Foreign dating site

Whether you’re looking for someone to meet that lives across the globe or you’re looking for someone from an ethnically diverse background that lives in the same area as you, dating apps for international singles can help! These online dating companies can help you find that special someone for casual dating, a serious relationship, or even marriage.

Foreign dating site

In this guide, we’re going to get you every resource you need to get started with the best international dating sites today. We’ll talk the top options, what makes them the best, tips to get started, and we’ll get you set up with some awesome free trials to check things out!

We’re even going to look at the 90 day fiancé dating sites that TV has made so popular over the past few years!

The Best International Dating Sites

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I Live in the US and Want to Meet Singles Abroad

When it comes to meeting international singles when you live in the US, there are surprisingly very few options. It has a lot to do with data storage laws that make it challenging for brands to store international data. However, that doesn’t mean there are no options! In fact, one of the largest and most prestigious dating brands in the US has jumped through all of the regulatory hoops to allow you to meet singles from tons of different countries at the click of a button.

We’re talking about eHarmony. If you want to meet singles in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland, Brazil, or any of the other multitude of smaller countries, this is the site for you. We selected “All Other Countries” and saw singles from Taiwan, the Philippines, France, Jamaica, Indonesia, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine, China, Thailand, and more!

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Below, we’ve included an image of the matching preferences section on countries and regions. You can select the country you want as a whole, or you can select particular regions within that country if you have a specific area you’re looking for.

International Dating Options

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I Want to Meet Singles Who Live in the US

Best Site to Meet US Singles from Abroad: International Cupid

The United States is an interesting country full of different cultures, lifestyles, and opportunities. For this reason, singles from around the world will sometimes seek the companionship of singles who live in the Unites States. If that’s what you’re looking for we recommend International Cupid.

International Cupid is best known for being the dating site from “90 Day Fiancé”, but it’s not all TV shows and drama. Premium membership is very reasonably priced, and the site makes it incredibly easy to search for singles in any state or city in the United States (or around the globe) with just a few clicks.

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Meet Singles Who Live in Other Countries

  • “I want to meet singles who live in Canada.” – Best SiteeHarmony
  • “I want to meet singles who live in the UK.” – Best Site: Elite Singles UK
  • “I want to meet singles who live in Asia.” – Best Site: Asian Dating
  • “I want to meet singles who live in Colombia.” – Best Site: Colombian Cupid
  • “I want to meet singles who live in the Philippines.” – Best Site: Filipino Cupid
  • “I want to meet singles who live in the Ukraine.” – Best Site: Ukraine Date
  • “I want to meet singles who live in Russia.” – Best Site: Russian Cupid
  • “I want to meet singles who live in the Dominican Republic.” – Best Site: Dominican Cupid
  • “I want to meet singles who live in Australia.” – Best Site: eHarmony AU
  • “I want to meet singles who live in South Africa.” – Best Site:

eHarmony – Best Dating App to Meet Singles in Canada

While Canada is known for having some of the most beautiful scenery, parks, and wildlife, it’s also known for having some of the most amazing singles! Whether you’re looking for a French Canadian, an ex-pat from the US who moved north, or anything in between, Canadian singles are an incredible bunch who have certainly been known to have an interest in international dating.

Best Dating Apps to Meet Canadian Singles

  • Best Serious Dating App to Meet Canadian Singles: eHarmony
  • Best Casual Dating App to Meet Canadian Singles:
Canadian Flag Outside

Want to learn more about Canadian singles? Or are you from Canada and looking to meet people in your neck of the woods? If so, check out our dedicated guide to dating online in Canada now.

Elite Singles – Best Dating App to Meet Singles in the UK

Consisting of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the UK is one of the hottest dating markets on the international scene. If you’re looking for predominantly English speaking singles not from America, this is an ideal option. It’s also a great option if you live in other parts of Europe and are looking to potentially date somewhat close to home but still over international boundaries

Best Dating Apps to Meet UK Singles

UK Flag

In case you want to learn a bit more about dating someone from the UK or if you live in the UK and want to find the best sites in your area, we’ve put together a dating in the UK guide that is jam-packed with info, resources, and more to get you on the right track.

AsianDating – Best Dating App to Meet Singles in Asia

One of the most searched for singles demographic in the world are Asian singles. And what’s so awesome about Asian singles in the international community is the continent has so many unique cultures of people to get to know. Whether you live in Asia, Europe, or the US and want to meet Asian singles abroad, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Best Dating Apps to Meet Asian Singles

  • Best Serious Dating App to Meet Asian Singles: Asian Dating
  • Best Casual Dating App to Meet Asian Singles: AsianDate
Bangkok Market

Looking for something more specific? We’ve provided some additional resources below that look at online dating in China, Japan, Thailand, and Korea. We hope this helps you on your quest to find your international sweetheart!

