Dating sites in australia

If you’re like a lot of singles from the land down under you may be worried that Australian dating sites will leave you up a gum tree. Let’s face it, there are a slew of dating apps out there. Some are great and others are downright bodgie. But which are which?

You’re in luck mate. Our team’s pitched in the hard yakka and sorted through hundreds of online dating options to arrive at this list of the best Aussie dating apps. Using these, you should be able to find whatever you’re looking for, whether that’s a quick date at Macca’s, grabbing some drinks, marriage, or anything in-between. Hold onto your daks and let’s get to it.

Dating sites in australia

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Why Recommend These Australian Dating Sites?

You’ve already seen the table with our picks, but you still have questions. Good onya! In this section we’ll be taking a deeper look at what each of these Australian dating apps has to offer.

eHarmony – Best Aussie Dating App for Serious Relationships and Marriage

Looking to settle down and and join the nearly 52% of Australians that are blissfully married? Hoping to find something a bit more meaningful than you’ve experienced on other Aussie dating apps? Our next recommendation is sure to help you find that Mr or Mrs right in no time.

Eharmony Australia Screenshot

Without contest, eHarmony is out top recommendation for Australians looking for marriage online. If the site’s 9.8/10 rating doesn’t say enough we think some of these headlines will help to push you over the edge.

  • Over 2 Million have found love on eHarmony.
  • User send 2.3 million messages each week.
  • Over 100K monthly visitors from Australia!
  • Ideal for international Australian dating.
  • Industry leading questionnaire powered matchmaking system.
  • A new eHarmony user finds a meaningful relationship every 14 minutes!

If you’re tired of playing games and want to give serious online dating a try we can recommend eHarmony enough. Click the link below to sign up free and find your Australian soul mate:

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Zoosk – Most Flexible Australian Dating App

According to census data, over 83% of Australians have access to internet from their home. This means there’s never been a better time for Aussies to find love online than now. But Australia is a big and diverse place. Not everyone shares the same relationship goals or even wants the same experience from online dating. This is why we’ve recommended that Aussie singles give Zoosk a try.

Zoosk Australia Screenshot

The site has over 35 million accounts, doesn’t break the bank, and is chock-a-block with features and options. Whether you’re looking for some new mates, some casual fun, or something more serious you simply add that to your profile settings and you’re off–that easy!

If you’d like to learn more you can read our full Zoosk review or click the link below to claim a free trial and see why Zoosk is the most flexible Australian dating app you’ll find anywhere.

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Elite Singles – Best AU Dating App for Educated Singles

What if we told you that about 22% of all Australians have completed Uni or some other form of further education after secondary school? It’s true, we have the census data to confirm it! This proves that to over 5 million Australians intellect and strong work ethic are among the more important things to them. But how do you start meeting these brainy Aussies to strike up a relationship?

Elite Singles Australia Screenshot

Our recommendation would be Elite Singles. This dating app markets itself as being #1 for hardworking and highly educated singles–and in our assessment delivers. It is especially popular in areas of Australia like Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. If you’re living in the big smoke and want to find successful singles we highly recommend giving this Australian dating site a try.

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SilverSingles – Best Dating Site for Australian Seniors

When you think of Australia you almost certainly think of beaches and sand and fun times–all the things they put in the travel catalogs. What you may not know is that 27.6% of of people living in Australia are over the age of 55. That’s right, Oz is a hotbed for senior dating. But which dating site is best for Australian Seniors?

Older Australian Couple Sitting on the Couch

There is one site that stands out to our team and and has gotten a ton of interest from Australia’s elders–and that’s SilverSingles. According to available search data over 5,000 users are searching for the site. This means that there is a constant flow of new singles signing up from areas like Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne (Just to name a few). The site has been rated incredibly well (9.7/10) and best of all is 100% dedicated to online dating over 50.

If you’d like to learn more about the best senior dating site in Australia we recommend you check out our SilverSingles review or claim a free trial using the button below to have a look for yourself:

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Try SilverSingles Free!

Christian Mingle – Australia’s Top Christian Dating App

Hard to list the top Australian dating apps without talking about Christian Mingle. Why? Well, what you might not know is that the bulk of Australians claim to be religious, and over 80% of those religious Aussies identify as Christian. What this means it that there are over 12 million Christians in Australia. Now you might say, “Sure, a heap of my mates went to Catholic School, but why Christian Mingle?”–Let’s have a look.

