Dating sites for shy people

Many dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are centred around swiping.

Flip through a bunch of profiles, decide whether or not a photo piques your interest and start messaging. It sounds like a pretty simple process but for people who are shy it can seem like a daunting task. 

Introverts are overwhelmed with questions: What’s the best way to start a conversation? How do you keep it flowing? And how do you bring up the ever important first date? If you’re not a natural talker it can be pretty stressful. 

Dating sites for shy people

Luckily, shyness doesn’t have to get in the way of dating. 

Before you disregard apps entirely remember that you’re not the only one who feels shy. 

Wait, other people feel shy on the apps as well?

According to the American Psychological Association, 40% of Americans claim to have experienced shyness.  Meanwhile, 2019 data from Stanford University found that dating online is displacing other ways of meeting people –  39% of heterosexual couples and 65% of gay couples are now meeting online. 

So with that in mind, you’ve got a pretty good chance of finding a lasting relationship online (even if you tend to be on the quiet side). So where can you turn if you’re looking for an app but admit to being shy? 


We’ve all had the experience of making eye contact with someone across the room and hoping they’ll come over and introduce themselves. Now Happn is helping to…well…make that happen.

Blonde woman about to cross the street at an intersection - surrounded by people

They’re essentially trying to give you a rom-com moment. You know, a meet-cute? The two main characters cross paths; maybe one knocks into the other and they’re forced to stare into each others eyes and touch hands as they pick up all their papers that unceremoniously fell on the floor. It’s perfect (except it never happens in real life!) Whenever you cross paths with another happn user in the street, their profile appears in your Timeline!

The app is all about finding people you’ve crossed paths with. So imagine you stop at the same coffee shop every morning before work and lock eyes with the same person while ordering your medium latté. Too shy to say hello irl? Just send them a message on Happn and let the sparks fly.


Here’s the thing about Wandure. We’ve eliminated the swiping and jumped immediately to the date. Why make connections in the virtual world, if that’s where they’ll stay?

What started as a way for people to find travel buddies and has since brought dating back into the real world. Like most dating apps you start with a profile which showcases your most Instagram-able pictures and from there you take a look at fellow users who are also in search of something more than endless swiping. 

Blonde woman in red dress sitting on a wall kissing a man in a leather coat.

Give us your date, budget and availability and the app plans the date for you.

It’s only once you find out where you’re going on your surprise date that you have the chance to talk with your match – so no endless chatting with a stranger before you meet! An shy persons dream!

Coffee Meets Bagel

When you sign up with Coffee Meets Bagel you’ll receive “quality matches curated just for you by [their] ever-evolving algorithm” everyday at noon. Coffee Meets Bagel puts more emphasis on the user’s profile by showing off more of the text and allowing users to “heart” the profile. 

Blonde woman with long hair and brunette man with short hair looking into the distance with trees, wrapped in a blue patterned quilt

You can also “comment” on a profile directly before starting a conversation. It gives users the opportunity to break the ice or maybe even spark a connection before you start chatting. Once you’ve found someone who’s piqued your interest, ask them out, put down the app and get to know them in person!

The app gives you a limited number of profiles per day so you can invest your energy in one or two people at a time.


Created by self-proclaimed introvert James Sun, Anomo helps shy people create an avatar – or “anomo” – to hide themselves while they strike up new conversations. It’s almost like going to a masquerade. 

Woman's face peering out of water filled with slices of lemons and grapefruits

Everyone on Anomo starts off anonymous and as you speak to people you can reveal pieces of your real self that’s 100% in your control. According to their website, “First impressions are based on more than a simple photo.”


Ready for something S’more? You get five recommended profiles daily and see two details about each person. You tap on a profile to read more about them and even have the opportunity to hear their favourite song or listen to a voice response. 

There’s one other thing we forgot to mention about S’more (which stands for something more) – all photos of potential matches are blurred. The idea is to encourage users to get to know a bit more about their match before seeing who they are. 

A person holding a smore with trees in behind.

“Dating is not a beauty contest,” said founder Adam Cohen-Aslatei. “While physical attraction is very important, it’s only part of the love equation. S’More delivers on the full package.” 


Once is a leading dating app in Europe with up to 10M users and thousands of couples as a result. So what’s so special about Once? For starters, you can’t swipe in this app – mainly because you’re only given one match a day. 

It sounds pretty crazy when you compare it against other major dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. 

You start off by submitting your email or your Facebook profile and from there, you’re required to indicate your name, age, gender, sexual orientation, and phone number (which leads to you getting a verification code for your account). Make sure you choose a profile photo that clearly shows our face or you’ll be notified that the picture isn’t adequate. Remember, you’re only getting one match a day so your profile photo is key!

They’ve also introduced what they call slow-dating which encourages users to focus less on dating apps and more on dating. 


If you’ve ever dragged a friend along for moral support this is the app for you! Unlike traditional dating apps that let the user choose the date, Ship puts your friends, parents, siblings and roommates in control. Ship believes that, “friends are just as significant as your significant other.” 

Three men and one woman sitting on a wall overlooking the ocean.

For some, inviting your friends to weigh in on potential romantic partners may seem nerve-wracking. For others it’s essential. 

They become a part of your “crew” and then have the opportunity to swipe on dating profiles on the user’s behalf and using a group messaging feature known as the “crew chat” to discuss the pros and cons of potential matches. Your friends often know you better than you know yourself, so why not let your inner circle become a part of the dating experience?

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