Dating sites in sacramento

Let’s cut right to it, dating in Sacramento is awful. There seem to be fewer singles than married couples, the city is expensive to live in, let alone date in, and locals are so busy that they barely have time to make dating work. 

So, what can you do to make it better?

While certain aspects of dating in Sacramento can’t really be changed, you can adjust your approach to improve your chances at finding love. One important step to making dating easier is to ensure you are looking for singles in the right places. 

Dating sites in sacramento

You can’t just hope that someone cute and eligible will get hired at your office someday. No, you need to get yourself to the places where singles are going to be. From great bars to online dating sites, we have found all the best places for Sacramento singles to meet and connect! 

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Simplify the Search for Singles with Online Dating 

Do you know where you can find Sacramento singles without wasting money and time? Online dating sites! 

Online dating is not only far less expensive than the traditional scout for singles, but it makes it simple to find singles that are compatible with your life goals and base personality. No more wasting time on those who only want hookups or those who are too different to ever make a good partner. 

To get the most out of online dating, you need to make sure you are using the best dating sites for Sacramento singles.

When you use the best sites, you will have access to the most modern and useful amenities in the online dating world. This includes things like incognito browser, translation services, secure chats, and even compatibility matching. 

If you’ve ever dreamed about being able to find love while at home in your pajamas, online dating is perfect for you! 

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5 Best Bars for Singles in Sacramento 

  1. Coin Op Game Room: What happens when you mix a neighborhood watering hole with an old-school coin arcade? You get the Coin Op Game Room! This is the perfect place to enjoy a few drinks, take a load off, and meet laid back, local singles!
  2. Dive Bar: Dive Bar is the most pleasant surprise you could ever want. If you go in thinking it is a cool, hole in the wall dive – you will be shocked but not disappointed. This mermaid-themed bar has live, underwater performers to create a magic evening you will never forget! Do you struggle breaking the ice with singles in bars? Dive Bar offers all the ammo you need to get talking with the local singles. 
  3. Shady Lady Saloon: This 1920’s speakeasy inspired bar is a great place to wind down after a hard work week and meet some of the chillest singles in Sacramento. The vibe in the Shady Lady Saloon is a little sexy and a lot cool, which helps naturally boost your confidence. You’ll be feeling great and that mentality will carry through to your conversations with the bars’ singles.  
  4. Whired Wine: Whired claims to be a great bar for those who are wine enthusiasts or those just seeking out the taste they like. The bar has a large variety of wines available to patrons and a fun atmosphere that’s perfect for meeting new people. You can even enjoy the great Sacramento weather thanks to the quaint outdoor seating selection. 
  5. Fizz Champagne and Bubbles Bar: Fizz is another bar that focuses on alternative beverages. Unlike traditional bars, you will be given a selection of champagnes and sparkling wines instead of the traditional beer and cocktails. The bar is focused on treating everyday like something to celebrate, which is a vibe that supports meeting new people and making lasting connections. 

Unique Events and Places to Meet Singles in Sacramento

Sacramento has more things to do and see than most towns, but which places are actually good for meeting singles? Well, trying to avoid tourists, get outside your comfort zone, and not spend a ton of money can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 5 places where you can meet new people and not spend a fortune! 

Take Advantage of Museum Day

Sacramento Museum Day is a day when all citizens can explore the 26 major museums in the city, completely free of charge. This is a perfect day to try and meet new singles in Sacramento without having to spend a ton of money. Plus, you will get to spend the day learning about art and history and generally enjoying yourself. 

Celebrate Wide Open Walls

Wide Open Walls is a yearly celebration of street art in Sacramento. If modern/ urban art is something that interests you, this event is the perfect way to meet singles with a similar style. It is free to attend Wide Open Walls, so there is really nothing to lose! 

Attend the Sacramento Outdoor Films Festival

Cinephiles don’t want to miss out on the Sacramento Outdoor Films Festival! This free-to-attend event showcases a small selection of themed films. The event is held at Fremont Park, so bring a blanket and some snacks, and enjoy a day of celebrating the creation of story and film. 

Spend a Day on the Lake

There are many lakes in Sacramento that offer great views, fun activities, and a way to meet locals without spending money. We particularly love Folsom Lake, and if you love fishing you will too! Pack up some snacks, your gear, or maybe just a good book. You’ll find a great place to spend the day and lots of wonderful locals passing in and out for you to meet. 

Go to The Farmer’s Market

You want to know a way to save money and meet singles? Skip your regular grocery trip and go shopping at a farmer’s market! You will meet lots of agriculturally minded locals while also getting great deals on the produce you need to buy anyway. It’s a great way to meet people outside your regular social circle without wasting too much money! 

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