Cyclist dating site

Are you a cyclist? Have you ever wanted to meet someone who shares your passion for cycling? Well, look no further!

[website name] is the dating site for cyclists. We’re a community of people who love cycling and want to connect with others who share their passion.

Whether you prefer road biking, mountain biking, or something else entirely, we’ve got you covered. We have plenty of members who are looking for love as well as friendship and camaraderie with other cyclists, so there’s no reason not to give it a try!

We know that finding someone who shares your interests can be tough, so we’ve made it easy for people to find each other by posting photos and descriptions of themselves so that they can easily be found by others. Whether you’re looking for someone special or just want to meet some new friends—you’ll find them here!

Cyclist dating site



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Hop onto your bike and go for a spin with your new-found dating buddies! Start a new romance at Cycling Dating Site!

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Cycling Dating Site is Brimming with Energy and Passion!

There are plenty of good reasons to take up cycling: it’s good for your overall health, it’ll give you more energy and your legs will look amazing! Of course, aside from obvious health benefits, cycling is an excellent way to boost your mental energy and to clear your mind, especially if you’re working in a stressful, high-pressure environment. If you love cycling, then you’re an energetic, dedicated and passionate individual who has enough physical and mental stamina to withstand just about anything! That’s why you need to become a part of our cycling dating club: Cycling Dating Site will give you a chance to get in touch with some truly extraordinary people who love cycling as much as you do!

Naturally, there are different kinds of cycling and our membership ranges from people who have a bike and love to use it occasionally to go somewhere, to dedicated, die-hard cyclists who want to find equally dedicated cycling singles for dates – and everyone else in between! That means that you’ll have plenty of cycling singles to choose from and you will always have an opportunity to meet new friends and potential partners. One of the best things about our site is that the engine will always try to give you local matches – even if they’re a bit farther away, you can always cycle and go to them!

Cycling and dating are the perfect match when you’re both energetic and spirited people who enjoy being outdoor and active. Why don’t you put two and two together and become a part of our cycling dating platform? You can do it within minutes and then you’ll meet attractive, interesting and cool people who love to browse our cycling personals, enjoy riding a bike and all kinds of outdoor activities! It’s always awesome when you’re dating someone who shares your interests and cycling is only for the best of the best: so share it with someone who truly deserves that!

For some of us, finding “the one” can be a tricky. Between work, riding, socials and me-time, it’s difficult to find the energy to go out and look for a mate.

With the increasing popularity of online dating over the years, there’s now a dating site for just about every niche of interest from classical music, to men in uniform. Now there’s a dating site dedicated to us cyclists called Ride2Love.

Developed by Kelli Salone, a former downhill racer, pin-up model and biking ambassador, Ride2Love was officially launched on Valentine’s Day at the London Bike Show.

Kelli explains that the idea for the website comes from personal experience: “I know from experience how lonely it can be as a cyclist, if you don’t have a partner. I spent most of my racing carer single.” As the founder of the women’s Dame Cycling group, Kelli often discusses the search for single cycling men with her female riders.

How Does it Work?

Like many other dating websites, Ride2Love allows you to refine your searches to enable you to find that perfect match. After creating your own profile, with photos and your general information, you can search through the hundreds of profiles already on the database.

Ride2Love allows you to get the skinny on cycling habits, preference of discipline, competitiveness, and asks thought provoking questions such as: “The Reason Why I Ride..” which allows you to write a short piece on what cycling means to you.

Along with basic searches such as age, gender, location and physical preferences, you can also search by riding discipline and frequency of riding. So whatever your ability, preferences and activity on the bike, this website will help you find someone suited for you.

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