Free dating sites in alaska

You’ll want to cuddle up with someone when the nights get dark, cold, and long. Believe us, we don’t blame you. Dating in Alaska can be challenging. Not all cities have thriving nightlife scenes, and even in those places, finding things to do can be difficult. Fortunately, there is another choice available to you. Finding love in Alaska is possible with the help of the best dating apps.

Free dating sites in alaska

In this guide, our team takes a deep look at the different options for dating online in Alaska. Additionally, the team looks at what the singles scene looks like, what your options are, and where you’ll have the best luck finding love.

If you’re ready to try out one of the best dating apps in Alaska, stay tuned. Whether you’re from Nome, Bethel, or Barrow in the west; or Kodiak, Fairbanks, or Anchorage in the east—you’re going to have some great options.

The Top 6 Dating Sites in Alaska

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Table of Contents:

What Makes These the Best Alaska Dating Apps?

With about a fifty-fifty chance of meeting another single in this northern state, the technology of Alaska dating sites really helps to cut through the noise to introduce you to the love match of your dreams. Using advanced algorithm matchmaking and attribute search filtering ensures that you’re only meeting Alaska singles worth your precious time. But what makes these Alaskan dating apps the best of the best? Great questions.

Singles From All Around the State

According to recent Census data, there is only 1.3 persons per square mile in the state of Alaska. And yes, while this is certainly somewhat skewed by the uninhabited areas, it still paints a pretty clear picture that many areas of the state are spread out and rural. Because of this a great site for Alaska dating needs to have singles from all over the state (not just Anchorage).

In addition, the sites need to have search and filter technology that allows you to set how far you’re willing to travel to meet someone. That way, if you’re stuck on meeting someone super close by, you can do that. Or, if you’re open to traveling throughout the state, you can do that too.

Affordable Paid Plans

As you’ll start to see, the only way to get truly great results through online dating is by using a quality dating app. And that usually means the need to pay a few bucks. While we support investing in your future, we don’t think you should ever spend more money than you need to. For that reason, we look at the cost of the dating app memberships when racking and stacking our choices.

A Fun Dating Environment

Online dating is supposed to be fun! Sure, it does require a little bit of work, but it’s supposed to be an enjoyable process. The best Alaska dating sites understand this and foster an enjoyable environment. This could mean more ways to match, unique ways to learn about each other, and an overall easy-to-use platform.

The Ability to Showcase Interests

Alaska is a unique state in that it has the amenities for just about any interest you might have. Maybe you like hunting and enjoying the outdoors? Maybe you’re more of a fan of staying indoors? Whatever the case, in such an active state, it’s important to be able to find a mate that shares the same interests as you. For that reason, our picks for the best Alaska dating sites have plenty of room on your profile to showcase your hobbies, interests, likes, and dislikes. It just means a much better and more efficient experience.

Key Takeaways for Singles in Alaska

  • The gender split in Alaska is 48% women to 52% men.
  • Anchorage ranked 88th best city in the United States for singles (in a study of the 90 most populous cities).
  • Anchorage has the highest levels of search traffic on the internet for online dating over the past 12 months.
  • 93.6% of the population in Alaska has a high school degree or higher
Glacier in Alaska

What Alaska Dating is Really Like

Dating in The Last Frontier state doesn’t have to be cold and dismal like some Hollywood movies or misinformed individuals might have you think. We’re referring to the same people who think we all live in igloos, have no grocery stores, and only get our food from ice fishing. Yea, not cool people.

In all seriousness, though, you may be wondering what Alaska dating is really like. You could be new to the state, new to the scene, or it’s just been a while. To help get you a nice primer, here are a few of the common themes you can expect to see when dating in Alaska. These won’t be true 100% of the time, but are a good lead in to get you ready.

