Dating site for plus size

Dating site for plus size

Welcome to [site name], the online dating site for plus-size people! Here at [site name], we know that you’re looking for someone who understands you and appreciates your curves. That’s why we’ve created a community where everyone can feel safe and loved.

Our mission is to help plus-size singles find their match, so we’ve made the process as simple as possible. You’ll have access to thousands of profiles and be able to chat with other members right away. And if you don’t find anyone who sparks your interest, our team of experts will help you find someone special! We’re totally committed to helping you find love—and that means giving back to our community as well. For every date you go on with someone from our site, we donate $10 towards a charity that benefits plus-size women

We know how hard it can be to meet other people when you’re big, so why not try something different? Join today and change your life!

Dating site for plus size

Plus Size Dating Apps

If you’ve watched a Romcom anytime in the last 30 years, you probably know how Hollywood feels about plus sized people. If you are an above average weight, you’d better be funny or rich to land a partner. Well, Hollywood has it wrong.

Your weight doesn’t define your worthiness of love and caring, and the millions of plus sized individuals in happy relationships attest to that. Still, the dating scene can be a little scary when you are plus sized. Some people never matured past name calling and can make putting yourself out there hard.

So, where can you turn to find other plus sized singles and singles who admire plus-sized beauties? There are lots of options for online dating, and we have narrowed the pool to the three best options for you. We’ve considered the user base, app rating, and safety features to put together this list of the best plus size dating apps. 

The Best Dating Apps for Plus Size Singles

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1. eHarmony – Best Dating App for Finding Your Soulmate

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eHarmony is our leading choice for dating apps for plus size singles. With a much stronger focus on serious relationships, you find a lot more singles who care about substance over things that fade like looks.

The matching algorithm does ask some questions about weight, lifestyle choices, and how important these things are to you in a partner. What’s awesome is they also ask everyone else who signs up the same questions, so you end up getting matched with singles who are open to plus size dating. Right off the bat, this helps to create a safer, less judgment atmosphere where you can really connect.

The Bottom Line – Though not a niche site for plus-sized singles, eHarmony offers the best amenities for singles of all sizes and works hard to match you with those who are accepting of plus-sized individuals.

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2. Zoosk – Best App for Options

Zoosk Logo

As you can see, both of our top picks for plus-size dating apps are mainstream apps that cater to singles of all shapes and sizes. This is on purpose. You see, niche apps are great (we even include some further down this list), but the pool of singles is always far fewer. Additionally, if you want to date someone who might not be plus-size themselves, you’re not going to have any luck there. With a site like Zoosk, though, you will. There are 35 million singles on the site of all shapes and sizes. With the search and preference features you can find singles who are looking for someone just like you.

The Bottom Line – With 35 million options, it’s a no-brainer to at least create an account and search for who might be available in your area.

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3. Large Friends – Best for Finding Big Beautiful Women and Big Handsome Men

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Large Friends has been around since 2002 and matched thousands of plus sized singles with loving, caring partners. The app is intended as a safe dating space for plus size men and women, but you don’t have to be plus sized to join. Instead, you simply need to be someone who is attracted to plus sized people, which means if you are plus sized but attracted to thinner partners, you can still find your match on Large Friends. This joining of dating pools to create an inclusive platform is what puts it at the top of our list of plus size dating apps.

The Bottom Line – Whether you are a plus sized single or looking for a plus sized partner, Large Friends creates a safe dating environment in which you can thrive.

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4. WooPlus – Best New Site for BBW Dating

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A fairly new players to the plus size dating app scene is none other than WooPlus. The site hit our radar for several reasons. First—it’s 100% geared towards plus sized dating. Second—the site lets you search through your single options before deciding to upgrade. Third—if you do decide to upgrade, WooPlus is one of the most affordable plus size dating apps on the market.

The Bottom Line – If you’re looking for a new plus size dating app that’s quickly growing in popularity, you’ve got to give WooPlus a try. At the very least, make an account and search for the options in your area to see if it’s a good fit.

