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Boston dating site

It’s getting cold in Boston. Of course, it is almost always cold in Boston, but that doesn’t change the fact that cold nights are harder alone. If you have been looking for love in B-Town with no luck, we might have some good news for you. We have put together a concise list of the absolute best dating apps for singles in Boston.

These apps have everything you need to turn your dating life around – modern features, lots of search filters, multiple communication methods, attentive moderators, and much more. They can take what is a long, expensive, and overwhelming dating journey and turn it into something enjoyable. If you want to learn how these apps can help you, just keep reading.

The 5 Best Dating Apps in Boston

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Key Takeaways about Dating in Boston, Massachusetts

  • So many date night locations, it can be hard to choose!
  • More single men than many other large US cities.
  • Some Outdated dating trends can lower your chances for finding a partner in the real world. 
  • Dating in Boston can be pricey, so those with a tight budget need to get creative.
Buildings in the city of Boston, Massachusetts

How Boston Stacked Up In Our Best Cities For Singles Research Study

If you’ve ever struggled with dating in Boston, you might have had the thought, “is it this hard everywhere?” Well, turns out that dating is a bit of a wild ride all over the country. We took a look at the 100 most populous cities in the United States and compared their dating scenes based on singles, cost of dating, cost of travel, and more. 

Boston came in at #29, and their ranking would have been higher if it wasn’t for the overall cost of dating in the city. If you are interested to see how other cities did, or see all the stats on Boston dating, take a look at our full article, here.

Why We Love These Dating Apps for Boston Singles

Boston should have everything it takes to be a true city of love – lots of entertainment locations, plenty of singles, open-minded citizens, etc. However, the cost of dating really makes singles want to avoid the traditional dating scene. If you go on one wasted date a week, you could be spending hundreds of dollars a month. 

These apps are great because they give you the opportunity to really get to know someone before taking that financial leap into real world dates. Additionally, these apps utilize some of the best and most modern features to help ensure that you are only matching with singles that are compatible with you in some way. 

Year after year, the apps on our list never fail to impress us with how many healthy, happy, and long-lasting relationships they manage to create. 

Since you can try any of these apps for free, not giving online dating apps a chance would be silly.

A Boston Dating Trend to Leave Behind

Bostonians are some of the most open minded and chill people in the Northeast. However, they can also be a little hard headed. You don’t want to argue with a Boston native who believes they are right! This combination of traits has led to an interesting dating trending in Boston where singles just go with the flow. 

They just live their life thinking that if someone is worth their time, they will come to them. The problem is, if everyone feels that way, then nobody is doing the looking. That’s why we think online dating can be a great compromise that moves you from doing nothing, to dating without doing everything. 

Top 5 Best Places to Meet Singles in Boston

Meeting singles in Boston can be difficult. Mostly, it’s just a matter of finding time to actually go out and search. However, it is sometimes just a matter of making the search work with your existing schedule. With that in mind,here are our top 5 best places to meet singles in Boston:

5. During Your Workout

Do you meet for yoga every thursday or attend spin class on the weekends? These can be great places for you to meet other singles. You already know you have something in common, which can help you break the ice. Just be subtle and non-threatening in your approach to others in the class. You don’t want to ruin the class experience for others. 

4. While Volunteering

If you like to get out and volunteer it can be a great place to meet potential dates. You can be certain that they have a philanthropic side, which is likely important to you if you are volunteering in the first place. Just keep your dating desires away from anyone you are serving through your volunteership, as that would be crossing a professional boundary. 

3. At Work Conventions

Speaking of professional boundaries, work conventions can be a way to find interesting singles in your career field without dating your coworkers. These events will be filled with people with similar interests to you that you normally wouldn’t meet. 

2. During a Hobby Seminar or Class

Hobby seminars and classes are a lot of fun and act as a magnet for others that share your creative interests. Try striking up a conversation with the other people at your event and see if any sparks fly. Worst case scenario – you make some fun new friends. 

1. On a Dating App

We may be biased, but we think dating apps are the absolute best way to date as a Boston single. You don’t have to worry about striking up a conversation with someone who is taken or uninterested in dating because everyone on the app is only there because they are open to dating. Dating through an app removes so many layers of awkwardness and replaces them with control over your dating life that can make the experience fun again!

Best Boston Date Ideas

When you’re considering Boston date ideas, you could stick to your go-to restaurant, or you could try something different. We’ve got one dining suggestion with a better-than-average romantic ambiance, but you can also shake things up with some unique food-related activities.

Cabana-Style Tables at Season to Taste

Good food, good company, and a private table that’ll make you feel like a VIP are a few reasons why Season to Taste is one of the best dinner date ideas in Boston.

It’s a smaller neighborhood restaurant on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge with private outdoor patio cabanas and secluded indoor tables. You’ll have an intimate setting for some drinks and conversation before you move onto some of Season to Taste’s signature dishes.

Appetizers include a Crispy Spinach Cigar, Pumpkin Bisque, and House-made Parisian Gnocchi. Mains cover a few pasta options, Hanger Steak, Lamb Duet, and a vegetarian Miso-Glazed Japanese Eggplant.

Tipsy Chocolate Tour

Chocolate plus cocktails = one of the best Boston date ideas!

The Tipsy Chocolate Tour is a two-hour walking event through the Back Bay or Beacon Hill. Whether it’s your first or 40th date, it’s a great way to spend some time together, soaking up the sun and sampling champagne truffles and “chocktails.”  The Beacon Hill tour also includes a wine and chocolate class.

If you’d prefer a sweet but different activity, Tipsy Chocolates offers truffle making and tasting classes.

Couples Cooking

One of the best date ideas in Boston or anywhere else is a couples cooking class.

It’s a fun activity in a comfortable environment where you’ll sip on some wine as you chop, saute, and season. With so much going on, you’ll have built-in conversation starters, and you might even make some new friends in the room.

Self Up Boston has quite a few couples cooking classes listed, most in the $100 range. If you want to try something other than dinner, there’s also mixology and chocolate-making.

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