Free dating sites in new york

You are not alone if you feel disoriented while dating in New York City. It’s unrealistic to look for love in the workplace, a bar, or the streets of a city as hectic as this one. However, there is some good news! The gloom and doom we’ve brought today isn’t something we woke up with this morning. We’ve compiled a list of the top dating apps in NYC to help you find love quickly and easily. These apps have the largest user bases, the most cutting-edge features, and the highest success rates.

Free dating sites in new york

The Best Dating Apps in NYC

  1. eHarmony – Best for serious relationships and marriage
  2. The League – Newest and trendiest dating app in NYC
  3. Elite Singles – Best for business professional dating
  4. Higher Bond – Best for Christian singles in New York
  5. Zoosk – Best for affordable casual or serious dating

1. eHarmony – Best for Serious Relationships and Marriage

eharmony homepage screenshot

Just because you live in the fast-paced world of NYC doesn’t mean that you can’t have dreams of a happy marriage, family, and all the great things that come with that. If you’re a marriage-minded single or you’re just looking for something that could turn into something serious, eHarmony is hands-down the best option for you. This dating app boasts helping over 2 million people find love, and there is no reason they can’t make it 2 million plus two (we mean you and the person out there looking for you, by the way).

eHarmony is easily the number one dating app for singles in New York City. It’s not for you if you’re looking for casual fun, though.

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2. The League – Newest and trendiest dating app in NYC

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NYC is a fast-paced city filled with single men and women who love class, success, and being up with the hottest trends. When it comes to the best dating apps in NYC, the top spot is reserved for The League. The League is an online dating app designed to cater to the successful who have it all together. It’s a no B.S., no games community filled with the highest quality singles in the city.

Oh, and did we mention there may be a wait list? The app is serious when it says it wants to help quality singles meet and date. If you’re ready to see the future of online dating in New York City, it’s time to give The League a go right now.

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3. Elite Singles – Best for Business Professional Dating

Elite Singles Screenshot

If there is one thing NYC isn’t short of, it’s smart, hard-working, and driven men and women. If you’re looking for singles that match that Modus Operandi (MO), you’re going to want to check out Elite Singles. While the name may come across a little pretentious, that’s certainly not the vibe on this app. The site boasts an impressive 85%+ people signed up having an above-average education.

Elite Singles easily makes our list of the best dating apps for NYC.

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4. Higher Bond – Best for Christian Singles in New York

Higher Bond Homepage

While New York might not be one of the most religious states in the US (43rd in a recent study), that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of singles looking for faith-based love. And if Christianity is what is important to you, then you’ll want to take a look at Higher Bond. This brand new Christian dating site leverages complex algorithms and behind-the-scenes processes to offer a better experience for faith-focused singles.

Any New Yorker who signs up for the site now , you’ll get a free 3-month premium membership!

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5. Zoosk – Best for affordable casual or serious dating

Zoosk Screenshot

We probably don’t have to tell you that living in New York City is expensive. Transit, housing, food—it’s all up there. If you’re looking for an affordable dating site in NYC that still has plenty of quality singles looking for love, serious dating, or casual dating, then you’re going to want to check out Zoosk. With over 3 million messages sent daily on the site, it’s no wonder that it’s a favorite of people all over the United States and in New York. And the cost of Zoosk is certainly something to get excited about, especially with the quality you get in return.

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New York City aerial cityscape.

4 Reasons These Are the Top Dating Apps in NYC

Before you choose to invest your time in any of these options, it’s probably best that we share why we chose these NYC dating apps and sites to top our list. Here are four reasons why!

1. Plenty of high quality, active NYC singles

NYC is a big place with a lot of interest in online dating, but with literally thousands of dating apps to choose from in the US, not all of them are going to have a lot of singles from the NYC area. Our team makes sure to run test searches and pours through available data to ensure we’re recommending the best options with the most singles from within any of the boroughs of NYC as well as the surrounding suburbs.

2. Cutting edge technology and matching algorithms to help in your search

Time is one of the most precious commodities to New Yorkers because most of you live very active and busy lives. Because of that, it’s imperative that your dating app has the ability to “keep up” and deliver results without a huge need to dominate your schedule. Often, this is accomplished by high-powered, behind-the-scenes algorithms that drive better matches in a more effective and efficient manner.

