Cincinnati dating site

Cincinnati dating site is a great place to find your match. The site is designed for people who are looking for a long term relationship. The site has a large user base and has been around for over 15 years, so it has gained a lot of popularity. It is one of the most popular sites in the country, and it has been featured on TV shows such as “Dr. Phil” and “The View”. The site also makes it easy to find matches by using their advanced search tool that allows you to filter through thousands of profiles in seconds without any cost!

If you’re looking for love in Cincinnati, then this is the perfect place! You can sign up today and start searching through thousands of profiles today! There are many members who are waiting to meet someone just like you!

Cincinnati dating site

Cincinnati is a great city! In fact, they are the number two best city for singles in the US (but more on that later)! From the waterfront views to the low cost of amenities, huge pool of singles, amazing level of adult education, what more could you want?

Well, we have a guess – time. It’s true, Cincinnati is great, but those living in the area are career-focused and talented individuals who often find it hard to make time for love. Luckily, we know of a few ways to help you out of your single-slump. Not only do we have a list of the, hands down, best dating apps for Cincinnati singles, but we also have some fun, modern date night ideas to help you enjoy the time you have with your dates!

Top 5 Cincinnati Dating Apps

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Key Takeaways about Dating in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • There are nearly 7,000 acres of parkland that make great date locations
  • Over 70% of the adult women in Cincinnati are single
  • It is super affordable to go out and enjoy a date in the city
  • Local singles are super busy, but online dating can help them find time for love
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA skyline on the river at dusk.

How Cincinnati Stacked Up In Our Best Cities For Singles Research Study

We wanted to know if being single is as easy in other cities as it is in paces like Cincinnati. Turns out, it is definitely not. Cincinnati is great. In fact, out of our list of the 100 most populated cities in the US, Cincinnati came in as the 2nd best city for singles. They were barely squeezed out by Minneapolis, but the ratings are still impressive. Want to see how we chose the rankings? Take a look at our full article, here. 

Don’t be disappointed that your city didn’t get the #1 spot because Cincinnati is still leaps and bounds ahead of most the other cities on our list. Not only is it affordable to date in Cincinnati but the singles are high quality and plentiful. 

However, even though Cincinnati is filled with amazing singles, finding time to locate one that’s great for you can be a bit of a struggle. That’s why dating apps are such a great choice for singles looking to overcome a dateless slump. 

Why Dating is So Great in Cincinnati

Where do we begin? Cincinnati is like a paradise for career-driven singles because they are likely to find just as much passion in their partners. Not only that, but they can enjoy dating without breaking the bank thanks to the affordability of entertainment amenities in the city. You could literally take your date out to a 3 course meal and then see a movie for less than it costs to have a casual dinner in other cities. 

And this lowered cost doesn’t come with a lowered quality. 

Truthfully, the only thing that keeps Cincinnati from being the easiest place to find love in the world, is that it is hard to prioritize the time traditional dating takes. Luckily, online dating can help you with that. 

Top Cincinnati Date Ideas

Even when you’re trying to be innovative, most date ideas in Cincinnati (and everywhere else) will involve food in some way. So, we’ve put together three unusual and impressive ways to incorporate a meal into your plans.

The Learning Kitchen

Friday and Saturday nights are designated date nights at The Learning Kitchen, so you know we’re on track with this Cincinnati date idea.

The Learning Kitchen offers hands-on cooking classes that are perfect for when you’re tired of the dinner and a movie scene and looking for something new and different to do that’s more activity-driven.

You and your date will share both a private cooktop and the meal that you prepare together.

Classes vary weekly, but some of the sample date night themes include Homemade Ravioli, Hibachi Steak and Shrimp, and Authentic Thai Cuisine.

The Cincinnati Dinner Train

When the two of you board the Cincinnati Dinner Train, you’ll be traveling back in time.

You’re riding the rails in 1950’s train cars, entertained by the Queen City Sisters, reminiscent of the 1940’s Andrews Sisters. Passengers are even encouraged to pull out all the stops with vintage clothing, so play along and have fun with it!

The Dinner Train is one of the more unique and exclusive Cincinnati date ideas. Your journey along the downtown Cincinnati riverfront takes about three hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy a four-course meal and visit the lounge bar.

To take your date to the next level, you can order flowers or a bottle of champagne or wine ahead of time. There’s also a dining car with just four tables for a more intimate and romantic excursion.

A Unique Dinner Experience at Vinoklet Winery

Dinner on a train is undoubtedly up there on the list of unusual dining opportunities in Cincinnati. You won’t be traveling as you dine at Vinoklet Winery, but there is something different about their Friday and Saturday evening dinner services.

Vinoklet Winery calls their experience “Grilled to Perfection.” It combines the vineyard and dining room ambiance as you grill your entrée while sipping on your choice of wine. This isn’t like a class at the Learning Kitchen – the chefs will prepare everything else for you. But the concept is fun and makes for a relaxing evening at the Winery.

The menu is in the $40 range per person and includes steak, salmon, shrimp, chicken, or ribs plus a half bottle of wine, salad, sides, and dessert.

How Online Dating Can Improve Your Cincinnati Dating Journey

Let’s run through a little hypothetical. 

You are a 28 year old single woman in Cincinnati working as an agricultural engineer. You spend Monday through Friday switching from location to location testing products, working with consultants, taking samples, and come Saturday you are exhausted. You have the time to go out to the bar with your friends and meet people, but you really need some rest. Plus, you can’t help but think that if you don’t meet anyone, you will have wasted a whole day you could have spent at home, relaxing. 

Online dating takes away that stress. Saturday rolls around and you want to put on your fuzzy pajamas and watch some college football? Fine, you can still get on your app and scroll through matches and message interesting singles during commercials. 

Dating apps turn your search for love into something you can do on your time, which makes it feel less like a chore and more like the fun experience it should be! 

FAQ About Dating in Cincinnati

Is it Expensive Date in Cincinnati?

No! In fact, Cincinnati is ranked in the top 15 when it comes to the cost of dating in large US cities. Everything from movie tickets to date night outfits are much more affordable in the Queen City. 

Are Online Dating Apps Useful for Cincinnati Singles?

Yes! Online dating was practically created with Cincinnati-style singles in mind. Smart, busy, loving professionals just trying to make time for romance will love the dating apps on our list. 

Is Cincinnati LGBTQ Friendly?

Yes! Cincinnati is considered by many tourism-focused publications to be one of the friendliest cities for LGBTQ community members. The city even got a perfect equality score in 2019 from the Human Rights Campaign. 

What’s a Good First Date Location in Cincinnati?

Your first date location should be chosen based on the things that you and your date enjoy. That means there isn’t one single location we can call the best first date location. However, here are a few places that are really great options:

  • Get fancy with one of Cincinnati’s many upscale restaurants. 
  • Let loose at a fun, themed bar like the 16+Bit Bar and Arcade.
  • Get cozy at the drive-in theater.
  • Walk through historic streets before stopping for a cup of coffee.
  • Break a sweat on a hike or riding down a scenic bike trail. 

Are Cincinnati Singles High Quality?

Yes! The singles in Cincinnati are friendly, smart, and career-minded. Of course, the perfect match for one single may not be the perfect match for you. That’s why dating apps are so great. They can help narrow your choices based on your core personality and desires. 

Can I Try These Dating Apps for Free?

Sure! The dating apps on our list have free trials or membership tiers available to ensure you can try before you buy. 

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