Dating site in norway

Here is my quick list of the top two dating sites in Norway. I’ll go into more detail in my reviews below.

  2. Hinge
  3. Bumble
  4. Elite Singles

The Norwegian online dating scene reminds me a lot of the scene in Finland and Denmark. There are a couple of dating sites that dominate the market in terms of membership numbers. All other sites out there that claim to be catering to Norway just don’t have all that many members or are just a plain old waste of time. Your best chance for success will be signing up for the best online dating sites in Norway that I will discuss in detail below.

Dating site in norway


A Couple Dating in Norway

If you can, try to stay in Oslo, the city that has the highest number of singles compared to any other city in the country. It’s ridiculously expensive, so try to be selective who you lay out the red carpet for. Bergen, a city on the coast, is not a bad city to stay in either (very beautiful city that tends to be on the warm side during the coldest times of the year).

Should you decide to sign up for the online dating sites I recommend below, be sure to read member profiles carefully as you might come across a lot of fake profiles and women looking for “clients.” Usually, I can spot these profiles pretty easily. A woman who has only one picture posted, is wearing a tight bikini and making an overly suggestive pose are usually clear signals to steer clear. Another clue of a pretender is a woman who has a poorly written profile. As a general rule of thumb, the more boring the profile, the more boring the person.


Norway Model – Monica Hansen (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

1. is the best online dating site in Norway. Sukker, which means “Sugar” in English, is ideal for those in the 25 to 45 age group range. At 0.88 women per 1 man, it has a good gender balance. I also like how they disable any profile that has not been active in the last 4 months (I wish all online dating sites did this instead of inflating their membership numbers by holding on to inactive profiles). If I had to sign up for just one online dating site in Norway, this would be it.


Sukker Norway has over 400,000 members, and approximately 20,000 profiles live daily. Sukker’s users mostly live near or in big cities, such as Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger. If you live far away from a big city in Norway, this site might not be very useful for you.

Sukker prides itself on being a truly born and bred Norwegian company, owned and operated by Norwegians. All-in-all, Sukker is a great site, full of quality, genuine profiles that you can feel safe to communicate and share your information with.

The only drawback to Sukker is that it is a Norwegian service through and through. The site itself is in Norwegian, with no English option, and you need to either have a Norwegian telephone number or actually be in Norway to sign up.

Sign up Process

To sign up, choose a username and password, and enter your name, email, region, and gender. Next, you’ll receive an email confirmation, which will take you to a page for an SMS verification from a Norwegian number. You can continue the sign-up process without a Norwegian number, but you’ll need to email support and actually be in Norway to do so.

Once you’ve jumped that hurdle, you answer around 70 questions about your personality, values, behavior, and what you’re looking for in a partner.

How to Locate Potential Matches

Sukker takes the work out of your hands and uses your answers to the 70 questions to match you with other profiles. Sukker goes above and beyond with this process, presenting potential matches visually, using the graphic of a tree. Each leaf on the tree is a different potential match, and the greener the leaf, the more compatible of a match this profile is to you.

There are also flowers under the tree to represent what the leaves are matching well to: age, children, height, etc. As a highly visually-oriented person, I quite enjoyed this feature, but I can easily imagine it coming across as slightly gimmicky to other people. I would have liked it a more standard list of profiles, showing photos, was also available as an option.

How to Communicate with Other Members

As a free member, you can send winks, different colored hearts, and messages to thousands of different singles, even paid members. The catch is that only premium members will be able to read your messages. So if you or other free members want to actually read the messages you get from free members, you’ll have to upgrade to premium.

Unique Site Features

Sukker is refreshingly upfront and honest about the potential dangers of fraudulent profiles seeking to scam you out of your money. As someone who has dealt with this issue before, it’s reassuring to know that Sukker works hard to keep the site free of spammy profiles and full of high-quality ones.

Another unique feature of Sukker is how they bring the online dating experience into the real world, by organizing singles parties. These parties take away a lot of the pressure some members might feel about meeting up in real life with someone they met online. Because of that, they are a fantastic way to meet your matches in real life.

What is Included in Each Membership Level

  • Free – View profiles, limited contact and communication with other members
  • Premium VIP+ – Message other members,
  • Premium Member Super – Unlimited messaging, save up to 100 photos, increased profile visibility in searches

2. Hinge


I have had good experiences with Hinge. I did a full review of this dating app here.

3. Bumble


As another option, I recommend you sign up for Bumble. I did a full review of Bumble here.

4. EliteSingles



Elite Singles is a dating app that targets professional or entrepreneurial singles typically in the 30-55 range. The site focuses on detailed profiles and its ability to match you with compatible people, meaning that you spend less time searching for people you have nothing in common with, a problem with some dating apps. I enjoyed most of what this app offers, and I’ll explain why.

