Dating site austria

Dating site austria is a platform for singles to find their perfect partner. This site has a lot to offer in terms of quality, authenticity and security. If you have decided to look for a partner online, then you may want to try this platform. You can sign up easily and quickly. There is no need to go through complex steps or fill out long forms. The site also allows members to chat and find other singles who are interested in chatting with them. This website also has an active community where people can share their experiences and opinions about various topics related to dating and relationships.

The site offers some unique features that make it stand out from other dating sites available online today. These include:

  • Free membership option – No need for credit cards or any other form of payment
  • Search engine optimization – Your profile will appear higher on search engines such as google and yahoo if you choose this option
  • Easy registration process – You do not need advanced computer skills or know hows when signing up on this website
  • Active community – Connecting with other people who are interested in chatting with you is easy with this website

Dating site austria

Austrian Dating Sites / Apps

January 13, 2021 By Kate

austrian dating sites

Austria is a country made for romance. You have the picturesque Alps (perfect for snow bunnies), the beautiful Habsburg architecture of the capital Vienna, and scenic Christmas markets twinkling with lights and smelling of mulled wine in the winter.

The country even hosts a fabulous ball season, where you can don a floor-length gown or James Bond-style tuxedo and take part in a traditional Viennese waltz. It’s a real fairytale experience — that is, if you have your princess or prince charming to accompany you!

Luckily, Austrian dating sites offer ample opportunities to meet local singles. Below, we explain what you can expect from Austrian dating sites and give you more details about some of the country’s most popular platforms for dating, flings, flirts, and, of course, love.


You have plenty of options when it comes to Austrian dating sites. Here are eleven popular platforms worth considering.


Parship is one of Austria’s more popular dating sites and boasts high success rates. They claim that 38% of their users find a partner through their platform. Of course, you’ll have to pay for that kind of success. You can choose between a Premium “lite” membership that lasts for six months, or a two-year Premium “comfort” membership.

The site’s users are divided nearly equally between males and females, with 52% women and 48% men. The Parship homepage also mentions that about 50% of users have an advanced degree. This may be a unique aspect to Austrian dating, where academic degrees tend to be more in-demand and coveted than in some other cultures.

What makes Parship stand out is the intricacy of the screening process, however. Setting up a profile requires you to fill out extensive questionnaires, covering everything from education to hobbies. The dating site even has its own “Parship-Prinzip®” (Parship Principle), which provides matches based on extensive personality analysis.


If you’re looking for a more casual dating experience and don’t want to pay the premium prices demanded by Parship, head to WebSingles. This platform is geared more towards casual dating, flirting, and flings. You won’t have to fill out an endless questionnaire to determine the perfect personality match here.

The design of the WebSingles platform is relatively rudimentary and less user-friendly than some more modern portals. Additionally, the membership base is more limited. That said, it doesn’t cost you a thing! You may not find the love of your life on this website, but if you’re looking for a convenient company and don’t want to go through a lengthy screening, it will do.


If you’re looking for something a bit more serious than WebSingles but less intensive than Parship, check out Finya. This is a free platform with a user-friendly design and a diversity of users. Finya also prides itself on its security, including a European-based server, 256-Bit-SSL encryption, and spam filters.

You don’t have to complete extensive surveys to create an account, but you can add loads of details to your profile, covering everything from the type of television shows and music you enjoy to your favorite foods. You can also add a personal statement to share more about yourself in your own words instead of just ticking boxes about your hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

The Finya platform also lets you filter profiles based on 20 different criteria, from age to location. You can also follow members, see who has viewed your profile, and check who is online and available for immediate chatting. This makes it easier to get to know people online quickly.


eDarling advertises itself as a more intense platform that’s designed to connect you with a serious partner. You can specify your search criteria based on essential characteristics such as age and religion. It seems to work because the website advertises many real-world success stories.

How does it work? First, you complete a personality test and fill out your profile. The platform’s algorithms will then propose potentially suitable partners based on this information. You can decide who you are interested in and who you want to skip over. Once you’ve made a match, you can write them a message and start getting to know one another.

