Delaware dating site

While it only takes one special person to make your Delaware dating dreams come true, your options are somewhat limited compared to other states with just under a million people calling “The First State” home. The phrase “looking for my one in a million” couldn’t me more fitting than it is DE.

But dating in Delaware doesn’t have to be so bad. In fact, there’s a solution that can help you meet quality singles, get connected easier than ever, and achieve your relationship goals—whatever the may be. Yup, we’re talking about online dating. And specifically, we’re talking about the best Delaware dating apps designed specifically to help singles in your state find that special someone.

Delaware dating site

In this article, our team outlines the top dating apps in Delaware, breaks down what it’s really like to date in the state, shares some super helpful resources, and gives you the encouragement you need to actually see some results.

The Top 5 Dating Sites in Delaware

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#5SilverSinglesFree Trial
#6JdateFree Trial

What Makes These the Best Delaware Dating Apps?

Knowing is half the battle, right? We heard that on TV once. All kidding and clichés aside, we think it’s important that you know why we selected these as the top online dating options for singles in Delaware. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why:

  • Multi-State Access – We don’t have to tell you Delaware is small with less than 1 million residents, which means a smaller dating pool. For that reason, the best dating sites for Delaware singles allow you to not only look for men and women within the state lines, but also in the surrounding states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey (or the entire United States if distance doesn’t matter to you).
  • Stellar Customer Service – Currently, the average age in the state of Delaware is 41 years old which is several years older than the National average (about 10% higher). While we’re not calling you old or out of touch with technology (we promise!), this does tell us that there may be more people who might not be glued to their phones or computers and might need a little extra help with the tech side of online dating. For that reason, our picks for the best Delaware dating sites have better-than-average customer service teams who are ready to help you out no matter what your tech background (or lack thereof) is.
  • Plenty of Singles to Choose From – Just because you live in the 6th smallest state population-wise in the country doesn’t mean you should get slighted in the options department. Yes, there are going to be fewer options on these dating sites if you set your proximity range to something nearby. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still have thousands of high-quality singles to look at. These dating apps and dating sites deliver on that.

What is Dating Online in Delaware Like?

Delaware dating does tend to be a point of contention for a lot of singles, but it’s also a great source of joy and success for others! The difference?—How well they prepare themselves, the effort they put in, and where they look for singles. As we’ve already touched on where to look for the best singles in Delaware, now we want to talk a little about what the dating scene in the state is like.

We’ve included a few statistical highlights below, as well as some raw data about the makeup of the singles scene. The idea is for this information to give you a little idea of what things look like from 20,000 feet.

  • 53% of the women in the state are unmarried; only 48% of the men are unmarried.
  • The areas in the state with the highest concentration of search traffic for online dating are the suburbs included in the Salisbury, MD area.
  • As the state is relatively small, many online singles like to search in the entire state instead of just the smaller town they live in. This is completely possible with location filters through the Delaware dating apps we’ve shared here.
  • As the state is only 1,948.6 square miles, many singles like to expand their online dating search outside of Delaware to the neighboring states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.
Bethany Beach in Delaware

Delaware Singles Dating Statistics

Total Population

  • 967,679

Population in Delaware by Gender

  • 51.7% women in Delaware
  • 48.3% men in Delaware

Overall Singles by Gender

  • 53.1% of women in Delaware are single
  • 47.9% of men in Delaware are single

Population in Delaware by Age

  • 12.9% aged from 20-29 years old
  • 12.4% aged from 30-39 years old
  • 11.7% aged from 40-49 years old
  • 13.7% aged from 50-59 years old
  • 25.6% aged 60+ years old
  • Median age is 41 years old

% Households With Internet in DE

  • 82.4% of households in Delaware have internet access


Which Towns in the State Show the Most Interest in Online Dating?

Our research team at Healthy Framework loves to dig into the data to find meaningful conclusions for you. One of the things we like to look at in each state we cover is which cities show the most interest in online dating. The way we draw these conclusions is by pulling search traffic data for online dating terms over the past 12 months and the past 5 years. The results show us which cities could be hot spots for online dating.

The winner in Delaware was actually a surprise to us! Generally, the winner follows the highest population centers, but not in Delaware. The winning city was Salisbury with a pretty commanding lead over second place. Yes, we know that Salisbury is technically in Maryland, but that includes the suburbs of Delaware in the map below. Philadelphia came in second place with only 12% of the search traffic we saw in Salisbury. Again, this is because of the way metropolitans are carved out on the maps.

Delaware Google Trends Data Map
  1. Salisbury MD – (100)
  2. Philadelphia PA – (12)

Best Free Dating Sites in Delaware

If it’s free, it’s for me! If that’s you, you’re in the right place. Now, as you probably already know, we’re not advocates for 100% free Delaware dating apps, due to the fact that they have a tendency to attract riff raff who aren’t serious about the dating process. But on that same token, we aren’t fans of wasting money, paying for premium memberships that aren’t worth it, or having to spend money on Delaware dating sites that aren’t worth it.

For that reason, we’re big fans of dating apps offering free trials. That way, you can find out if a site is right for you before you pull out your wallet or purse. You can see the quality of singles in your area, test out features, and determine the right choice before you choose to upgrade. At the top of this guide, we’ve included a healthy list of our favorite online dating sites with free trials set up just for you.

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