Cleveland dating site

Since the site’s launch in 2009, Cleveland Dating has been the premier online dating destination for singles in the Cleveland area.

Our goal is to provide you with a safe and secure platform where you can meet other single people looking for love and romance.

Our site features thousands of local men and women that are interested in meeting someone just like you. They’re all looking for someone special and would love to meet someone who shares their passions and interests.

Whether you’re looking for friendship, companionship or love, we have thousands of members who want to find their match in Cleveland!

Cleveland dating site

Cleveland is a town loved by those who live in and around it. The historical, Lake-Eerie-adjacent city is filled with sites that you cannot find anywhere else. Add to this the city’s devotion to medical, technical, and manufacturing advancements and it is easy to see why comedic celebrity Drew Carey is so head over heels for his hometown. Well, that and all the incredible sports teams that come out of the area. 

Cleveland is even a great city for singles, which is likely why the town has such a huge population of both single men and women. There are tons of places to go for fun dates and the cost for going out is really reasonable. The only problem is, finding your perfect match in a sea of singles can be really hard! That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best dating apps in Cleveland. These apps can narrow down your search to the best matches for you and take all the struggle out of finding real love. 

The 5 Best Dating Apps in Cleveland

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#5SilverSinglesFree Trial
#6JdateFree Trial

Key Takeaways about Dating in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Cleveland has more single men than most other largely populated US cities
  • Men can sometimes find it difficult to find single women in Cleveland
  • Ridesharing in Cleveland is highly affordable when compared to other large cities
  • Dating apps can make finding love in Cleveland easier and more fun
Cleveland, Ohio, USA skyline on the river.

How Cleveland Stacked Up In Our Best Cities For Singles Research Study

When it comes to dating in a large US city, the experience is truly never the same. We already suspected this, but were floored by the differences we discovered after comparing side by side the 100 most populated towns in the country. Cleveland was included in our study and ranked as the 13th best city for singles!

We used information about the population of singles, number of dating amenities, price of rideshare services and even more to make our choices. If you wanna see exactly why we find Cleveland to be such a great city for singles, check out our full article. While you’re there, see how neighboring cities like Toledo stack up. 

Why These are The Best Dating Sites in Cleveland

The apps on our list are all great choices for any single in Cleveland because they have all the most important features of a great dating app:

  • Modern platforms that are compatible with most devices
  • A multitude of communication features including; chat rooms, voice calling, and video chatting
  • Wonderful moderation teams that help to keep users safe and secure
  • Great matching algorithms and/or search filtering options
  • Consistently updated amenities to keep the experience the best it can be

Dating in Cleveland has seen some major changes over the last few years – mostly due to social distancing standards. While the need for safe, socially responsible date nights won’t last forever, some of these fun dating activities are sure to stick around for years to come. Here are a few of our favorite date night trends we have seen over the last year:

  • Online Gaming: Whether it be a first person shooter, zombie survival, or old fashion chess game – online gaming has become a popular date night idea. Open a private chat where you and your date can talk to each other and let the good times roll. 
  • Digital Trivia Night: Bar trivia is a super popular date night activity in Cleveland, but digital trivia has proven to be just as fun. Not just that, but you can even customize the drinks and food to go along with your game. 
  • Virtual Paint and Sip: If you haven’t heard of a paint and sip party by now, than you have likely been out of the dating scene for a while. These craft activities, hosted by talented painters, are a wine-filled night of hilarity and bonding. As restrictions on public groupings have tightened, these events have transitioned to the virtual world where you can now attend in your pajamas! 
  • Getting Away into Nature: One dating trend we’ve seen a lot this year involves taking your date on a picnic or stargazing trip where nobody else is around. This type of date feels so intimate and romantic with very little effort. Just be sure to bring lots of blankets and anything else you need to stay safe and warm. 

Best Cleveland Date Night Ideas

We’re going to put you to work with our top three Cleveland date ideas. Instead of sitting at a bar and ordering drinks or grabbing a table for dinner, we’ve got you making dinner, tasting wine, and getting some exercise 65 feet above the ground.

Sur La Table – Make and Take Events

You get a two-part Cleveland date idea with Sur La Table cooking classes.

First, you and your date get hands-on learning, preparing a meal like classic lasagna, beef bourguignon, or Chinese dumplings. You could also take a different route and bake some bread or make French macarons.

Classes at Sur La Table are a lot of fun, and you’ll pick up at least one new skill. Most are in the $79 range, with your meal included. After you chop, dice, slice, and saute, you can relax with a bottle of wine and your culinary masterpiece.

The second part of your date could end up as an outdoor picnic or an at-home movie night – meal included.

A Canopy Walk at Holden Arboretum

Another unique Cleveland date idea is to take it to the streets. Well, maybe not the streets, but how about a 500-foot long walkway 65 feet above the forest floor?

If you haven’t checked out the Holden Arboretum website, you’re in for a treat because it hosts various events and activities. One of the most appealing is the Murch Canopy Walk and Kalberer Emergent Tower. The Tower takes you even higher with a 120-feet elevation providing incredible views and photo opportunities.

The walk is included in annual memberships or general admission tickets and takes about two hours to complete. While the Canopy Walk is one of the most impressive, there are other trails, an art gallery, and plenty of unique things to do and see at the Arboretum – romantic, educational, and entertaining.

CLE Urban Winery Tastings

Unlike the Sur La Table experience, the two of you won’t have to work to taste. The CLE Urban Winery’s got the winemaking down to a science, so all you have to do is enjoy.

There’s no vineyard involved. CLE Urban is both a working winery and tasting room located in Cleveland Heights. The process is similar to craft beer-making, with everything completed right on site.

CLE Urban has a laid-back, comfortable vibe. The store is open for purchases, but you don’t have to rush off – participate in tastings or other special events. 

TIP – combine a CLE Urban Winery visit with a Sur La Table cooking class, and you’ve got dining and drinks covered.

FAQ About Dating in Cleveland

Are there plenty of singles in Cleveland?

Yes! Cleveland has the highest population of single men out of 100 of the United States’ most populated cities. The number of single females is equally as impressive. 

Why am I having trouble meeting people in Cleveland?

Cleveland is a large city with distinct neighborhoods from which citizens tend not to deviate. This means that even though the city is filled with singles, you are likely only seeing the same few over and over again. The best way to overcome this is with the use of a great dating app. 

Are dating apps good for Cleveland singles?

Yes! The dating apps on our list are great for singles in Cleveland because they use scientifically backed algorithms and filtering features to ensure that you are getting access to singles that are truly compatible. 

Which dating app should I use as a Cleveland single?

Any of the apps on our list are great for Clevelanders, but your mileage may vary depending on a few factors. The best way to pick the perfect dating app for you is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Determine what you are looking for out of your relationship
  2. Focus on dating apps that cater to the relationship you want
  3. Ensure the dating app is good for your age range (some apps are better for older singles)
  4. Utilize free trials to make sure you are comfortable with the layout of the platform and its features

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