The initial registration for eDarling is free. This is an excellent opportunity to check out the platform and who’s on it. You can then opt to commit to a premium membership. This gives you benefits like an unlimited number of messages, the ability to view more photos, and the chance to verify your profile. You will also get access to the eDarling mobile app.


LoveScout24 is another Austrian dating site that skews more towards the serious side. The portal targets singles who are ready for a “real relationship.” Profiles contain a lot of detail and are verified, ensuring security and safety.

LoveScout24 has a few unique elements. First, you can video chat with connections, making your first face-to-face meeting digital if you want. Of course, you can also connect via written chat if you prefer that avenue. The platform also has its app, compatible with iOS and Android, so you can check matches and chat on the go.

Finally, LoveScout24 stands out because the platform hosts live “real world” events, where users can mingle and meet in person. The events and activities are tailored to different age groups. This can be a fun alternative and a great starting point when you’re meeting someone offline for the first time.


 Whispar (GetWhispar) offers a fresh approach to online dating. This app-based platform is all about audio. You introduce yourself to potential matches using an audio profile, telling people about yourself in just 30 seconds. They can listen to your introduction and view your profile photo. You’ll then get voice messages from other singles and can respond accordingly.

If you hit it off and want a more immediate conversation, you can also telephone securely via the app. You don’t have to exchange your real telephone number with someone you barely know, which guarantees added security and privacy.

The basic version of the Whispar app is free. You can upgrade to a premium membership to get more functionality: For example, the in-app telephone service is only available to premium members. The premium membership also unlocks fun extras, like stickers and sounds you can insert into your messages.


This German dating site caters to all German-language markets, including Austria and Switzerland as well as Germany. It’s a particular niche and specifically targets age-gap dating. Users consist primarily of younger women and older men. If you’re interested in this demographic, then Reif-Triff-Jung is for you.

The platform’s design is relatively basic but has all the essentials you need, including photos and a rudimentary profile. There is also an English language button at the bottom of the homepage, so you can switch to an English interface if you prefer. Reif-Triff-Jung is free to use.


ElitePartner is another German-language dating site that serves individuals in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland alike. This is a serious site geared towards persons seeking long-term relationships. The profiles are 100% verified, so you can be sure you won’t find any fakes here. The platform boasts top-quality data security, verified payments, and EU-standard data privacy.

ElitePartner also boasts a high success rate, with 42% of premium members finding a partner via the platform. You have to fill out an extensive profile and take a personality test to improve your odds of getting such matches.

The basic ElitePartner profile is free. You complete your profile, view others’ profiles, and get suggested matches based on the platform’s algorithm. A premium account brings added benefits, including the option to have video dates, see all user photos, and writing unlimited messages. You can also search based on proximity with a premium profile.


While Tinder isn’t technically an Austrian dating platform, it’s widely used in the country. Tinder has a German language webpage, and you can set the app to display functionality in the German language. Tinder is one of the original swipe-to-match apps. The platform is globally famous, and for a good reason: It boasts more than 55 billion matches.

Tinder is a flexible option that accommodates everything from casual flings to serious partner searches. It’s also versatile in terms of dating preferences and open to the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, this dating app has you covered. Tinder also remains popular because it’s free, fast, and easy to use.

Another reason for Tinder’s popularity is its location-driven nature. If you’re in Austria looking to date people in your area, you can specify just how broad a net you want to cast geographically. You can thus tailor the app to Austrian-specific singles.

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Grindr is often considered the original Tinder. This social networking app targets trans, queer, gay, and bi individuals. Like Tinder, this app has gone global and is used worldwide — including in Austria. Launched in 2009, Grindr has since become a significant network with millions of daily users. You will have no shortage of people to connect with on this platform.

Since this app is specifically geared towards the LGBTQ+ community, you can also be sure that no one will meet you with discrimination. Grindr intends to create a safe space where you can discover people in your immediate vicinity to connect with. Grindr’s community guidelines emphasize this safe and authentic environment, prioritizing diversity, respect, and sex positivity.


