Dating sites for rich sugar daddies

A sugar relationship can seem like a relatively new concept, but in reality, it is more common than you think. According to Secret Benefits, one of the best sugar dating sites, over 22 million people around the world are currently part of sugar daddy relationships. 

Let’s learn more about these arrangements and find out which sugar daddy dating sites promise you the highest chances of success. 

Dating sites for rich sugar daddies

Top 12 Sugar Daddy Sites to Start Sugar Relationships 

Sugar Daddy Website Rating Free Trial Link 
Secret Benefits 9.9 ⭐ Free Trial 9.8 ⭐ Free Trial 
Seeking (ex. sugar dating site) 9.7 ⭐ Free Trial 
Ashley Madison 9.7 ⭐ Free Trial 
SugarDaddyMeet 9.6 ⭐ Free Trial 
RichMeetBeautiful 9.5 ⭐ Free Trial 
WhatsYourPrice 9.4 ⭐ Free Trial 
VictoriaMilan 9.3 ⭐ Free Trial 
SugarBook 9.1 ⭐ Free Trial 
10 SugarDaddie 8.9 ⭐ Free Trial 
11 SugarDaddyForMe 8.7 ⭐ Free Trial 
12 Emily Dates 8.6 ⭐ Free Trial 

1. Secret Benefits 

Secret Benefits is a popular platform for those who value sugar flings over long term relationships. The site works on a credit basis, so you’ll need to buy a minimum of $59 worth of credits to communicate with the women. 


SugarDaddy is a sugar daddy dating site with a big, loyal audience. It has millions of young women ready to meet a wealthy man for a mutually beneficial arrangement. As a free member, you can browse the profiles, but you will need a $59, $169, or $289 credit package to message the girls. 

3. Seeking (ex. Sugar dating site) 

Seeking is one of the oldest dating sites (ex. sugar dating site). There are over 10 million members overall with over 80% of them being females. As a free males member, you can browse the profiles and look for your matches, but you will need a $90 premium or $249.99 diamond membership to message other members. 

4. Ashley Madison 

Ashley Madison is not strictly a sugar daddy website, but it has a huge dating community with millions of attractive and generous members. Only women are able to use the site for free; men need to buy credits, available in packages from $59 to $289, to message the women. 

5. SugarDaddyMeet 

There are far more female sugar babies than sugar daddies on SugarDaddyMeet, so your chances of meeting the right partner here are pretty high. However, you’ll need a premium dating site membership, which starts at $50 per month, to message them. 

6. RichMeetBeautiful 

RichMeetBeautiful is a sugar daddy app and site with a relatively small but dedicated audience. You can read the first message from another member for free, but a premium membership, which costs $69.99 per month, is needed to read the rest. 

7. WhatsYourPrice 

WhatsYourPrice is a site where wealthy men can bid on dates with potential sugar babies. With a free membership, you can browse the profiles of women, but you will need to buy credits, starting at $50 per package, to message them and make arrangements. 

8. VictoriaMilan 

VictoriaMilan is mostly a dating site for extramarital affairs, but it’s also a popular sugar dating site. Premium membership costs $49.99 per month and is required to send messages to others or read inbox messages. 

9. SugarBook 

A standout feature of SugarBook is a private mode that allows you to browse incognito. The women there greatly outnumber the men, so you can meet lots of potential matches. You’ll need a $79.95 membership to message anyone. 

10. SugarDaddie 

Unlike most sugar dating sites, SugarDaddie makes both men and women pay for a premium membership, which costs just $22.49. The audience of the site is not very big, but it has plenty of attractive members. 

11. SugarDaddyForMe 

SugarDaddyForMe does not have the most contemporary design, but its audience is surprisingly big. You can browse the profiles even without creating an account, and a 3-day free trial is available before you purchase a $39.95 membership. 

12. EmilyDates 

EmilyDates may not be the largest sugar daddy website, but its audience is mostly real and active, so you won’t waste time and money on fakes. You’ll need one of the credit packages, starting at $29.99, for effective communication. 

Sugar daddy dating: the basics 

Before we can move on to the specifics of sugar relationships and how to succeed on sugar sites, let’s start with the basics: who are the parties in a sugar arrangement and how these relationships work. 

What is sugar dating? 

A sugar relationship is a relationship between two individuals, usually an older man, known as a sugar daddy, and a younger woman, known as a sugar baby. These arrangements are known under different names, such as mutually beneficial relationships or no-strings-attached relationships. Still, their essence remains the same. 

The term “sugar relationship” may have only been around for a couple of decades, but this type of arrangement has existed for ages. This topic has been the subject of interest of many news outlets, even the BBC. In every era, there have been plenty of people who had no time or desire for traditional dating and marriage. 

