Free dating sites in idaho

Dating in Idaho can be tough. If you don’t live in one of the major cities like Boise, Meridian, or Nampa, it can feel impossible to even find other Idaho singles—let alone quality ones that you’re actually attracted to. And even if you do live in those cities, how do you go about connecting with people looking for the same thing as you?

Free dating sites in idaho

Enter the internet! The best Idaho online dating websites offer a unique way for you to match with singles all over the state. Sure, it might seem different at first. But long gone are the days where online dating is considered weird or just for the social outcasts. It’s now really grown into something for successful people who just don’t have time to troll the bars several nights a week and hope to find love.

And in a state like Idaho that’s so spread out over 82,645 square miles with only 21.2 people per square mile (yea, it’s rural), technology can help to bridge the distance gap for those living outside of the big cities and cut through the hustle and bustle for those who do live in bigger cities.

To get you started, here are our top picks for the best dating sites servicing singles in the state of Idaho.

The Best Dating Sites in Idaho

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Why Our Team Loves These Idaho Dating Sites

Downtown city center of Boise Idaho framed by Schafer Butte

Here are the top reasons our team selected these options for Idaho singles

Singles From Within the State

This may seem like a no-brainer (and it kind of is), but it’s an important one. Unless you’re someone looking to date internationally, you’re going to want a dating app that has singles who live within the state of Idaho. While there aren’t Idaho-only dating apps out there, there are sites and options that tend to have higher user counts in the state. Based off of our research, we’ve included those options in our recommendations list.

The Ability to Support Searching Outside State Lines

Idaho is a unique state because it’s bordered by an impressive six other states—Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. If you live in say, Boise or Nampa, are you not going to date someone amazing just because they live in Ontario, Oregon? That’s just one example, but hopefully you see our point. If you live close to the state borders, you should be using a dating app that supports you dating singles across state lines.

The way they do this is two-fold—they offer service to singles in the neighboring states and they also give you the ability to search by mileage between your matches and not just the city or state name of where you live. So, you just have to set your mile range to how far you’re willing to meet someone and that’s it! You’ll see singles within that radius regardless of what state they live in.

The Ability to Support Searching Into Canada

If you happen to live in Northern Idaho (in the panhandle) and are open to dating someone who lives even further north, there’s no need for you to jump on a Canadian dating app. But if you do want the ability to date someone from there, several of the sites listed on our list give you that option. For example, eHarmony easily lets you select Canada and even the province of British Columbia (the one directly north) along with singles from the US.

Mobile-Friendly Features

While there is a bustling and growing tech scene in some of the bigger cities (mainly Boise), the rest of the state is pretty spread out. And even though some people work desk-type jobs, they like to get out and enjoy the big sky country as much as possible—but we don’t need to tell you that.

What we do need to tell you, though, is that the best dating sites for Idaho singles are ready to support this on-the-go lifestyle. They come with downloadable dedicated apps for your phone or mobile-responsive websites that work from a browser on your phone or mobile device. In other words, you aren’t going to miss anything date-wise while you’re out there enjoying the beautiful state you live in.

Additional Resources and News for Idaho Singles

For the remainder of this guide, we want to touch base on some interesting facts, data, and resources that are pertinent to Idaho singles. This information should help you get a better idea of what the singles scene in Idaho is really like, what you can do to have the best results, and everything else we think you should know.

Boise Ranks 6th Best City in the Country for Singles

We’ve got some great news for you if you live in Boise or in a town close to the city. Why? Because Boise recently made the top 10 on a list of best cities in the U.S. for singles. In fact, not only did the city make the top 10, but it came in at 6th. One of the main reasons the city scored so high was the cost of dating being low.

Keep reading below to learn a bit more about what dating in Boise is like and what we learned from this study.

Dating in Boise

Boise may not be a city that immediately pops into your mind when you think of fun and adventure, but if you look a little deeper – you will realize just how underappreciated this great city really is. Not only is it a beautiful blend of urban and outdoor living, but the community is kind, intelligent, and innovative. Plus, as we just learned, it is one of the absolute best cities in the US for singles.

The only problem with dating in Boise is that singles often have busy, career-focused lives that can leave them little time for finding love. Boise was actually named one of the top cities for technology talent growth in 2021 and many have called it the next Austin or Seattle because of the growth in the tech industry. While this is amazing and exciting stuff, it does create the aforementioned issues with the dating scene.

Thankfully, that’s where dating apps come in. Dating apps are the best way to make finding love something you can do on your own schedule, plus, the apps we’ve picked out have all the best features to ensure you are being matched with truly compatible singles. And since everyone is going to be so tech savvy, it would make sense that Boise singles would be comfortable turning to tech to help their love life.

Ready for some really surprising data? Okay, it’s not going to be that surprising, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still interesting and insightful.

According to recent Google Trends data from the past 12 months, Boise has the highest levels of search traffic for online dating topics in the state. Based on where the population in the state is concentrated, this really doesn’t come as much of a surprise. The other area where we saw a higher prevalence of online dating search traffic was the western part of the state near Spokane. The smaller cities that are technically included in the Spokane, WA metropolitan area had about one fourth of the search traffic as we saw in Boise.

Map of Idaho Search Trends for Online Dating
  1. Boise ID – (100)
  2. Spokane WA – (25)

Idaho Singles Dating Statistics

Ever wonder what the demographics of the state and the single’s scene really looks like? This information can be really important especially if you’re feeling like the odds are against you and want to see if that’s really the case. Here are the biggest takeaways followed by some of the raw data.

  • The population in Idaho is less than 2 million (38th in the nation), which does mean you can expect a smaller pool of singles than you would see in a larger state like Texas or California. The good news, though, is that with six neighboring states you do have
  • The median age in Idaho is 36.6, which is 2 years younger than the national average. Most likely, this is due to the influx of younger tech talent into some of the bigger cities which will start to show up when you’re searching for singles.
  • 81% of people in Idaho are Caucasian/white, followed by 13% Hispanic. If you’re looking for a lot of cultural diversity in the dating scene of Idaho, you’re going to have to look a lot harder than in many other cities. In Boise, this increase to 83%, but we do see an increase from 1% to 3% of Asian-Americans.
  • The gender makeup of the state is nearly 50/50, so no real advantage to singles searching for either men or women in the state.

Total Population

  • 1,754,367

Population in Idaho by Gender

  • 49.8% women in Idaho
  • 50.2% men in Idaho

Overall Singles by Gender

  • 44.1% of women in Idaho are single/unmarried
  • 43.8% of men in Idaho are single/unmarried

Population in Idaho by Age

  • 13.3% aged from 20-29 years old
  • 13.1% aged from 30-39 years old
  • 11.8% aged from 40-49 years old
  • 11.9% aged from 50-59 years old
  • 21.8% aged 60+ years old

% Households With Internet in ID

  • 79.7% of households in Idaho have internet access


Best Free Dating Sites in Idaho

Want to give things a try before you buy? Want to make sure Idaho dating apps are worth not only your time but also your money? We 100% get that. At the top of this guide, you’ll see links to free trials (where available) for the top apps in the area. These will let you get in there, test things out, get your profile set up, and really get a feel for what is going to work for you. This is by and far the easiest way to get back onto the dating scene and start connecting with Idaho singles.

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