Bumble is another app that has gone global, offering networking and friendship connections in addition to dating. In Austria, it’s often used to find romance, as the app features a German-language portal. Bumble initially got its start with a unique concept: Women have to make the first move to connect with matches.

The female-first approach of Bumble turns old-fashioned power dynamics in the dating world on their head. The aim is to encourage greater equality in the dating world and give women more agency over their romantic connections. This novel approach has made Bumble very popular among men and women alike.

Like Tinder and Grindr, Bumble is a swipe app. You input some necessary profile information and upload your favorite photos, and then start swiping. You can set your location and designate a location radius that you want to limit your search to. It’s also possible to have your profile verified, minimizing the number of fake accounts on the app.


Austrian dating websites are similar to those you might encounter in the United Kingdom or the United States. There is even some overlap in platforms, with tools like Tinder and Grinder taking over the global market. Austrian dating sites are a versatile mix, covering everything from age-gap dating to casual flings and more serious romance.

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This land-locked Central European country isn’t huge, being home to just 8.9 million people. Luckily, many Austrian dating sites also have users from nearby Germany and Switzerland, which means more choice. These countries are not only nearby, but they also share Austria’s primary language of German.

When it comes to dating platforms targeting the Austrian market, most will operate largely in German. This is the primary language used in Austria. Most residents also speak good English, however. Additionally, Austria is home to many expats and people from all over Europe, so you’ll find international people who speak all sorts of languages, from Hungarian to Croatian.


There is no set etiquette for using Austrian dating sites. The implicit “rules” are similar to elsewhere. Be courteous and respectful when interacting with others. Most people will start by messaging back and forth before meeting for a coffee or a drink. If you meet someone and decide you aren’t into them, it’s perfectly fine to communicate this. No ghosting is needed!


If you are worried about finding inclusivity in the Austrian dating scene, don’t stress. The country is exceptionally open-minded, and you should have no trouble finding platforms that meet your needs. Vienna was even the host of the 2019 EuroPride Festival, affirming the nation’s commitment to equality and inclusivity.


When it comes to finding love via an Austrian dating site, the process is pretty straightforward: Be yourself. Don’t create a profile of what you think other people want to see. Create a profile that genuinely reflects who you are, what you look like, and what you are looking for.

Here are some tips for creating a profile to help you find love via Austrian dating sites:

  • Use a recent photo. You want people to know what you look like now, not five years ago. Try to include at least two shots. Some sites require a minimum number of images.
  • Verify your profile. Sites like Bumble allow you to go through a photo verification process. If you have the option to do this, take it. Other users may be more inclined to click on verified profiles.
  • List some hobbies and activities you like. This is an excellent way for people to determine if you have shared interests. It can also help you identify a fun first date when you meet up with a prospective love interest.
  • Identify some entertainment you enjoy. If you have a favorite movie or television show, it’s worth mentioning. This can be an indicator if someone shares your sense of humor, for example. This is a big deal since humor can vary a lot between cultures!
  • Specify your language skills. Don’t speak a word of German? That’s fine. However, you should probably specify that fact on your Austrian dating site profile! You want to be able to communicate with your future dates.

Finally, take your time when setting up your dating site profile. Some platforms, like Elite Partner, may require a full hour to set up because they ask you to provide a lot of information. You don’t want to rush this process.

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As the above guide clarifies, you will not be short for choices when it comes to Austrian dating sites. There are platforms for pretty much everything, whether you’re interested in something casual or ready to settle down and get serious. Austria also offers a variety of individuals from all walks of life. You won’t find only Austrians but also expats and internationals.

In addition to highlighting some top Austrian dating sites, we’ve also given you some information about using those dating sites best. Don’t get too hung up on these points, however. Remember, dating is supposed to be fun. Take the time to review the list above and pick the dating site that best meets your needs — and then get out there and enjoy!

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