A typical sugar arrangement is an arrangement between a man and a woman to spend time together as often as they both agree is acceptable. There are plenty of benefits in these arrangements both for the daddy and the baby. The baby gets to enjoy getting the attention of rich men. She gets to see the world, visit places she’d never been able to visit on her own, receive mentorship from successful men, enjoy networking to improve her career prospects, and receive gifts and monetary compensation for her time. 

The daddy, on the other hand, gets to spend time in the company of someone young, optimistic, adventurous, and carefree. Established men cannot always afford an exclusive relationship because they are always busy, while a sugar baby is always available to go on a date, an important business function, or an improvised weekend trip. Plus, once you achieve a certain level of financial stability, taking care of someone younger and unspoiled can feel more satisfying than a traditional relationship. 

Are sugar arrangements legal? 

The relaxed and straightforward nature of business dating is always going to attract beautiful women and accomplished men alike. But you still can’t help but wonder: are sugar dates legal? Are sugar babies the same as call girls? Can you get into any kind of trouble for using a sugar app? 

The important thing to know here is that sugar arrangements are perfectly legal, but only on one condition: when the arrangement does not explicitly include physical intimacy. In other words, your arrangement can include sex, but if you are only paying money for sex, it’s no longer a sugar arrangement — it’s a form of prostitution. 

Who is a sugar baby? 

A sugar baby is a young person who enjoys being pampered by an older, accomplished partner in return for companionship. Most sugar babies are women, although these arrangements are also popular among young men, who are also known as boy toys. 

A typical sugar baby is a college student or is fresh out of college, but there are also many free women who neither work nor study and spend their days doing what they like. She is usually well-read and well-traveled. She is not ready to settle down and she wants to make the most of her youth. 

There is a common stereotype of sugar babies being carefree women with no ambitions or goals. They are sometimes imagined as shallow and materialistic. 

And while these women definitely enjoy the finer things in life and have no qualms about it, there are also plenty of ambitious, career-oriented babies who will support any conversation and become more than your arm candy. 

Who is a sugar daddy? 

The most popular idea of sugar daddies is men in their forties or older. They have achieved considerable success in the workplace and they are now ready to take care of a younger partner, both financially and otherwise. 

In reality, sugar daddies can be far more diverse and complex than that. They can have different motivations for becoming sugar daddies. Some of them may even be already attached or married, whereas most sugar babies are single. 

Some imagine sugar daddies as someone who cannot maintain long term relationships or have no luck with women. Needless to say, this is far from the truth. The truth is that wealthy men have different needs, and traditional relationships cannot always satisfy them. You can read more information about who sugar daddies are here. 

Average sugar daddy and sugar baby age 

The world of mutually beneficial arrangements is surrounded by stereotypes and myths. However, the one stereotype that usually turns out to be true is that most of these arrangements are between younger women and older men. 

According to Secret Benefits, the average age of sugar babies is 24, while an average sugar daddy is 42. This makes the average age difference in these relationships 18 years. This is a substantial enough difference to be noticeable in a relationship, but it’s still pretty consistent with the common pattern of relationships in the US. 

How to become a sugar daddy 

There are two primary ways to become a sugar daddy

  1. One is to use networking. For example, if one of your friends has successfully become a sugar daddy, you can ask him to connect you to potential babies through his sugar partner. However, this solution has an obvious disadvantage: more people will know about your arrangement than you would prefer. This is why most sugar daddies now opt for sugar daddy websites. 
  2. Dating on sugar daddy sites has plenty of advantages. It’s effective, it’s discreet, and it doesn’t put any pressure on you to act quickly. The most important thing to do here is to find the best sugar daddy site. Your choice of the best sugar daddy site will depend on a lot of factors, including your budget and your goals. There are different sugar baby dating sites for different purposes. For example, Ashley Madison works best for people in attached situations, and Miss Travel is a great option for those who want to travel together. 

Once you’ve found the right sugar daddy website for your needs, here is what else you need to know to succeed. 

Sugar daddy profile: top tips 

Even with the best sugar daddy sites, success is only possible with a good profile. Here is how to get a perfect sugar daddy profile

Sugar daddy profile headlines 

All the best sugar daddy sites give you an opportunity to include sugar daddy profile headlines, and even though it’s just a short phrase, its importance should not be underestimated. 

It needs to be eye-catching and informative. Going funny is always a good option. Try something like: 

  • Let’s run from boredom together 
  • No empty promises, just a lot of fun 
  • Let me see the bad girl in you 

Sugar daddy bio 

A sugar daddy bio is what tells your prospective partners all they need to know before deciding to contact you. It doesn’t need to be too long, but you also can’t get away with writing something like “Sugar daddy looking for sugar baby”. 

The truth is, as always, somewhere in the middle. An ideal sugar daddy bio is 1 to 2 paragraphs long. It tells the women who you are and who you want to meet without giving too much away. 

Make sure to specify what kind of relationship you want, so that there is no misunderstanding between you and the girls. 