Colombian Cupid – Best Dating App to Meet Singles in Colombia

While Colombia tends to get an interesting wrap when you see it on TVs and movies, in reality, it’s actually a safe, beautiful country with a lot of rich heritage that does not include Pablo Escobar. The one thing that Hollywood does get right, though, is that the country is filled with beautiful women and men! If you’re interested in meeting someone special from South America, there are some great international dating apps ready to help you on your journey.

Best Dating Apps to Meet Colombian Singles

Colombian Flag

In addition to this, we have a fantastic dedicated guide for anyone looking to date Columbian singles, whether you live in the country or are looking for something across international boundaries. Check out our dating in Columbia guide now for more info.

Filipino Cupid – Best Dating App to Meet Singles in the Philippines

Whether you’ve visited the Philippines on business, in the military, on vacation, or never at all—you probably know that it’s a place known for having some amazing (and attractive) people. If dating someone in the Philippines is something that sounds sweet to you, we’d encourage you to check out the digital options below that can get you connected online right away.

Best Dating Apps to Meet Filipino Singles

Flag of the Philippines waving in the wind / flag vector

Learn more in our Filipino dating guide now where we share more resources, recommendations, and tips for success.

Ukraine Date – Best Dating App to Meet Singles in the Ukraine

In a country with more heart than most anywhere on Earth, it’s no wonder that the biggest highlight of the country are its people. As the world has turned much more attention to the area, interest has also risen in dating singles from the Ukraine—both locally and internationally. If you’re looking for an international dating site that is targeted solely towards meeting Ukrainian singles, you’ve come to the right spot.

Best Dating Apps to Meet Ukrainian Singles

  • Best Overall Dating App to Meet Ukrainian Singles: Ukraine Date
Ukraine Flag

We’ve got a lot more great information, especially for singles who live in the Ukraine looking to date in our dating in the Ukraine guide.

Russian Cupid – Best Dating App to Meet Singles in Russia

When it comes to dating Eastern European women and men, one of the largest areas you should consider checking is Russia. With the countries rich history and notoriously attractive singles, it’s no wonder that a lot of people (especially from the US) are interested in meeting singles from this region.

Best Dating Apps to Meet Russian Singles

  • Best Overall Dating App to Meet Russian Singles: Russian Cupid
Flag of Russia on a building spire

Want some more info? Make sure to check out our dating in Russia guide.

Dominican Cupid – Best Dating App to Meet Singles in the Dominican Republic

Easily one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean is also home to some of the most beautiful single women and single men looking for dating and love. If you’re looking for someone smart, tan, adventurous, and interested in dating across the ocean, then the DR may be a place you want to look. If that’s the case, we’ve included some international dating site options below for you to

Best Dating Apps to Meet

Dominican Republic Flag

Looking for a little more information? Are you someone who lives in the DR and is looking for singles in your area? If either of these questions is a yes for you, we’d invite you to check out our dating in the Dominican Republic guide.

eHarmony – Best Dating App to Meet Singles in Australia

The land down under is FULL of fun, loveable, and interesting singles looking to meet. What’s real unique about Australians is they naturally love to travel and see the world, which makes them great candidates for international dating.

Best Dating Apps to Meet

  • Best Serious Dating App to Meet Australian Singles: eHarmony AU
  • Best Casual Dating App to Meet Australian Singles:
Australian Flag

Interested in learning more about online dating in Australia? We have a full Australian dating apps guide that breaks down, the best sites, pricing, Aussie dating culture, what cities are best for singles, and more! It’s well worth a read for any Australian singles looking for love online. – Best Dating App to Meet Singles in South Africa

South Africa is a hidden gem of the world made up of several countries with distinctly different cultures, people, and dating habits. What this means for you as an international single is that you’ve got an area of the world filled with single men and women that you may not have even considered before! If your international dating search has led you to South Africa, we’ve shared some great options and resources to get you started on the next leg of your journey.