3. Affordable pricing and plenty of value for your investment

In the spirit of New York being the investment capital of the world, we wanted to make sure we were recommending dating websites and apps that are offering supreme value for the price of a membership. Often, this doesn’t mean the least expensive option, but the option that gives you the best features and the best shot at finding love for an affordable price. It’s a tough comparison of value to price, but our team has mastered it and you’ll see that reflected in our listings.

4. Access to singles in the city and also in the suburbs (ability to sort by distance)

As we already touched on, a great NYC dating app isn’t just for the folks in the heart of the city. NYC itself is over 300 square miles, and that doesn’t include a lot of the suburbs that would still be interested in singles from the city. For this reason, top NYC dating apps have singles from in and outside the city, and more importantly, the ability to sort by distance and not just the name of the city. That way, if you live just on the edge of the city, you’ll still see people who are close by but outside the city limits.

How Do I Meet Singles in NYC?

Meeting people in NYC is not as easy as many might think it is. If you watch Sex and the City or any other NYC-based dating show or movie, you’d think single men and single women are growing on trees! Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. But that doesn’t mean you should just throw in the towel and give up!

Here are some great places to meet singles in NYC.

  1. Online dating sites – As you surely already have guessed, our top recommendation for where to meet singles in NYC is online. It does wonders to cut through the noise and fast-paced-ness of the city to help you make real and lasting connections.
  2. Public transportation – A huge percentage of people (including singles) in New York City use the subway and other forms of public transportation to get to and from the places they go. This could be an ideal opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone you see on your way around the city. Yes, this is going to take some courage and you may run into some people who are taken or not interested, but you could also stumble upon someone special.
  3. Happy hours – While you can meet singles out on the town at bars and clubs, we often advise against it if you’re looking for something meaningful. It’s not that it can’t happen; it’s just that you tend to find people looking for something casual. The one caveat to this are happy hours. They’re great because they attract people who aren’t “party animals” and who potentially have their priorities in line. We’re not saying that going out dancing, drinking, or clubbing means you don’t have it together; we’re just saying that you may have better luck at happy hours which are quite popular in NYC.
  4. Friends and family – One of the best ways to slow down a city like New York City and meet quality singles is through your friends and family. Everyone knows a ton of people, and chances are that some of those people are single! Politely let your friends and family know you’re looking and ask them to keep an eye out for anyone that they think might be a great match for you.
  5. Gyms and fitness classes – Physical fitness is a big part of a lot of peoples lives in NYC. And if that fits with your lifestyle, start looking around at the gym or in group fitness classes.

One of the coolest ways to visualize data is by digging into a service known as Google Trends. The program allows you to see the interest for certain search terms in a certain area over a certain time. Below, we see the popularity of dating apps search terms in New York City! As you can see, the popularity has been pretty consistent over time, with a few spikes in interest. Interestingly enough, those spikes tend to come around June or July every year. So, it’s safe to say that the heat of summer gets people in the Big Apple interested in finding someone special!

NYC Dating Trends from Google

The data also shows us other topics of importance to singles in the NYC area. Sadly, the number one other topic of interest in the area is ghosting. Ghosting is the practice of talking to someone you are interested in for a while and then unexpectedly cutting off all contact and disappearing—like a ghost. Sadly, this is not a trend we’re excited about when it comes to dating apps in NYC, but the data never lies.

While we’re on the topic of online dating popularity in New York City, let’s answer a few more common questions that we get from time to time.

Yes, Bumble is quite popular in NYC. We have a few reservations about the way matchmaking takes place (that may or may not be pros or cons for you), but the app is certainly popular in the area. If you’d like to learn more about the app, check out our Bumble review now.

Is Tinder popular in NYC

Much like Bumble, Tinder is also quite popular in NYC. We see this quite often in cities where people are pressed for time and you see a lot of tourism. If you’re looking for a meaningful relationship, it’s probably not the best app for you. But if you’re looking for casual relationships, it could be worth a try. Check out our Tinder review for more information now.

Do NYC Dating Apps Really Work?

Absolutely. There’s a reason the online dating industry continues to be a multi-billion dollar industry year after year for multiple decades. If it weren’t working, people would stop using it. Instead, the industry continues to grow year over year.

But just because you join one of the top dating apps in NYC doesn’t automatically mean you’ll find love without doing anything else? You’ll have to become engaged in the process and actually put in some work! Look, we know that New Yorkers aren’t scared of rolling up their sleeves and getting after something they want. The good news here, though, is that this “work” is really just going to be a lot of fun finding that special someone.