Sugar daddy profile examples 

Sometimes, looking at sugar daddy profile examples is the best way to understand what to do and what to avoid when creating your own profile. For instance, the first gentleman clearly put some work into his profile. He was detailed enough without overwhelming the women with information. 

The second man may be as serious as the first one about his online dating journey, but his profile does not reflect the same amount of effort. Not a lot of girls are going to be motivated enough to contact him to find out more. 

How to find a sugar baby 

  1. Use the search and filters to narrow down the selection of potential matches. 
  2. Reach out to the women who caught your attention. 
  3. Tell them a little compliment, but minimize the small talk. 
  4. Find out what kind of an arrangement they want. 
  5. Settle down on one potential baby. 
  6. Try to have a video chat to make sure the woman is real. 
  7. Discuss the financial issues and other details. 
  8. Arrange a real-life date. 

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How much to pay a sugar baby 

There is no denying the fact that most women enter sugar relationships mainly for monetary gain — otherwise, they may rather become sugar mommas than sugar babies. So how much money is it appropriate to give to your sugar partner? 

There is no standard way to approach this matter. The amount of money you pay depends on how much you make, how often you see each other, how often you go out, how much your baby asks for, and how satisfied you are with the relationship. 

The two most common approaches to the financial side of being a sugar daddy or a sugar mama are sugar baby allowance per visit and monthly allowance. If you choose to compensate your sugar partner for each date you have, the appropriate sugar baby allowance range is $300-$700 per date. 

When it comes to a monthly allowance, the figures can differ even more. On average, a baby in these arrangements makes $2,800 per month from her dating situation. However, that figure can include more than one partner, whereas you can have more than one baby. 

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Sugar baby relationship expectations 

Let’s picture it: you decide to finally try your luck as a sugar daddy to younger women. You begin your seven day free trial on one of the popular sugar daddy sites such as Ashley MadisonSecret Benefits, or But what happens next and what is the ideal outcome of your relationship? 

For every sugar daddy, the expectations from these arrangements are different. Contrary to a popular belief, physical intimacy is not always a part of a sugar relationship, although many sugar daddies definitely expect it at some stage. At the same time, what the majority of sugar daddies are looking for in this relationship is the company of a woman. With no strings attached and no expectations of exclusivity of marriage, both parties can simply live in the moment and enjoy themselves. 

Sugar babies are usually young, cheerful, and easy-going. They don’t need to plan things months in advance. They can pack up their bags for a vacation in a matter of hours. They don’t need a lot to feel satisfied and they can show sincere gratitude. This is exactly what a typical sugar daddy is looking for in this relationship. 

The exact specifics of the arrangement always depend on the desires and possibilities of both parties. Again, there is no standard way of doing things. Some sugar partners are fine with simply going on a date once every week, while others only see each other when the sugar daddy has an important business dinner to attend. 

The thing that matters here is that both partners enjoy the arrangement they have. Some successful men even have more than one baby if they can afford it: with no jealousy or conflicts, there is just mutual satisfaction all around. 

Sugar dating scam 

In an ideal world, sugar daddies and sugar babies would just meet on popular platforms using their free accounts and wouldn’t even need a paid membership to verify their serious intentions. However, one of the reasons why men now need to become Premium members on sugar daddy sites is because sugar daddy scam is now getting more common even on the best sugar daddy sites. 

Here are the key things to know about it. 

What is sugar dating scam 

Interestingly enough, the most common type of daddy site scam is not perpetrated by sugar babies — young men and women looking for a sugar partner are the ones who fall victim to this kind of scam. 

It works like this: a scammer posing as a sugar daddy contacts an unsuspecting sugar baby, saying he wants to give them money upfront. Then he asks for their bank account details, and the next thing the sugar baby knows, the money from their account is gone. 

As a sugar daddy, you are not very likely to become subjected to this kind of scam. However, you still need to exercise the necessary precautions. Here is how to stay safe on a daddy site as rich men. 

How to recognize and avoid sugar dating scam 

When you join a sugar dating site, you need to be prepared for the possibility of running into a scammer. Whether you are using a free membership or are investing real money into your experience, you need to be aware not only of the kinds of scam you can run into, but also of the ways to avoid it. 

Some of the ways to avoid scam are similar to other types of online dating you probably already know before. For example, you need to keep yourself from sharing too much personal information with literal strangers and keep your financial data to yourself. 

Still, here are the three signed you may be talking to a scammer that you shouldn’t waste time talking to: 

  1. She doesn’t show her face. The only time you see her is from her profile photos, yet she is refusing to video chat with you? She might not be the person in the photographs. 
  2. She is putting off the date. When the woman is constantly looking for excuses to avoid going out, she may be looking for more established men on other sites or simply wait for a moment to scam you. 
  3. She is asking for money upfront. This is one of the golden rules of online dating: when the woman is asking for money without meeting you even once, her intentions are definitely far from perfect. 

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