Free dating sites in tennessee

Do you hail from the Volunteer State? I can’t find any other tens, so you must be special to me! We’ll admit it: we’re sappy and we couldn’t resist starting with the world’s corniest pickup line. The point of today’s meeting is, without exaggeration, to discuss methods for improving your love life in Tennessee.

Free dating sites in tennessee

If you’ve tried the bars, honky-tonks, and everywhere else under the sun without much luck—we feel you. Luckily, today, we’re going to introduce you to one of the best ways to find love in the state of Tennessee. We’re talking about online dating. Yes, Tennessee dating apps are actually an effective way to meet quality (not weird, unless you like that) people who are looking for the same things you are.

If you’re ready to get serious about finding love, fun, or something in between when it comes to your romantic life, buckle up because we’re about to get after it.

The Best Dating Apps in Tennessee

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eHarmony Reigns as Best Tennessee Dating App

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All cheesy romantic puns aside, most people in Tennessee have good values, a southern upbringing, and are looking for a meaningful relationship. And even if you’re a transplant from somewhere else (maybe you moved here for that no state income tax), we find that most people are looking for dating that can turn into a longer term relationship with the right person.

If we’re speaking you’re language, we’d like to suggest trying eHarmony. Ranked by our team as the #1 dating app for singles in Tennessee, it’s meticulously designed for singles looking for more. Based on their impressive track record (millions of tracked successes), an intuitive user interface, and marketing targeted solely at singles looking for longer term relationships—it’s a big win for the state.

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Additional Resources for Tennessee Singles

Nashville, Tennessee downtown skyline at Shelby Street Bridge.

What Makes These the Best Tennessee Dating Apps?

Why these apps? Great question! Our team lives and breathes dating apps and prides ourselves in being able to know which might be best for what groups of people. But just telling you that isn’t enough for us! We want you to know why we chose these as the best dating apps in the Volunteer State.

Let’s look at the top three reasons we chose these options.

1. A Great Mix of Singles Statewide

Often, services like to only cater their offerings to the major cities. And while it’s important that a dating site service places like Nashville and Memphis, it should also serve the smaller cities like Knoxville, Collierville, Murfeesboro, etc. Each of the dating apps we’ve recommended here gives the best of both worlds by servicing customers living in the cities, the mountain areas, and the backwoods—every inch of the 41,232.5 square miles.

2. Access to Singles From the 8 Surrounding States

Tennessee is bordered by an impressive eight different states—Kentucky, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, and Arkansas! And many of the bigger cities in Tennessee (like Chattanooga and Memphis) are near those borders. If you live in Memphis and there’s an amazing man or women in Mississippi or Arkansas, wouldn’t you still want to meet them?

Of course you would! For that reason, we don’t select any dating apps that don’t let you sort and search by proximity. If they only give you the option of state choices, we’re really not that interested (and neither should you be).

3. Safety

Unfortunately, every safety study we could find has Tennessee in the bottom five of the entire US. And while most of those are skewed by non-violent crimes, it still shows that safety and security should be a priority to TN residents. To do our part, we make sure to only recommend dating sites and apps that have security at the forefront of their operations. This means things like proper encryption, manual verification processes, proactive support teams, and a whole lot more.

What is Dating in Tennessee Like?

Alright, so we’ve convinced you that online dating in Tennessee is an awesome way to meet singles in or around your state. Now what? What are the key takeaways that you need to know to have success? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about here. Here are some important things to know that specifically pertain to dating and online dating in the state of Tennessee.

To start, let’s look at a few trends of what you can expect when dating in the great Volunteer state.

  • Be ready for tourist central in Nashville. – It’s no secret that Nashville is a hot bed for tourism (which is awesome). But—when that comes to dating (particularly on the dating apps), expect it to be a little annoying, depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re in your wild party days and just want something casual for the weekend, it’s great. But if you want to meet someone special who lives locally and isn’t looking for a tour guide, it’s going to require you to select the right dating apps and learn to use your filters. We’ve heard the dating scene referred to as “abundant and treacherous”. Hooray lol
  • People like to get married young (high school sweethearts). – Anecdotally, it probably feels like every single person and their mother in Tennessee gets married the second they get out of high school. Does the data back that up? It does. Tennessee ranked 11th in the nation for the youngest age of getting married. This doesn’t mean you should rush to get married before all the good ones are scooped up, but realize the state is pretty marriage-minded from a young age.
  • Expect to see people you’ve dated before in the smaller towns. – In the smaller towns in the state (there are a lot of them), expect to see some of the people you’ve gone on dates with before. While this doesn’t have to be awkward, it’s the nature of small town dating so be prepared for it. It can happen in Nashville as well, but far rarer.
  • People think we drink a lot, but we really don’t. – It’s funny how states with a tourist town in them get the stigma that everyone there is a raging alcoholic and is hammered 24/7. In reality, though, that’s not the case in Tennessee. Yes, singles do like to go grab drinks, but binge drinking is way less of a problem than it is in a lot of other states. In fact, Tennessee ranks 35th worst state which means there are 34 other states that need to get it together before they can give us a hard time.

