Antonio singles looking for more serious relationships
San Antonio downtown city skyline

How San Antonio Stacked Up In Our Best Cities For Singles Research Study

We’ve got all the info on the best cities for singles based on research into the 100 most populous cities in the US. Meaning, even if you don’t live in one of these cities, you can likely find one or two close enough to your home town to be of use. San Antonio made it on our list and ranked #64 out of 100. 

Interested in exactly why San Antonio missed out on one of the top 50 spots? Take a look at our research results where we go into detail about our ranking criteria and give out accolades to various cities. You can also find some other great Texas towns that ranked even higher on our list!

What Makes San Antonio Such a Great Place for Singles

We don’t mean to dote so shamelessly on San Antonio, but there is a reason that it is the 7th most populous city in the United States – there is so much to love and so little to hate. Aside from the gorgeous sites and friendly people, here are some of the greatest things about San Antonio:

The Weather is Always Nice

You will be hard pressed to find a bad day in San Antonio. In the Summer the weather sits in the 90s, which makes river walks a dream. In the winter, the weather usually stays in the 60s and you’d be hard pressed to find a day where it even gets close to freezing. 

There Are So Many Things to Do

Is there anything you can’t do in San Antonio? If you and your date feel like shopping all day and winding down by feeding a giraffe or swimming with a dolphin, guess what, you can do that! Would you rather take in a few pieces of history, observe some stellar art, then eat at one of the best restaurants in the country? You can do that too! 

If you need a quick reference list of some great ideas for a date night in San Antonio, here is a list of a few of our favorite places:

  • The River Walk
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Company
  • La Cantera Spa
  • iFly
  • The Witte Museum
  • Brackenridge Park

The Area is Culturally Diverse

San Antonio is an incredibly dynamic city with cultural identities that vary from Mexican and Tejano to German, Irish, Czechoslovakian and more. The city is a place where everyone can feel welcome and celebrated for who they are.

This is great for the dating scene because you will have an easy time finding singles that relate to you on a deeper, cultural level. 

FAQ About Dating in San Antonio

Why are these the best dating apps in San Antonio?

These apps have a blend of the three things we find the most important for any dating app – large single pool, great amenities, fantastic customer service. If you want the easiest way to narrow your dating options down to those who are truly compatible, these apps are for you. 

Is it safe to date online in San Antonio?

Yes! Online dating can be extremely safe. In fact, in some regard it can be even safer than meeting strangers in a bar or at the club. Just remember to follow some basic guidelines when meeting people online. 

  • Never give out your personal or financial information
  • Keep links to your personal social media off your dating profile
  • Never meet a match for the first time in a private setting
  • Let a trusted friend or family member know where you are going before meeting a date in real life
  • Report any inappropriate behavior to the app mods as soon as it occurs

Is San Antonio LGBTQ friendly?

San Antonio is surprisingly LGBTQ friendly. Southern cities can get a bad reputation for being inherently intolerant, but San Antonio has appeared in multiple lists and news articles thanks to their open-minded and accepting mentality. 

Is San Antonio a good place for military professionals to date?

Yes! San Antonio has a huge military presence whether that be in the form of active members living on base, or retired military personnel who have taken to the city. No matter your situation, these dating apps can help you find the right person for you right here in San Antonio. 

Is dating in San Antonio Expensive?

Though San Antonio is comparable in size, amenities, and population to other Texas towns like Dallas and Houston, the city is actually far more affordable. Transportation fees, dining expenses, and other typical “dating costs” are fairly inexpensive. 

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