Best Dating Apps to Meet

South African Flag

Comparing the Top International Dating Sites

SiteStarting PriceType of SiteYear FoundedMost Popular CountrySingles Also From…
CupidDates$27.83 per monthCommitted and Casual2002 (As – CanadaUSA (14.9%), UK, and Germany$0.20 per creditMostly Casual, Some Committed199328.37% – USAMexico (15.6%), Philippines, and Canada
Zoosk$11.00 per monthCommitted and Casual200782.4% – USACanada (6%), Australia, and the UK
Elite Singles (CA)$44.95 per monthMostly Committed, Some Casual200993.7% – CanadaUSA (2.2%), Mexico, and Turkey
International Cupid$10.67 per monthCommitted and Casual200427.8% – USACanada (15.5%), France, and Germany
AsianDate$0.15 per creditMostly Casual, Some Committed199355.7% – USACanada (22.4%), Hungary, and Norway
eHarmony (AU)$35.90 per monthCommitted/Marriage Focused200098.6% – AustraliaUSA (0.5%), Chile, and Germany
Colombian Cupid$29.98 per monthCommitted and Casual200047.8% – ColombiaUSA (30.6%), India, and the Netherlands
Ukraine Date$10.00 per monthMostly Committed, Some Casual199925.3% – UkraineUSA (15.5%), Germany, and Poland
AsianDating$10.00 per monthCommitted and Casual200051.4% – USAFrance (8.8%), Poland, and Canada

Tips to Pick Out the Best International Dating Site for You

  • Take advantage of multiple sites. If you want to have the best luck, put multiple hooks out into the water! By joining multiple sites (even just with free trials), you increase your chances of finding that special international man or woman immensely.
  • Know what you’re looking for. Before you fully set out on your search, it would help to have a general idea of what you are looking for. Dating apps for international singles can do a lot of the work for you, but you can make their jobs a lot easier. Are you looking for someone in your city that is just ethnically diverse? Are you open to meeting someone across the globe? What countries are you most interested in.
  • Learn how to use the search features. Most people who use online dating sites and apps use them to meet people close to home. Because of this, most sites automatically show you matches from your home location. What this means is that you’ll need to learn how to use the search functions to find the people you want from the countries you’re looking for. Sometimes these “Settings” area in the search tool, and sometimes they’re in the “Matching Preferences” section of the settings. Take the time to figure out how to search for what you want, and the results you get will be much better.
  • Prep for language barriers. – If you don’t speak the language of the country you’re looking for singles in, have a plan. While this technically doesn’t have much to do with picking out the right site, it does mean that you’ll need to find an option where people speak the same language unless you have a plan in place. We share a lot of tips to help with this in our international dating guide linked below.
  • Have fun! Remember, dating is supposed to be fun. Let these dating apps do the work for you and have fun with the process!

> Check Out Our International Dating Guide

The International Dating App From 90 Day Fiancé

90 day fiancé is a reality-style dating show on TLC that has exploded the international dating community in popularity. The show follows people who have found love with someone far across the globe. How did all these people meet? Dating apps.

So, what is the international dating app from 90 day fiancé that all of the guests used? It’s actually a mix of sites from the list we have in this guide. The most popular is International Cupid, as it covers the most countries. But a lot of the guests on the show used specialized sites to find the people they are looking for. Sites like Colombian CupidRussian Cupid, and Caribbean Cupid.

If you’re looking to join the craze with the same 90 day fiancé dating sites, check out some of the free trial links on this page. If you already know what country or ethnicity you are looking for, choose a specialty site. If not, though, International Cupid is probably the most famous international dating app from 90 day fiance.

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4 Reasons These Are the Best Dating Apps for International Matching

Why are these the best dating apps for international singles? Well, the answer is for a lot of reasons! When our team goes about researching these sites to find the best of the best, they look at hundreds of different factors. Why do they go through so much trouble to find the top options? It’s because we care about our recommendations. You can confidently know that our list of the top international dating apps is really the best on the market.

Here are four of the reasons these dating apps for international singles are the best of the best.

Tons of Singles from All Different Countries Around the World

Whether you’re looking for singles from a particular country or from all over the world, these dating apps are here to help. Each site has a healthy mix of singles that still live internationally and ones that live where you are. A good dating app for international matchmaking knows that people have different needs. These apps we’ve recommended get that and deliver across the board.  

Elite-Level Matchmaking Technology

The entire point of dating online is to let technology do the work for you. These international dating apps use the latest and greatest technology to help you find that special someone a few miles away or thousands of miles away.

Awesome Free Trials

When you are dating internationally, there may be fewer people for you to choose from on a dating site. Because of that, it’s important to be able to check things out before you buy. All of the dating apps for international singles recommended here come with a free trial! Click the link for the site you want to try, and you will be automatically credited with a free trial account.

Safety and Security a Priority

When you start dating across international borders, safety and security become even more important. All of the dating sites and apps we recommend make your safety and security the number one priority. You still need to be smart with your choices, but know these apps will have your back.

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