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5. Christian Mingle – Best App for Finding a Partner with Similar Faith Views

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Christian Mingle is a popular dating app among religious singles, but did you know that its anti-harassment policies and anonymous browsing option makes it ideal for plus-sized singles? This is one of the best plus size dating apps thanks to the platform’s attention to helping you take the time necessary to find a perfect match.

The Bottom Line – If you are a plus-sized single looking for a partner with similar religious values, Christian Mingle is a great option for you.

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Why These Are the Best Plus Size Dating Apps

The apps offer a safe dating space for plus-sized singles.

Plus size dating is all about feeling safe and comfortable in your own skin. While no app can police every single ignorant person, there are apps that do a much better job at it. What you’ll find is that the options we’ve suggested go above and beyond to try and make the experience as welcoming, safe, and inclusive as possible.

The user pool for all these apps are numerous and well-moderated

No matter if it’s a dating app specifically for plus size singles or it’s for singles of all shapes and sizes, one thing is for sure—you better have options. Bigger people don’t just date other people because they’re also bigger. They have the same needs to find someone they match with, they connect with, and shares the same interests and goals. For that reason, these options are ones that come with, well, a lot of options.

Each app has years of experience in matching partners for long-lasting relationships

You’ll notice that most of these dating apps revolve around committed, more serious dating. If you want something more casual, you will be able to get that through Zoosk. However, we feel that dating apps focused more on real connections are always going to be of a higher caliber and of more use to you.

Plus-sized men and women are both catered to on all of these apps.

Sometimes with dating apps, especially niche apps, tend to favor one sex or the other. And while this might sound great if you’re on the good side, it’s really not if you’re looking for heterosexual dating. This is why we look for apps that truly take inclusivity all the way across the finish line.

Each app is feature rich without being overwhelming and hard to use.

Everyone deserves a top-notch online dating experience filled with features to help you connect. What you’ll find is that these plus sized apps have robust enough features to help you have success without overcomplicating the process and negatively impacting the experience.

The Importance of Being Confident in You with Plus Size Dating Apps

While this doesn’t really have anything to do with picking out a dating app, we feel that it does have something to do with your success with online dating. Allow us to climb up on our proverbial soapbox.

Self-confidence is key in the dating world. This is true for singles of any, race, religion, or gender, but may be especially accurate for plus-sized singles. Life and media can wear us down to feel that we should be ashamed of our bodies and our need for love and companionship.

Don’t buy in.

You are deserving of the same joyous romances and loving partnerships as any other person out there. Once you start looking in the right places, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find matches and have fun with online dating.

Having confidence in who you are and what you are looking for will lead to much more meaningful connections and a far higher potential for finding your true love. 

FAQ for Plus Sized Dating Apps

What is the best plus sized dating app?

The best plus-size only dating app is either Large Friends of WooPlus. However, the best dating apps for plus size singles are actually traditional dating apps eHarmony and Zoosk. While all are great options, the larger userbase and ability to date people of all shapes and sizes give the edge to the mainstream options.

Are plus sized dating apps safe?

Yes! These apps are safe and have customer service professionals and moderators to help detect fake accounts or users with the intent of harassing others. However, the apps can only do so much to keep you safe. Remember to use your best judgement when sharing information with or meeting someone you met online. 

Do I have to be plus sized to use one of these apps?

No. You don’t have to be plus sized to use these apps. For Large Friends, you do need to be body-size inclusive in your dating search, though.

Are these apps free?

You can sign up for a free trial for any of the apps on our list of the best dating apps for plus size singles. However, they also offer paid memberships that range in price depending on the app you choose and the membership tier you purchase.

What do I do if a user harasses me about my weight?

Whether a user is harassing you for your weight or any other reason, they should be reported to the app’s customer service reps or community moderators as soon as possible. Additionally, you should have the option to block them immediately to stop the problem while you work on reporting them so they don’t harass anyone else.

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