Free dating site in houston texas

Successfully dating in Houston can feel like something of an art form. Why? Well, it’s probably because there are things that can tank a relationship in Houston that would never matter anywhere else. 

Something as simple as attending rival schools can completely derail an otherwise great date (we’re looking at you Texas and Texas A&M). Add to that the stress from the vastness of the city, the fact that career types are so wildly varying, and an oddly strange distaste for dressing up, and you have a general idea of the dating scene in Houston. 

Free dating site in houston texas

Alright. If that discouraged you, that was not the intent. Let’s all take a breath together. Dating in Houston is seriously not that bad, as long as you know where to look and what to look for.

One easy way to navigate this minefield of dating absurdity is to stop trying to meet people in your day to day life and instead rely on the assistance of a good dating app. Don’t know which to choose? Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the best dating apps in Houston. Additionally we’ve included some really helpful insight into the Houston dating scene for you to take a look at.

The 6 Best Dating Apps in Houston

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5 Reasons We Like These Houston Dating Apps

While there are certainly more than five reasons we’re a fan of these options, we wanted to give you the quick and dirty lowdown on why we chose these options.

  1. These dating apps not only have singles who are in the heart of downtown Houston, but you’ll find options into the surrounding suburbs and neighborhoods like Sugar Land, Katy, Spring, Kingwood, etc.
  2. The Houston area is 640.4 square miles and sometimes can take hours to drive from one side to the other. Because of this, the best Houston dating sites allow you to set your preferences by distance and not just city name. That way, if you’re down to travel for the right person, you can. If you’d prefer to keep it really close, you can as well.
  3. Houston is an eclectic city with people from all walks of life, impressive cultural diversity, 90+ different languages represented, and several different major industries. This means that a great Houston dating app needs to have people from all across this spectrum and not just cater specifically to one small group.
  4. The one caveat to this is when you start to look at religious and Christian dating apps. With over 77% of Texas (the entire state) identifying as Christian, you can see why we did include some options that do cater to this specific niche.
  5. Lastly, we have a whole host of quality metrics and factors we look at in any dating market. This includes things like safety, security, customer support quality, an number of users just to name a few. These Houston dating apps shined like a new pair of boots in these categories. Okay, most boots aren’t that shiny but you get what we mean!

Additional Information in This Article:

Downtown Houston Texas skyline

Key Takeaways about Dating in Houston, Texas

So far, we’ve been a bit hard on the dating scene in Houston. And while it’s completely accurate in some instances, there are also some great things that the city has to offer singles of all ages. Let’s take a look at some of the key takeaways to be aware of when dating in Space City (yes, that’s the official nickname for Houston thanks to NASA).

  • The singles pool varies wildly in terms of culture, careers, and relationship goals.
  • Houston has fewer dating amenities than in some other large cities, though still plenty to do.
  • The cost of date-night travel is surprisingly low when compared to other towns
  • The cities erratic weather can really dampen your date night plans (the city gets just under 50 inches of rain on average every year).

Are we just pulling a lot of this out of thin air? Of course not! Our team actually took a data-driven look at the 100 most populous cities in the United States to see which are best and which are worst for singles. The study looked at things like the quality of singles, available amenities, and the overall costs of dating.

How did Houston, TX fare? 69th. To put it as gently as possible, not that great. The lowest score came in the amenities category with the quality of the dating pool and the cost of dating falling around the middle mark. The city did fare better than Laredo and Corpus Christi, but fell behind San Antonio, Ft. Worth, El Paso, Austin, Lubbock, and Dallas.

We’ve linked to our study in the previous paragraph in case you’d like to see the full breakdown.

Tips for Dating in Houston

There are some idiosyncrasies about dating in Houston that we have never really seen anywhere else. So, to keep you from getting lost, we’ve put together some important tips for anyone planning to date in Houston. 

1. Know Proper Date Etiquette

Here’s the thing—a lot of people don’t give any care about dating etiquette. What is so strange about Houston is that there is no middle ground between those who care and those who don’t. Either your date will find “date etiquette” ridiculous, or they will take it so seriously that they mentally grade you on your perceived infractions. 

Perhaps it is just remnants of old Southern heritage, but proper date etiquette includes a lot of old-school actions like: opening doors for your date, picking up the tab, ordering for them, etc. 

Now, if you decide that you don’t want to date anyone into such outdated views, we are here with you! Just be sure to make your thoughts on these practices clear before you ever make it to your first date. 

2. Don’t Worry Too Much About What You’re Going to Wear

Unless your date invites you to a restaurant with a dress code, chances are they are showing up in jeans and flip flops anyway. Houston is a city that seems far less concerned with fashion and constantly looking your best when compared to cities like Dallas. 

Just make sure you are comfortable and dressed for the date at hand. You don’t want to show up on the beach in heels or out to hike in busty old flip flops. 

3. Be Prepared for an Opinionated Date

There is a charming and bizarre culture in Houston where people are highly passionate about the strangest things. 

Many singles in Houston joke about this, stating that if their date orders pineapple pizza or doesn’t put extra spicy mayo on their chicken waffle fryders then they are walking out. It may seem like a silly joke, but it turns out that singles in Houston are dead serious on walking away from dates where there are small differences in opinions. 

So, how should you handle that? You can try your best to avoid dating these types of people by really getting to know your matches on the app before meeting in person. Still, if you do go on a date and end up being ghosted over something as silly as the way you order your food, consider yourself lucky – you may have dodged a bullet. 

4. Utilize Lyft and Save on Parking

Parking in Houston, like most places in Texas, is a nightmare. Your choices are to pay outrages rates for a parking garage, pay for street parking and stay close enough to feed the meter the whole night, or wait for street parking’s free hours and hope that by some miracle you find an empty spot. Suffice to say, it is the worst. 

Luckily, Houston ranks highly regarding Lyft prices and you can make a 10 mile trip for under $12.

5. Bring a Friend if You Are Nervous

Normally we wouldn’t advocate for crashing your own romantic evening, but group dates are extremely popular in Houston. There are more things for large groups to do together anyway, so talk to your date beforehand and see if they have a couple they’d like to bring along as well. 

The casual atmosphere might help both of you loosen up, plus you can trust that your friends will likely offer slightly embarrassing icebreakers to keep the conversation flowing all night. 

Top Date Night Locations in Houston

Now that you have a few new Houston dating tricks up your sleeve, let’s take a look at some good places to implement them. Houston can have pretty wild weather, which means outdoor dates can easily be rained out. Instead, consider one of these great indoor experiences for your date:

  • Learn and laugh at the Houston Museum of Natural Science at SugarLand
  • Get tipsy on a brewery and/or distillery tour
  • Make some art at a local learning event (glass blowing, painting, ceramics, etc.)
  • Enjoy trivia night at any of a plethora of bars
  • Do some roller skating at the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink

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