Dating site for bikers

We know what you’re thinking: “There’s already a dating site for bikers?”

Well, yeah. But we’re not just another one of those sites. We’re here to show you that there are other people out there who are just like you—people who love riding bikes and being part of the biker community.

We know how hard it is to meet someone who shares your passion for motorcycle riding, so we’ve created a space where bikers can connect with other riders and make lasting connections that will last for years to come.

Dating site for bikers

  (photo credit: PR)

(photo credit: PR)

Finding someone who loves riding as much as you do can often seem impossible. You probably tried other apps and sites in the past and had no luck. Maybe you even met a few people who claimed they loved riding but would never get on your bike. Whether you ride a classic hog or a modern crotch rocket, you can meet the person of your dreams and find people who love riding. Dating sites for motorcycle riders allow you to create a profile and meet people who live close by who have their own bikes or just love riding. With mobile apps, you can search for potential matches when you’re on a long road trip or doing some work on your bike. Take look at the best biker dating website and other sites and apps that are perfect for you.

6 Best Biker Dating Sites for Biker Singles

1. BikerPlanet

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The best single bikers dating site is BikerPlanet. You can join for free and pay for membership once you find some of your potential matches. As a paid member, you get full access to the site. Send messages to members who appeal to you and flirt with them. There are plans to add even more features in the future, which you can use with a free or paid account. This site has thousands of bikers singles looking to mingle. Though some members simply want to have a little fun, others want something more serious. The one requirement for all users is that they must have an interest in biking. You don’t need to worry about wasting time on someone and later finding that they will never get on your bike.

Once you sign up with a free account, start looking for members who want to meet a biker. Thanks to the success stories, you can check out all of the people who met on the site and later married. You can sign up for an account and link it to Apple or Facebook to instantly upload your favorite photos, but you can also create an account with just an email address. The flirt option lets you show your interest in a member. If you get a response, use the message feature to exchange private messages. BikerPlanet is great for men and women who want to meet others of the same or different sex. The site helped bikers find love for more than a decade.


2. BikerKiss

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As long as you are 18 or older, you can meet other motorcycle riders on BikerKiss. This website finds your location as soon as you visit the site and shows you how you can meet people who share your interests. The minds behind BikerKiss have more than 20 years of experience helping online daters and decided to use their experience to help motorcycle enthusiasts find love. You can search for people between the ages of 18 and 99 and look for men or women. Joining for free allows you to check out the people in your area and get an idea of whether you want to pay for a full account. Many larger cities such as San Francisco and Dallas have more than 1,000 people using the site.

One of the best features of this biker dating site is that you can list the type of bike you have on your profile. Options include Harley-Davidson, Ducati, Yamaha, BMW and Gold Wing. If you don’t have a bike, you can show that too. Some members love riding but don’t have access to a bike. You never know when you might find a good match who was recently in a crash or sold their bike and have plans to buy a new one. BikerKiss also has a helpful blog with dating tips for biker singles such as where to go on your first date and the best gifts for your special someone.

3. MeetLocalBikers

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Get ready to find your other half at MeetLocalBikers, which is the fastest-growing motorcycle dating site on the web. It is a co-op site that listens to its users and adds new features often. Designed by a team that believes in helping people find dates with similar hobbies and interests, it welcomes users who love motorcycles. The cost of your membership depends on where you live, but you can sign up for free and upgrade to a premium account once you check out all of the features. With auto-renewal, the site will automatically charge your card when your membership expires to make sure you don’t miss out on new users in your area. MeetLocalBikers will let you flirt with members or send messages whenever you want.

This is a great biker dating site because it’s so easy to use. There is no limit to where you can search. While you might focus on people who live in your city or state, you can expand your search to include other states and cities across the country. When you find someone special, what could be better than riding your bike to them or meeting them halfway? You just need to share your current location and age along with your email address to set up an account. Many members of MeetLocalBikers share photos and videos that show their bikes.

4. BikerOrNot

Why settle for Facebook when you can use BikerOrNot? This site offers social networking for motorcycle owners and those who love bikes. BikerOrNot launched after its founders noticed the lack of options for motorcycle riders on other sites. While you might upload a photo of your bike or join a motorcycle group in your area, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find someone to date. BikerOrNot is a social media site that helps you find both romantic partners and new friends. It has more than 500,000 members who live in cities around the world and head to the site to connect with other bikers. There is even a chat room where you can hook up your webcam and chat with users about your favorite rides and anything else on your mind.

As a biker dating website, BikerOrNot highlights some of its top members on the homepage to give you an idea of some of the people you might chat with online. You can pick a display name when you sign up, which also asks for your age and birthday. Thanks to the events calendar, you just need to make a few clicks to see events for motorcycle riders taking place in your area and nearby cities. While this site can help you meet a biker, it also lets you make new friends with similar bikes.