Christian Mingle Australia

Christian Mingle has been helping Australian singles find each other since 2001 and has grown to be the #1 community of religious singles online with over 15 million active users worldwide. On top of some excellent ratings (9.6/10), this AU dating app is 100% focused on faith based dating which means everyone you meet will share your values and beliefs.

If you’d like to take a chance and start meeting some of them, use the link below to claim a free trial:

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Try Christian Mingle Free

I Don’t Live in Australia, But Want To Meet Australian Singles

Something about the accents, tanned skin, and fun loving lifestyle has you thinking your perfect match is from Australia. Or maybe you’re an Aussie abroad and looking to connect with someone back home? Whatever the case if you’re not in the Land Down Under, but would like to meet Australian singles online we strongly recommend eHarmony. Here’s why:

eHarmony Countries and Region Settings Screenshot - Australia and Australian Territory Options

On top of being one of the most successful platforms in the history of online dating, eHarmony makes it incredibly easy to find truly compatible Australian partners from anywhere in the world!

So, if you’re looking for Australian singles, all you have to do is:

  • Go to into your settings,
  • Find “Countries and regions”,
  • Select Australia (or any sub-region)
  • Tap confirm
  • Start browsing a huge selection of Aussie Singles!

Unlike many other international dating apps out there, at eHarmony you’re going to be able to avoid confusing credit based pricing, seas of fake profiles, and scammers desperately asking you for money.

But maybe you’re not sold by our recommendation? Or their claim that “someone finds love every 14 minutes”? Maybe even the glowing user reviews and success stories aren’t doing it? Use the link below to see for yourself why eHarmony is the most trusted dating app worldwide. It won’t cost you a dime!

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Start a Free Trial Account Now!

How Much Do These Aussie Dating Apps Cost?

We’ve looked at some of the best Australian dating sites, and talked about even why it might be worth kicking in for premium membership, but what do they really cost? Do you have to go for broke to find a meaningful relationship online?

Not quite. Some dating apps cost more than others, but this doesn’t mean you’ll have to shell out heaps to find high quality singles near you. Here’s a look at what each of our recommendations will cost per month:

AU Dating App1 Month3 Months6 MonthsOther Options
eHarmonyN/AN/A$92.79 monthly12 months at $64.63 monthly and 24 months at $50.55 monthly
Zoosk$42.17$28.13 monthly$15.49 monthlyZoosk Coins (Prices range from $28.09 to $140.74)
Elite Singles$84.42$81.60 monthly$63.29 monthlyN/A
SilverSinglesN/A$53.44 monthly$30.91 monthly12 month plan – $28.09 monthly
Christian Mingle$70.39$49.27 monthly$35.19 monthlyN/A

*All prices listed are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Terms to Help You Understand Dating Culture in Australia

  • Stubbies, Tinnys, and Cold Ones – Whatever you call em, be ready to see some beers and other bevvies if you’re dating an Aussie. Good times and drinks go hand in hand in Oz.
  • Thongs – If you’re not an Aussie you’re probably getting excited for all the wrong reasons here… “Flip-flips” to an American are “thongs” to an Australian. The dating tip here is to embrace the Aussie spirit and don’t take yourself too seriously. Relax, take a breath, grab your thongs, and have a bonza time!
  • Mates – We’ve included this phrase for 2 reasons. Firstly, If you’re dating an Australian you can be sure they’re going to make time for their mates. Whether it’s heading over for a few coldies, a barbie, or a some footy it’s going to happen and often–don’t be offended by this. The huge upside is that Aussies are incredibly loyal. If things get serious you can guarantee you’ve found a partner that will stand by you through thick and thin.
  • “Another shrimp on the barbie” – This final point really isn’t going to be what you think… see, people outside of Australia have a lot of preconceived notions about what Aussies are and aren’t. The only way to really get to know them is to put those ideas aside and start meeting Australian singles.
Australian Couple Kissing

Which Australian Cities Are Best for Dating?

