Dating site pittsburgh

There are so many singles in Pittsburgh! I mean, over 60% of both the male and female population is single. So, why are you having such a hard time finding a partner? Well, it is probably because those in Pittsburgh tend to stick to their local region of the city and repeat visits to all their favorite places. This leads to seeing the same people over and over again. 

Dating site pittsburgh

So, you can either continue dating every person in your immediate circle of acquaintances, or find a way to expand your horizons. If you want an easy way to find additional singles that are great matches for you without randomly searching throughout Pittsburgh, try online dating. 

The dating scene has changed since online dating was first introduced. You don’t have to be worried about only meeting weirdos on dating sites. In fact, a huge portion of marriages are being linked to online dating and those numbers are expected to continue rising. However, not all dating sites are created equal. 

That’s why we put together this list of the best dating apps in Pittsburgh. If you want to know which dating app is best for you and other information on dating in Pittsburgh, just keep reading! 

Top 5 Dating Apps in Pittsburgh 

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Key Takeaways about Dating in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Pittsburgh is one of the best cities in the US for singles
  • Rideshare and travel services are priced moderately when compared to other large cities
  • There is a great mix of singles both male and female in Pittsburgh
  • Pittsburgh is slightly more expensive than other cities when it comes to the cost of dating
  • The singles in Pittsburgh are statistically well-educated
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA city skyline.

How Pittsburgh Stacked Up In Our Best Cities For Singles Research Study

We know a lot about dating apps and what it takes to find a great partner in the digital age. However, we were really curious about what dating is like after finding someone you want to meet in person. That’s why we studied the 100 most populous cities in the US and figured out how friendly each was for local singles. Pittsburgh did not disappoint!

Pittsburgh did well in certain criteria that they came out as the 3rd overall best US city for singles. However, they did still have a few negative dings that pushed them into the 3rd spot versus the 1st. If you want to see what information we used to make these choices and see all the areas where Pittsburgh truly shined, check out our full article.

How to Find a Happy Relationship in Pittsburgh 

Finding love and happiness is important to the longevity and sustainability of any relationship. If you want to ensure that you do more than find a bare minimum partner, there are a few things to consider. Let’s take a look at the most important aspects of building a happy relationship. 

Be Ready for a Relationship

If you aren’t ready to be in a relationship – whether maturity wise or emotional stability wise – then you are unlikely to find happiness in any relationship. Even worse, you could ruin your chances with a partner that you may find happiness with in the future. If you need time to work on you, take it! When you are truly ready for love, it will come much easier. 

Look in the Right Places

We aren’t going to pretend that people haven’t found love in bars and clubs, but statistics show that those who meet in places that involve alcohol and partying are less likely to have long-term relationship success. If you can meet someone through work or at places where you practice hobbies, you are much more likely to have prolonged relationship satisfaction. If you need more help, consider using a dating app. 

Use Dating Sites to Shorten the Process

Dating sites are a great way to find singles that are truly compatible with your personality, life goals, and base attractions. Any of the dating apps on our list of the 5 best dating apps for Pittsburgh can offer you a much easier dating experience. 

Pick the Right Dating Site for You

If you want more information on dating apps to learn which is best for your needs, consider looking at our in depth reviews of each site. There, you will learn about their statistical success, cost, amenities, and much more!

Know your Value as a Partner

One of the most important details when it comes to finding a happy relationship is knowing your worth. Don’t settle for a partner that treats you badly because you are afraid to be alone. You are deserving of respect and genuine happiness, and it is okay to pass on someone who does not treat you properly. 

Top Pittsburgh Date Night Ideas

The best Pittsburgh date ideas cover everything from one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city to a free experience that’s perhaps the most memorable.

A Labeling Party at Wigle Whiskey

The date idea is Pittsburgh-exclusive and one of the most creative we’ve come across anywhere in the US – plus, it’s free!

Wigle Whiskey is in the Strip District and is a hometown treasure. We could list the various cocktail classes, like Winter Warmers, held a few times a month. Instead, though, we think you should go all out with a one-of-a-kind event.

The distillery frequently hosts “labeling parties” open to the public. Whiskey fans pitch it to label bottles in return for free drinks and snacks. Now, you might not think that taking a date to do some manual labor is wise, but people who attend love it! You’ll make some new friends, try various whiskies, and participate in the group photo.

Of course, you’ve always got the traditional Wigle class or tasting option, but where else can you find a labeling party but Pittsburgh?!

Tip – Labeling parties aren’t listed on the main events page. So be sure to give the distillery a call for more information.

Cruise on the Gateway Clipper

You might know about the Gateway Clipper tour boat. But are you aware of the special on-board events, like dinner excursions and beer, bourbon, or wine tastings?

The Wine Tasting cruise is one of the most popular for 21 and overs. So you know it won’t be a family-filled event when you’re hoping for romance. It’s a two-and-a-half-hour Three Rivers journey with eight wines, hors d’oeuvres, and the ideal ambiance for just $65 a ticket.

While the wine tasting events are sporadic, the sunset dinner cruises set sail every Friday from April through November.

Take in the View at Altius

A memorable date in Pittsburgh doesn’t have to center on dinner. But if you’re going to take that route, then do it up right.

Altius has the cocktails, the view, the artwork, and the delicious cuisine, and it’s not going to get much better than that. It’s a AAA Four Diamond restaurant, 2019 Best of Burgh winner, and a Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence recipient.

Entrees include Chilean Seabass, Braised Lamb Shank, and Grass-Fed Strip Steak, but there are some vegetarian options, all in the $30 to $50 a la carte range. Be sure to make a reservation in advance and ask for a table by the window.

Pittsburgh Dating: FAQs

Is the Pittsburgh Dating Scene LGBTQ+ Friendly?

Yes! Pittsburgh is considered very accepting and open minded. In fact, they were ranked in the top 20 cities for LGBTQ+ people to retire. 

Is Dating Expensive in Pittsburgh?

Dating can be a little pricey in Pittsburgh, but getting creative with date night ideas can help save you some money. From architecture tours, museums, and unique natural views, there are plenty of free/ cheap options for a Pittsburgh date night. 

Are There a Lot of Singles in Pittsburgh?

Yes! 69% of the female population in Pittsburgh is single. 66% of the male population is single. 

Are Pittsburgh Singles Smart?

Over 92% of the adult population of Pittsburgh has a minimum of a highschool diploma. Many of the singles in Pittsburgh are very career-minded and have wonderful emotional intelligence. These are all qualities that can be sought on the dating apps on our list! 

Why Are These the Best Dating Sites For Pittsburgh Singles?

It is simple really, these sites all have the four most important criteria for a great dating site:

  1. Huge pools of singles
  2. Easy-to-use interface
  3. Wonderful customer service teams
  4. Lots of features and amenities 

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