5. BikerMatch

BikerMatch ranks as the top single bikers dating site in the UK. With more than 95,000 users, the site helps you find someone special in less time than you might expect. Designed for people all across the United Kingdom, BikerMatch shows you all of the countries within the UK where its members live. This is more than just another dating site though because it offers so many other features for bikers singles. The forum is a great place to ask any questions you have or get help with a motorcycle repair. BikerMatch also rotates through its members’ photos on the homepage. You have the chance to see dozens of users and their display names and ages to see who appeals to you before you sign up for an account.

Not only can BikerMatch help you meet your perfect match, but it also helps you come up with fun first date ideas. Check out the calendar of events to see upcoming events through the end of the year. You might plan a date to a motorcycle show to check out the hottest bikes or take part in a charity ride to get to know each other as you give back. BikerMatch also has a handy search feature to find motorcycle riders in countries such as Scotland and Ireland or cities like London. Members in the forum can give you feedback on your profile and how to improve it to meet more potential partners.

6. BikersDating

BikersDating is different from other dating sites for motorcycle riders because it has unique features you won’t find on other dating sites. With Quick Match, you don’t need to waste time waiting on a response. You can ask someone out and get a response almost instantly. Why hang on to someone who has no plans of meeting in person? Once you have an account, the Like Me feature lets you go in and view all members who liked your profile. BikersDating also has a Biker Match option. Use this feature to send a message to another user and let them know that you want to take your chat beyond simple emails to a private room for just the two of you. BikersDating also allows you to sign up through Facebook or Apple to link your accounts.

All you need to sign up for BikersDating if you don’t want to use Apple or Facebook is an email address and password. You then need to answer questions about your height and body style along with what you want in a partner. Not only can you view all of the members who match what you want, but you can also see their photos and pictures of their bikes. This is also a popular site with older biker singles because many members are 40 or older.

2 Popular Biking Dating Apps for Motorcycle Riders

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1. BikerPlanet Dating App

If you love the BikerPlanet website, you’ll also love its biker dating app. This app is free to use and allows you to sign up for a premium account or log into the account you already have. Available for iPhone and iPad users along with Android users, the app shows you all matches who live nearby. Expanding your search to a wider radius helps you get more matches. With Rapid Match, the app works similarly to Tinder. You swipe to let someone know you like them. If the person likes you back, you’ll know within seconds. An “X” on your screen lets you know the member didn’t feel the same way. Use this bikers dating app when you’re sitting at home on the couch or taking your bike out for a long ride.

All of the features you love about the biker dating site are available through the app. Click on the “Who Viewed You?” button to see a full list of users who checked out your profile and send them messages if they appeal to you. The chat feature shows your profile photo and their profile photo and lets you have long conversations. You can even send photos and emoticons through the app. The BikerPlanet Dating App also allows you to view user profiles from your device.

2. BikersDating App

Get access to all of the features you love about BikersDating through the site’s mobile biker dating app. Available for Android and iPhone devices, this app puts potential matches and their data right at your fingertips. With the Like or Pass feature, you press a button to show whether you like a user or want to pass. If you like them, they’ll get a notification and can like or pass. When you have a match, the app tells you and allows you to send messages to that person. You don’t need to worry about sending a message to someone who has no interest in you. BikersDating app has a built-in chat feature that helps you talk with members and learn more about them before you meet them in real life.

While other biker dating apps let you look at all users without showing you when they were active, this site shows you all of the users who are online at any given moment to help you get matches faster. Use the Quick Match option to Like or Pass on a user and view their full profile or send them a quick message. This app also helps you keep track of all the chats you had in the past.

Tips for Dating Bikers

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No matter which of the motorcycle dating sites you choose, make sure that you pick good photos. The pictures are one of the first things that other users see and will help them make up their mind about whether to talk to you. To entice motorcycle lovers, share a few photos of your bike and at least one with you on it. Though it seems hard to believe, some people have preferences and may not like you because of the bike you ride. Add one photo of your face and another that shows your whole body to avoid surprises later.

If you find a lack of biker singles in your area on your favorite biker dating site, don’t be afraid to expand your search. Many bikers who use online dating sites look for people who live just 10 minutes away. Expanding your search to a 50-mile radius or even a 100-mile radius can help you meet even more people and increase your chance of finding someone special.

Don’t forget to plan something nice and safe for your first date. As much as they love motorcycles, some biker singles are nervous about taking trips with people they don’t know. A short ride to a restaurant is a better option than a long motorcycle ride to the mountains or a lake.

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