To determine which parts of Australia are best for dating we used a similar methodology to what was used in our guide to the best cities for dating in the US. This includes various factors about the dating pool, cost of dating in Australia, dating amenities, and safety. Here were our findings:

Images of Australian Cities - Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane

Aussie Dating Culture Study – Methodology and A Look at the Data

Australian Dating Pool (Stats):

icons of the dating pool for singles
  • Number of Australian singles – By looking at census data we were able to learn the number of singles in each of the greater metropolitan areas of Australia and learned that the greater Sydney area has the most singles (Over 2.4 million).
  • % of population that’s single – Good news, over 50% of the population in each of the cities we studies are single. This means there are a ton of Australian singles you can meet through online dating.
  • % of population that’s never been married – Slightly different than the previous stat this looks at singles who have never been divorced, widowed, or separated. According to our data Darwin is the city with the largest percentage of singles who have never been married at 42.1% of the total population.
  • Diversity of male and female population – For the most part all of Australia is pretty balanced here. 50.7% of Australia’s population is women and the remaining 49.3% men.
  • Average education level – for this we looked at the percentage of the population that had completed secondary school or higher on their path to higher education. Canberra took the cake here as the best Australian city to meet educated singles with over 50% of the population meeting out standards for higher learning.
  • % with internet access at home – How can you meet Australian singles online if you don’t have internet? At 89.9%, Canberra is where singles have the most access to internet at home. (Overall, 83.2% of Aussies have home internet and are well equipped to access online dating platforms.)
  • Age group diversity – Are there going to be other singles in your age group on Australia dating sites? Data says probably! We looked at the number of people in each city from 18 to 24, from 25 to 34, from 35 to 44, from 45 to 54, and seniors (55+). Here’s and the Aussie cities with the highest percentage population in each age range.
    • 18 to 24 – Canberra 14.1% of total city population.
    • 25 to 34 – Darwin 19.6% of total city population.
    • 35 to 44 – Darwin 16% of total city population.
    • 45 to 54 – Darwin 13.9% of total city population.
    • Seniors (55+) – Hobart 31.1% of total city population.

Cost of Dating in Australia (Stats):

Icons of different costs associated with dating
  • Average cost of food and drink – For this we looked at various points including the average costs of: lunch for two, a fine meal for two, a cappuccino, a 500mL beer at a pub, and a getting a cocktail out. What city is best for Australian singles getting food or drinks out? The numbers say Darwin is consistently the cheapest and Melbourne the most pricey.
  • Average cost of entertainment – Entertainment can be defined as many things. We’ll explore some excellent Australian date ideas in a little while, but to keep things simple here are the 3 points we looked at for the purpose of this study. The average cost of: 1 litre of gas, 2 movie tickets, and a short taxi ride. Data shows Adelaide is the cheapest city in this category.
  • Average cost of basic internet – We’ve already looked at what areas of Australia have access to internet in their homes. Naturally the next step was exploring what Australian singles are paying for basic internet. These prices may be less than you’re paying, but for the purpose of our study we just wanted to price out the minimum requirement to run Australian dating sites smoothly. From what we found Canberra has the cheapest basic internet.
  • Average cost of a 1 month gym membership – If you’re dating online in Australia (or anywhere else really…) you want to look your best. For many people part of this is exercising. From what we found, Melbourne is the most costly city in Australia in this department with singles paying around $90/month on average for their gym memberships.

AU Dating Safety and Amenities (Stats):

Icons of dating amenities
  • Greenspace Per Capita – Nothing like a calm date at the park. Or maybe a hike? Having access to the great outdoors is a big part of dating in Australia and according to the Australia State of the Environment, Canberra is the Australia city with the most greenspace per capita. It is worth noting however, that greater Melbourne has the most parks, gardens, and reserves.
  • Number of Date Venues – If you’re going to date in Australia you have to have somewhere to go. To see which city was best in this area we compared the number of restaurants, bars, theatres, museums, and more. From our findings Melbourne is the clear winner here with over 4,700 date venues.
  • Crime Index – Of the cities in our study Canberra showed the lowest crime rating (22.52 out of 100). Darwin was the Australian city with the highest crime rating in our study (58.09). While Australia as a whole is not overly unsafe, it’s always recommended to take precautions when you’re out for a date or dating online in Australia.
  • Safety Index – On the flip side of the previous point we looked at which areas Australian singles feel the safest. Specifically if they are walking alone. Unsurprisingly Canberra also had the highest safety index rating (77.48 out of 100) with Adelaide(70.26) and Hobart(67.75) close behind. In all cities, the number of Australian singles that felt comfortable walking alone would drop after daylight hours.
  • Prevalence of STDs – According to nearly 16% of all adults in Australia report having an STI in their lifetime. Chlamydia seems to be the most prevalent with nearly 97K new cases diagnosed each year. The Northern Territory of Australia shows the highest density of diagnosed cases with about 1 in 100 adults (1.16%). The state with the lowest number of diagnosed cases is New South Wales (0.28%).