  • Military singles abound. – Alaska currently has nine military bases in the state with the largest being Fort Wainwright, Elmendorf AFB, and Fort Richardson. Fort Wainwright is in Fairbanks and the other two big ones we mentioned are in Anchorage. What this means is that if you live in these areas, expect to see a lot of military personnel on the dating apps. Depending on what you’re looking for, this could be a great thing or just something requiring additional filtering.
  • Meetup groups can be fruitful. – As we mentioned, the state of Alaska is a pretty active one. And often, we see meetup groups posted online of people getting out to do things together. These are prime spots to meet new friends and new singles. And in case you think that the outdoor events are just a bunch of dudes, you’d be wrong.
  • Hollywood wasn’t completely wrong. – Okay, so we gave Hollywood a hard time about painting us all as outdoor lumberjacks. And while that doesn’t encompass everyone in Alaska, it is true for the majority. People who live up here love the outdoors, and they love to experience nature. If that’s not your jam, Alaska dating isn’t a lost cause but it is going to be a bit tougher.
  • The population is predominantly white. – According to the last census, just under 60% of the population in the state identifies as white. This is followed by Native Americans at 14%, mixed race at 8%, Hispanic at 7%, Asian at 6%, and Black at 3%. Obviously, this is going to have an impact on the demographical makeup of the singles in Alaska. Depending on what you fancy, this could be a pro, a con, or not matter at all.
  • Online dating is king (or queen). – This one may or may not surprise you, but when you rank the interest in online dating across all 50 states, Alaska ranks #2. That’s right; online dating in Alaska is more popular than the huge states like California, Texas, and Florida and only falls inline behind Vermont. This is why we’re such big proponents of using it if you’re looking into dating in Alaska.

Are Alaska’s Cities Good for Singles?

Our research team here at Best Online Dating just got done with a really cool data study on the best cities in America for singles. The team looked at 90 of the largest cities (by population) to see which was best for people looking for love. The study looked at 36 different data points to get the best idea.

How did Alaska fair? Well, Anchorage made the list! However, it came in at 88th out of 90 cities. Not a great showing, but it’s mainly due to the lack of amenities and the cost of dating in the area. The good news, though, is that you can still find love in the area (and throughout the rest of Alaska).

  • Anchorage ranked 88th overall out of 90 cities
    • 86th in Cost of Dating category
    • 88th in Dating Pool Quality Category
    • 87th in Amenities Category

This one might not come as a surprise to any of you. The city in Alaska with the most interest in online dating is Anchorage. By a little? No, by a lot. In fact, when our team dug through the Google Trends data and search volumes for online dating topics in the state, Anchorage is the only one that registered. It’s probably due to the higher population, but it’s still interesting to look at.

Alaska Google Trends Data Map for Online Dating
  1. Anchorage AK – (100)

Alaska Singles Dating Statistics

With just under a million people in the state of Alaska and only about half of those unmarried (single), it does mean your options are going to be a little more limited than in some other states. However, don’t forget that it only takes one to make you feel special. Below, we’ve included some key statistics about Alaska dating, specifically about the population. While we don’t recommend rattling off these stats on a first date, they’re great for some insight and to properly calibrate your expectations of what the dating scene is really like.

Total Population

  • 736,990
  • 1.3 people per square mile

Population in Alaska by Gender

  • 47.8% women in Alaska
  • 52.2% men in Alaska

Overall Singles by Gender

  • 47.8% of women in Alaska are single/unmarried
  • 50.2% of men in Alaska are single/unmarried

Population in Alaska by Age

  • The median age is 34.6 years old, well under the United States average of 38.2.
  • 15.5% aged from 20-29 years old
  • 14.8% aged from 30-39 years old
  • 11.7% aged from 40-49 years old
  • 12.8% aged from 50-59 years old
  • 18.0% aged 60+ years old

% Households With Internet in AK

  • 84.3% of households in Alaska have internet access

Additional Alaska Dating Stats

  • 93.6% of the population has a high school degree or higher, well above the US average of 88.6%
  • 30.2% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, slightly lower than the US average of 33.1%
  • 9.9% of men in Alaska are divorced; 13.0% of women
  • 28.8% of women have never been married; 38.0% of men


Mobile Dating Apps Throughout Alaska

People from Alaska are known to be highly active individuals, even when the weather is cold. Do you really want to have to wait until you’re at home to respond to your online dating messages? We didn’t think so! The best Alaska dating apps give you access to your accounts from a smartphone anywhere you are with an internet or phone connection. You won’t be able to connect in the middle of the woods with no cell service, but as long as you can make a call or connect to WiFi—you’re good to go.

Here’s what to expect. You’ll either see dedicated dating apps that you download to your phone, or you’ll see mobile-friendly websites that you can access through your web browser. Both are awesome and accomplish the same goal; it’s more of a shooter’s preference.

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