Tennessee Singles Data

In addition to those trends (that are purely anecdotal), here’s some data to back things up. It should give you a much clearer picture about the big picture of the Tennessee dating scene.

  • Out of all the cities in the state, Nashville has the highest level of interest in online dating. We theorize that this has to do with the size of the population in the city as well as some skewing from tourism on more casual apps.
  • There are about 124,727 more women than there are men in the state of Tennessee.
  • Memphis ranked 35th best city for singles in the U.S. Nashville also made the list but only came in 51st, right around the middle of the pack.
  • A higher percentage of the women than men in the state of TN are unmarried. Over half of the men in the state are currently married.

Total Population

  • 6,772,268

Population in Tennessee by Gender

  • 51.2% women in Tennessee
  • 48.8% men in Tennessee

Overall Singles by Gender

  • 50.5% of women in Tennessee are single
  • 47.1% of men in Tennessee are single

Population in Tennessee by Age

  • 13.8% aged from 20-29 years old
  • 12.9% aged from 30-39 years old
  • 12.5% aged from 40-49 years old
  • 13.2% aged from 50-59 years old
  • 22.7% aged 60+ years old

% Households With Internet in TN

  • 75.4% of households in Tennessee have internet access


Cities in TN With the Highest Search Traffic for Online Dating

A really neat way to understand the dating scene in a state is to look at Google search traffic. Our team looked at search traffic over the past 12 months for terms relating to online dating in the state of Tennessee. We believe that it’s a clear correlation that the cities with higher search activity for online dating are more interested in online dating! And while things like population do skew the data a bit, the resulting data is still usable as more people=more interest.

Here are the results. The city with most dating traffic was Nashville, followed by Memphis, Chattanooga, and Knoxville, in that order. Here’s the full list. Oh, and if you don’t see your city here, don’t worry. These are the major metropolitan areas that include the surrounding cities. Also, these are just the hot beds. It doesn’t mean other cities in Tennessee don’t have tons of quality singles dating online.

Map of Tennessee Google Trends Data Online Dating
  1. Nashville TN – (100)
  2. Memphis TN – (79)
  3. Chattanooga TN – (78)
  4. Knoxville TN – (75)
  5. Tri-Cities TN-VA – (55)
  6. Jackson TN

Nashville and Memphis Make List of Top Cities for Singles in the U.S.

If you’re single in Nashville or Memphis and you’re looking for love, you’ve got a lot to be excited about. Not only did your city make the top of the list for online dating search activity, but it also made the list of the top cities for singles in the U.S.

If you’d like, you can see the full study on the U.S. here. The study showcases where each city shines and what they could improve on. Nashville came in the middle of the pack with a decent showing in all categories whereas Memphis really shined in the cost of dating category.

  • Memphis – 35th
  • Nashville – 51st

Best Dating Apps by City

Since we’re on the topic of how different cities in the state stack up, we thought it was a good time to share a few additional resources. Below, you’ll find our breakdowns of the best dating apps in Tennessee by specific city. While the lists are quite similar to this one, there are some areas where certain apps are more popular. Additionally, each guide below shares some awesome information about the singles’ scene in each city!

Best Free Dating Sites in Tennessee

If you’ve heard the phrase that nothing in life is free, it’s pretty true. And while you might think that 100% free Tennessee dating apps are awesome and cost nothing, you’d be wrong. The problem with these completely free options is that they might not cost money upfront, but they rob you of time, can take an emotional toll on you, and if you don’t think a string of bad dates gets expensive, think again.

The problem with free Tennessee dating apps is that they rarely have adequate filters for scammers, fake profiles, and people looking to screw around and play games. Do you still see these people on paid dating apps? Yes, but nowhere near as prevalent. That’s why we’re big advocated for dating apps that do have premium features.

But we’re not sending you out the door without something for free. At the top of this guide, you’ll see links to free trials with our favorite dating apps. Yes, the trials do have limitations, but they can help you to pick out which Tennessee dating app is right for you before you decide to pay to upgrade. It’s the best way to get the best results without wasting unnecessary money.

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