Sign up Process

Like most websites, signing up involves entering your name and basic information, confirming your email, and filling out your bio. However, the sign-up process can take up to 30 minutes due to its questionnaire, which spans 200 questions. While this can feel like a hassle, it’s designed to match you with more accurate precision and to filter those who aren’t committed to finding a date.

How to Locate Potential Matches

Elite Singles uses the questionnaire information to suggest people most compatible with you, saving you the trouble of searching. Of course, you can also manually search based on location, age, etc. One feature I love is Elite Singles’s map system, which shows you singles near your vicinity, reducing the risk of a long-distance relationship if you don’t want this.

How to Communicate with Other Members

Like some dating apps, you must message other users if you want to spark a conversation. However, you cannot send messages using the free version. Unfortunately, a lack of messaging for free users is becoming the norm for many dating sites. You must subscribe to a premium plan if you want to message.

While this means that only those serious about dating will communicate with you, it seems to be taking advantage of the fact that its users have more money. Not only that, but a person’s profile picture is invisible until you pay, meaning you don’t know what you’re going to find until you put money down.

Unique Site Features

  • This app dedicates itself to more educated individuals and those in business. While it’s not for the wealthy exclusively, it’s catering to an untapped niche well.
  • A lengthy questionnaire means more advanced matching compared to other apps.
  • Each user is verified, meaning no bot accounts that may catfish you.

What is Included in Each Membership Level

The free membership level lets you use only the basic functionalities of the site, meaning that you won’t get too far if you use it. Instead, I recommend going for the premium membership, available in one, three, or six-month plans.

With the premium package, you receive:

  • The ability to message users and show read receipts
  • Access to all user photos
  • See who visits your profile
  • Mobile app access
  • More advanced matching with an expanded personality profile
  • See “Wildcard” matches, which show people who don’t match your personality. Sometimes, opposites attract.



Moteplassen Norway is a good runner-up to It is one of the largest Norwegian dating sites, with over half a million members.

Moteplassen is available to residents of both Norway and Sweden. The site launched in 2003 but has obviously kept itself updated over the years, because the site is beautiful. Everything is well-designed, navigation flows well, and the many features all work like a charm. Overall I was highly impressed with this site. If you live in Norway or Sweden, definitely give this site a try.

Sign up Process

To start, enter your gender and age, username, email and password. On the next page, enter more basic information about yourself, such as your education, occupation, location, appearance and whether or not you have kids. To finish, write a short blurb about yourself and what you are looking for in a match and you are done and free to browse.

There isn’t much left to do to complete your profile, just upload a profile photo and edit your background photo if you wish. You’ll need a profile photo to see other profiles.

How to Locate Potential Matches

You can either browse through Moteplassen’s recommended matches or create your own customized searches, filtered by the typical basic information criteria. To see your matches, filter by gender, age and location and take Moteplassen’s detailed matching test, explained below. You can browse through your Best Matches and Recent Matches, as well as singles Online Now.

How to Communicate with Other Members

Moteplassen has many communication options. Besides sending cards (with cartoons and cute messages) and basic text messages, these options include:

  • Megaphone: Post a public message that everyone can see.
  • Go on a Date: Choose 3 date activities (coffee, concert, have a beer, cinema, etc.) and let other singles know that you want to go on a date. This is a public post that lasts for 7 days.
  • Date Report: Share about a recent date you went on with someone from Moteplassen, excluding names. I liked this feature a lot and felt it was a great alternative to the Success Stories you always see on dating sites. Not every date is a success, and this feature gives people a chance to share their honest stories.
  • Quiz: Create a short quiz for other people to take. For example, an 8 question quiz, titled “How well did you read my profile?”
  • Diary: Write about anything and everything, whatever you feel like sharing.

Unique Site Features

Moteplassen has a killer compatibility Matching Test. There are 200 questions total, broken into 5 categories: Personality, Attitudes, Interests, Sex/Relationships and Communication.

At the end of the test, you’ll receive a detailed personality report highlighting your strongest traits. Once you’ve completed the test, you’ll be compared to everyone else on the site who has taken the test and matched with the most compatible members.

For each match you visit, Moteplassen gives you an overall percent compatibility (my highest was 85%) and an in-depth explanation on how well the two of you match up in each of the 5 categories.

What is Included in Each Membership Level

  • Standard – Create a profile, upload photos, take Matching Test, search/browse profiles and matches, send cards, post to Go on a Date
  • VIP – Unlimited communication with other members, access to Megaphone feature, highlighted profile in search results

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