Dating in Sydney

  • Sydney Dating Pool: 2,445,763 singles (50.7% of population).
  • Sydney Dating Cost: Above national average (2nd most expensive city for dating).
  • Safety and Amenities for Dating in Sydney: 4,555 date venues, 66.22 safety index.
Sydney Australia

Popular Date Locations in Sydney:

  • Sydney Opera House – If you’ve ever seen a picture of Sydney then you probably recognize this historic Opera House. As you may have guessed it is also a very popular attraction for dates. Here you can take in various experiences including: shows, festivals, tours, workshops, and more.
  • Sydney Aquarium – With over 7,500 different species of marine animals a trip to the Aquarium can be an excellent date if you’re not the most natural conversationalist. Walk around, look at some fish, and talk about what you see! General admission is $49.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge – Looking for something simple? Give the “coat hanger” a look and take in a scenic view of Sydney. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique you can also do the BrigdeClimb and your and your sweetheart can scale the iconic landmark.
  • Westpac OpenAir Cinema – It’s the classic first date! Going out to see a movie, but there’s a great twist. You’re still watching a film, but for $34 you’re doing it out in the fresh air, under the stars, overlooking the harbour.

Fair dinkum these things may seem a bit touristy, but you’d be surprised how many locals have never actually done them.

Best Dating App for Sydney, Australia:

Try Zoosk – With so many singles to choose from in Syndey you need a flexible and modern Aussie dating app. We’ve already discussed what makes this app great. Why not see for yourself?

Dating in Melbourne

  • Melbourne Dating Pool: 2,314,368 singles (51.6% of population).
  • Melbourne Dating Cost: Well above national average (Most expensive city for dating).
  • Safety and Amenities for Dating in Melbourne: 4,715 date venues, 55.58 safety index.
Melbourne Australia

Popular Date Locations in Melbourne:

  • ArtVo Immersive Gallery – Get this, an art museum that encourages you to interact with the art. If you’d like to plan a fun date and enjoy some time laughing and taking pictures with incredible 3D artwork, we highly recommend ArtVo. (Tickets $28 per adult).
  • Werribee Open Range Zoo – A bit more outdoorsy? Here’s another Melbourne date idea that will help to break the ice. For $80, you and your date can get a close look at giraffes, kangaroos, koalas, and more. (Safari bus tours are free!)
  • IceBar Melbourne – Looking to beat the heat? For $39 you and your date can be garbed in snow gear and sipping a cocktails in subzero temperatures at this unique bar. This is a fun and unique way to mix up “going out for drinks”.

Best Dating App for Melbourne, Australia:

Try Elite Singles – Over 45% of singles in Melbourne have completed secondary school or better. Elite Singles matches hardworking intellectual singles making it an excellent Australian dating app for singles in Melbourne.

Dating in Brisbane

  • Brisbane Dating Pool: 1,212,607 singles (53.4% of population).
  • Brisbane Dating Cost: Below national average (4th most expensive city for dating).
  • Safety and Amenities for Dating in Brisbane: 1,958 date venues, 64.6 safety index.
Brisbane Australia

Popular Date Locations in Brisbane:

  • North Stradbroke Island Day Trip – Need to get out of the city for a while and enjoy some time on the beach? It’s a little pricier than some of the other date ideas on this page, but for $121.48 per adult you and your partner can enjoy a ferry ride, scenic hiking, catch some wildlife, and more.
  • Tour Felons Brewing Co – Learn how this local brewery pursues their craft and sample unique beers on this in depth, hour and a half long, brewery tour. (Tickets are $35 per person).
  • Vanilla Zulu Cooking Class – Interested in being a better cook? Taking a cooking class can be a fun and memorable date for any couple. (Pro tip – Prices vary by class, but if you’re interested in doing a double date you’ll always save money).

