Dating sites in new jersey

Dating anywhere these days is hard. We’d argue that it’s even harder in New Jersey for a lot of reasons that we’ll spare you from today because we’re probably preaching to the choir. Instead, we’re going to talk solutions. The best dating sites in New Jersey are the new, innovative, and modern way to find that special someone. Instead of having to troll bars, beaches, and the club, you can streamline the entire process and without ever leaving the house.

Dating sites in new jersey

In this guide, we’ll showcase the best NJ dating apps, talk about what it’s really like to be single in Jersey, and share some helpful resources and insight to help you find what you’re looking for.

List of the Best Dating Sites in New Jersey

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What Makes These the Best New Jersey Dating Apps?

  • Singles from all around the northeast – Jersey is a smaller state with just under 10 million people. And because of the smaller landmass size and people living close to other state’s borders, it’s important that a top NJ dating app not only have quality singles from the state but from the surrounding states too. Additionally, top sites should include the ability to search by distance and not just by city or state to accommodate the close quarters.
  • Picture-heavy dating platforms – Many people who live in the Jersey area care about how they look and also how a potential partner looks. And while that might sound shallow, it’s okay to care about your body and want to date someone you’re attracted to. All of the New Jersey dating apps we recommend have several different ways for singles to showcase their looks and also to check out their potential matches.
  • Secure platform you can trust – Online dating used to be the wild wild west. Nowadays, it’s much safer and even may be safer than randomly meeting people in person. Of course, this is only true if the New Jersey dating sites you’re using take security seriously. This means things like proper encryption, secure billing, the ability to report and block problem users, and support staff ready to help with any questions or needs at a moment’s notice.
  • Mobile friendly options – Yes, some people like to do their online dating from a desktop. Other people like to do it on the go from their mobile phone. We think that everyone should have both options at their disposal without needing to create more than one account. Each of the top NJ dating apps recommended here works masterfully from your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet without the need to create multiple accounts. So whether you’re down at The Shore partying it up, at the office on a break, or just cruising the beautiful east coast—you have options.
  • The ability to sort and filter options – People from New Jersey know what they want. And if a dating app can’t hang with that, we’re not interested. The best NJ dating apps give you the ability to rack, stack, and sort your matches by whatever parameters you want. This can be things like age, distance, demographics, interests, religious affiliations, and more.

Being Single in New Jersey – What You Need to Know

  • Jersey City ranks 48th and Newark ranks 67th in a recent data study on the best cities in America for singles.
  • NJ singles can use location-based search filters when dating online to find singles within the state as well as singles who are close but live across state lines.
  • The NJ suburbs outside of New York that are included in the New York City metropolitan showed the highest interest in online dating apps, according to internet search traffic.
  • There are more women than men in NJ with a breakdown of 51% women and 49% men.
  • Over 40% of the people in NJ have a bachelor’s degree or higher, which is 25% higher than the national average (33.1%). This means that the single population in Jersey is a lot more educated than other areas of the country.
  • 12.1% of people in NJ take public transit to work, which is over double the rate in the US as a whole. This means that meeting singles on the way to work could be a great option if you’re looking to meet people in person.

Two NJ Metropolitan Areas Make the List of Top Cities for Singles

Both Jersey City and Newark made the list of cities studied in a recent look at the best cities in the USA for single men and women. Jersey City came in the highest at 48th, with a strong showing in the dating amenities category, a middle-of-the-road showing in the quality of the dating pool, and a poor showing in the cost of dating category. Newark came in 67th place with a slightly above average showing in the cost of dating and dating amenities categories, but a rather poor showing in the quality of the dating pool category, which looked at things like how many people are single, education levels, diversity of the population, interest in online dating, and more.

  • 48th – Jersey City
  • 67th – Newark

Many of the cities in NJ are included in the major metropolitan areas of big cities in nearby states when looking at demographics data. The same is true when you breakdown Google Trends and search traffic data. But that can still give us a great look into what areas of New Jersey have the most interest in online dating. Below, you’ll find those results! What’s great, though, is that New Jersey is a small state in size, so you should be able to meet singles from anywhere within the state or neighboring states with a lot of ease.

New Jersey Google Trends Data for Online Dating - Heat Map
  1. New York, NY (and included NJ suburbs)
  2. Philadelphia, PA (and included NJ suburbs)

New Jersey Singles Dating Statistics

Total Population

  • 8,882,190

Population in New Jersey by Gender

  • 51% of women
  • 49% of men

Overall Singles by Gender

  • 51% of females in New Jersey are single
  • 46% of males in New Jersey are single

Education in NJ

  • 90.3% of the population have a high school degree or higher
  • 41.2% of the population have a bachelor’s degree or higher

Population in New Jersey by Age

  • The median age in NJ is 40.2 years old.
  • 13% aged from 20-29 years old
  • 13% aged from 30-39 years old
  • 13% aged from 40-49 years old
  • 14% aged from 50-59 years old
  • 23% aged 60+

% Households With Internet in NJ

  • 84.1% of households in New Jersey have internet access

Demographics of the State

  • White – 54.3%
  • Black – 12.7%
  • Native – 0.1%
  • Asian – 9.6%
  • Islander – 0.0%
  • Other – 0.5%
  • Two – 1.9%
  • Hispanic 20.9%


The Bottom Line

Dating in New Jersey may feel like a challenge, especially with so many people working and even living across state lines. But just because something is hard, doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. If you’re tired of the bar or beach scene (at least to meet single men and single women), then it may be time to give online dating a try. Long gone are the days where it’s considered cliché or weird or anything like that. Today, dating online in New Jersey is regarded as an incredible efficient way to meet quality singles.

If you’re ready, head back to the top of the guide, select a site, and let’s give things a try!

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