We didn’t want to send you out the door without some guiding words of advice. Below, you’ll find some of our top tips for really having success with these NYC dating apps.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Dating Apps in NYC

  • Complete your profile the right way. Your profile is the key to finding that special someone. It’s the first (and maybe the last) thing that another single man or woman will see when deciding if they want to get to know you. You HAVE to put your best foot forward. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide to writing the perfect dating profile, complete with examples.
  • Understand how New Yorkers operate. Again, we don’t need to tell you this if you’re lived in the city for a while. However, some of you reading this guide may be brand new to dating in NYC. New York is a no-bs, fast-paced, cut to the chase kind of city. People are busy, and they’re using online dating to try and help them balance their life without wasting time. Understand this when you’re dating. Understand this when you’re communicating. As long as you respect their time, they will respect yours, and you’ll have immense success dating online in NYC.
  • Invest in yourself. It almost seems silly telling people in New York City the importance of investing, but we’re going to do it anyway. Invest in yourself. Sure, you could run out and join the free dating apps. But here’s a spoiler…Don’t expect to find much quality on those apps. While a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then, it’s not a winning strategy. Use the free trials we’ve linked for you from this page, and then once you find a site you like, pay for a membership. We’re not telling you what to do, but we are telling you how to succeed dating online in NYC.

Top New York City Date Night Ideas

Even residents in the city that never sleeps can sometimes come up short with unique New York City date ideas. So, we’re sharing a few new ideas all over the board – and the island.

CocuSocial – Couples Cooking Classes

One of the best New York City date ideas is a couples cooking class.

Why? Because it’s an excellent opportunity to get to know each other, as you work together to prepare your meal. You might even make some new friends as you meet other couples in the kitchen.

With so many of the country’s top chefs based in NYC, you’ll learn from the best. You can select from a variety of classes ranging from sushi to wine and fondue. Part of the reservation process includes picking a chef and cuisine.

For example, you could book Italian Date Night for $89 per person. You and your special someone will prepare Truffled Alfredo Linguini and farm to table small seasonal plates. You can bring your own wine or beer and, of course, dinner is provided.


A coffee shop, record store, and nightclub, all in one. Only in NYC, right?

In a sea of nightlife choices, The VNYL stands out as a Vintage New York Lifestyle restaurant. It’s a four-story experience in the East Village designed in 1970s décor.

You’ll head upstairs for margaritas, mojitos, and more, but be sure to spend some time in the first-floor store. If you’re a fan of Entourage, you’ll appreciate that the music is curated by Adrian Grenier, aka Vincent.

The VNYL might be over the top in its premise, but not the pricing. Cocktails are in the $10 to $12 range and $15 to $17 for sliders and salads.

Le Scandal! Cabaret

Le Scandal! Cabaret is the longest-running burlesque-variety show and one of the best date ideas in Manhattan.

The shows change weekly, so if you’ve seen one, you haven’t seen them all. You’ll enjoy a top-notch line-up of acrobats, magicians, belly dancers, and contortionists. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a good torch singing fan dancer, right?

Performances are limited to 10:30 pm on Saturday nights and are at the Laurie Beechman Theatre on West 42nd. General admission is $25. If you’re really out to impress, though, go for the $55 VIP experience with priority seating and a gift.

NYC Dating App FAQ

What’s the best dating app in NYC?

The three best dating apps in NYC are eHarmony, Elite Singles, and Higher Bond. Depending on what you’re looking for, each of these may be the best for you. eHarmony is best for serious relationships, Elite Singles is best for higher caliber singles in NYC, and Higher Bond is best for Christian singles in the Big Apple.

Are there a lot of tourists on NYC dating apps?

If you’re using more casual dating apps, yes, you’ll see a lot of tourists on there. This is especially true on dating apps where matches are created based on proximity to your current location (like Tinder). If you want to get away from the people just in town for the weekend looking for a tour guide, stick to dating apps catering more towards serious relationships.

Can you find a real relationship online in NYC?

You sure can find a real relationship online in NYC! The best way to accomplish this is choose a dating site that fits what you’re looking for, dedicate some real time and effort to your profile, clearly state your intentions, and be selective when it comes to who you talk to or spend time meeting up with.

Is online dating popular in New York City?

Online dating is quite popular in New York City and has been for years. Most of the popularity comes from people trying to find a way to meet singles in an environment that is quite fast-paced compared to most other cities in the US.

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