Best Dating App for Brisbane, Australia:

Try Christian Mingle – Just over 59% of people in the greater Brisbane area identify as being Christian making it one of the most religious areas in Australia. Given this information we speculate there are over 720,000 Christian Singles around Brisbane! If you’d like to start meeting them Christian Mingle is the Australian dating app for the job.

Dating in Perth

  • Perth Dating Pool: 991,367 singles (51% of population).
  • Perth Dating Cost: Slightly above national average (3rd most expensive city for dating).
  • Safety and Amenities for Dating in Perth: 1,764 date venues, 58.39 safety index.
Perth Austrlia

Popular Date Locations in Perth:

  • Book a Tasting Tour – In Perth, there are numerous opportunities to book tours, but if we were planning a date in Swan Valley a wine, beer, or chocolate tasting tour would be a no brainer. It’s elegant, romantic, and most of all enjoyable!
  • Scenic River Cruise – Get out on Swan river and see the city from a different perspective. There are plenty of options for river cruises in Perth and most will start at about $30 per person.
  • Amplifier Bar – For a simple but fun date, Amplifier Bar lets you enjoy local bands, beer, and bowling. Best of all this is an incredibly cheap date option. (10 rounds of bowling for $12)

Best Dating App for Perth, Australia:

Try eHarmony – If you’re looking for a serious relationship you would not be the first from Perth to find love on eHarmony. With someone on eHarmony finding love every 14 minutes it’s no wonder this Australian dating app gets over 77K monthly searches.

Dating in Adelaide

  • Adelaide Dating Pool: 686,728 singles (53% of population).
  • Adelaide Dating Cost: Well below national average (2nd cheapest city for dating).
  • Safety and Amenities for Dating in Adelaide: 1,360 date venues, 70.26 safety index.
Adeliaide Australia

Popular Date Locations in Adelaide:

  • The d’Arenberg Experience – $15 per person and you’re on your way to an elegant, art filled wine tasting experience. During this self guided tour of the Alternative Realities Museum, you will be sampling a fine selection of d’Arenberg wines and enjoying contemporary artworks.
  • Adelaide Botanic Garden – Relax and take in the beauty of nature. This collection of gardens and captivating architecture spans 50 hectares in the heart of Adelaide. The garden is open year round and is always completely free to enter.
  • Watch a sunset at Glenelg beach – It won’t cost you anything to do, but if you’ve never taken the time to do this it’s definitely worth being at least one date. You won’t regret it!

Best Dating App for Adelaide, Australia:

Try Silver Singles – Over 29% of the population of Adelaide is over 55 giving it the second highest density of seniors in Australia. For this reason, we’re recommending Silver Singles as the top dating app for Adelaide.

*Note – Not looking for Australian senior dating? 70.7% of Adelaide’s population is still under 55. If that’s you, any of the other AU dating site recommendations on this page should work out nicely for your needs. Be sure to check out the table at the top of the page for free trial links.

Aussie Online Dating FAQ

Where can I find more Australian online dating options?

Though there are a few dating apps that focus specifically on the Australian dating market, the fact is Aussies have more options than they could ever want or need.

If you’d like to start exploring some more of them we recommend giving our dating site review section a peek. That will give you nearly 100 other options to look into on your journey for the ideal Australian dating app.

Is Tinder a good Australian dating app?

Tinder is very popular in Australia, but does that mean it’s “good”? Not according to our team–and here’s why.

The way Tinder is designed it’s builds very shallow, casual encounters. If you’re just looking for an Australian hookup dating app then sure, tinder is fine. But, if you want something more meaningful we can’t recommend it in good conscience.

Are these Aussie dating apps free to use?

In the world of online dating very few completely free options are actually worth your time. Luckily, this doesn’t mean you have to shell out the big bucks to find love online in Australia. Every site that we’ve recommended on this page has a free membership tier available that will allow you to poke around and decide whether or not the app is a good fit before paying for anything.

How many singles are there in Australia?

Based on the data we have from census records there are over 12 million singles currently living in Australia.

Does online dating in Australia work?

We get this question a lot, and the bottom line is this. With any kind of relationship you get out of it what you put into it. If you meet someone amazing on an Australian dating site, but then never work on getting to know the person or making time for them things won’t work out–and that’s not the fault of the Aussie dating app.

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