Best vegan dating site

If you’re a vegan who’s looking for love, [website] is the place to go.

With over 1 million users and counting, this site has grown to be one of the premier dating sites for vegans. It’s free to join, but if you want all the bells and whistles—like having your profile appear at the top of search results and being able to send unlimited messages—you’ll need a subscription.

The site isn’t just for vegans: there are also options for vegetarians and pescatarians in addition to vegans. You can also filter by location so you only see profiles from people in your area.

If you’re tired of being bombarded with messages from people who aren’t really looking for love, this site is for you!

Best vegan dating site

Whether your dietary habits are based on personal beliefs or just a desire to be healthier, it’s always something that plays a big role in your life. And when it comes to dating as a vegan, the chances are high that you want to meet someone who understands and fits well with your lifestyle. But finding people that fit that bill can be harder than you think. Thankfully, there are a lot of dedicated vegan dating apps and mainstream apps with robust filters to help you find that special someone!

Best Vegan Dating Sites of 2022

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The sites listed above are our recommendations, but in the end it’s your call. We’re going to take a quick look at all available dating sites for vegans and whether or not they’re worth your time. Without further ado…

eHarmony – Best Site for Meaningful Vegan Relationships

While not exclusively vegan, eHarmony is perhaps the best dating site for lasting and meaningful relationships. There are currently tens of millions of singles from all over the world using eHarmony. Their massive user base and advanced filters make this a great option for vegans to find love online. If you’re on the fence we strongly recommend giving our review of eHarmony a look.

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Zoosk – Widest Variety of Singles Worldwide

Available in over 80 countries this online dating giant has over 35 million active accounts. Much like eHarmony, it’s not vegans only, but there’s value in options and with over 3 million messages sent on Zoosk daily this gives you options!

Read our Zoosk review for more info on why we think this is a great dating site for vegans.

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Green Singles – Reputable Vegan Dating Website

Green Single is one of the many niche websites in the Conscious Dating Network which focuses on spiritual and eco-friendly online dating. This vegan dating site launched in 1996 and has been growing its userbase for well over 2 decades now. The site offers a fairly extensive free version with upgrades available:

Green Singles Membership Breakdown - Free vs Paid

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated mobile app for this vegan dating site. Though it does have some great features like free messaging, a large active community, and perhaps most importantly a good reputation we would like to see Green Singles launch a vegan dating app eventually.

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Elite Singles – Best Site for Dating Educated Vegan Singles

The goal of this site is to match highly-educated singles with other highly-educated singles. One of the benefits of higher education is understanding the importance of diet for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. So while this site is not exclusively for vegan dating you can guarantee you’re going to find some awesome vegan singles on Elite Singles.

The biggest downside of this service is that there are no freebies here. You can sign up, answer the questionnaire, and build your profile, but until you upgrade your membership you can’t message potential matches or even see their photos.

EliteSingles Matches

EliteSingles Free Trial

Veggie Connection

We’ll be honest the design is a bit dated, but as of February 2021, Veggie Connection is a completely free vegan dating site. You’re able to list your profile, search, and even contact other members 100% free for as long as you want. The site was also awarded VegNews Magazine’s “top site to find a veggie mate” award.

Veggie Connection Screenshot

While it may not be perfect you literally can’t beat the price. If you’re just looking to get your feet wet with online dating or wondering what a vegans-only dating site is like this might be worth a look.

Visit Veggie Connection

VeggieMatchmakers has to be the oldest vegan dating site out there. It’s entirely free and has been online since 1980. As a unique feature, this site has a screening process for new members and profile updates whereby an admin has to approve any updates before they’re posted. This has done a great job at keeping this dating site safe and vegan-friendly for decades. Screenshot

Personally, we think the site’s design is a bit dated, but for the low low price of free if you want to give it a try we won’t stop you.

Visit VeggieMatchmakers

Important Note: This site is currently down for maintenance. We will update this when that changes.


This vegan dating site definitely takes a different approach than the others listed here. FindVegLove offers a network of over 40,000 veg singles subscribed to an email mailing list. This unique vegan matchmaker service sends a list of veg singles to each subscriber monthly with potential matches. Users then tell the matchmaker who they’re interested in and Karine (aka Vegan Cupid) determines if it will work or not.

FindVegLove Screenshot

FindVegLove has been featured in a variety of respected publications within the vegan community including VegWorld, VegNews, TheBeet, and Vegan Magazine just to name a few. It’s unorthodox, but people seem to like it.

Visit FindVegLove


When we said we’d bring all the options we mean ALL the options good bad and ugly. Honestly, this one lands somewhere between those last 2. It’s a vegan dating site that lets you post personal ads in a very craigslist-esk way. The site was awarded a Veggie Award in 2021 as VegNews’s favorite dating site, but let’s be honest a lot has changed since 2010. The design is outdated and frankly, you can just do better.

VeggieDate Screenshot

That being said, like many of the outdated vegan dating sites online it’s completely free and if there testimonials section is to be believed some vegans have found love on this site. If you’re deadset on giving VeggieDate a try we won’t try to stop you any more than we already have.

Do I have to use a Vegans-Only Online Dating Service?

You do not! And in fact, we recommend that you try at least 1 mainstream dating app like Zoosk or eHarmony. Why?

Vegan dating is a niche market and that comes with both pros and cons. The upside is of course that vegan dating apps only have vegan singles so you know you’ll find matches who share your lifestyle and values. 

The downsides are that many vegan-only dating sites have an outdated design and a substantially smaller user base. For example, Veggly is one of the top Vegan dating apps anywhere in the world and it just recently broke the 500,000 global users milestone. Now let’s compare that to something like eHarmony with over 29 million members in the US alone.

Even though it’s not strictly a vegan dating app the reality is there are probably more vegan singles on eHarmony than on many of these smaller niche sites. Just filter filter filter to find what you’re looking for!

Vegan Dating Apps – Modern Vegan Dating on Mobile

It’s 2022 people. No one wants to spend their time chained to a computer. Online dating should be fun, freeing, and of course mobile. What options exist for vegan dating on mobile? Let’s take a look:

Vegan Dating App Logos - TofuTogetherLogo, Veggly Logo, Tendrils Logo, Grazer Logo
  • Veggly – This vegan dating app is available for both Android and iOS devices and has over 500,000 members. They’re serious about creating strong vegan couples.The Veggly team is predicting over 4 million total Veg-matches by summer of 2022.
    • Rated extrodinarily well on Google Play. 4.2 average rating from over 5,000 user reviews.
    • Free install with in app purchases ($9.99 for Veggly premium)
    • Last updated in November 2021.
    • Web-Friendly version is in Beta testing right now.
  • Grazer – This Tinder-like “herbivorous dating app” is currently crowdfunding with goals of growing to new heights in the coming year.
    • Over 10,000 installs of this vegan dating app.
    • Free Install with in app purchases ($0.99 per item)
    • Available in the App Store and Google Play.
  • TofuTogether – This is a dating and networking app for vegans. The logo really drew us in and made us want to love this app, but it’s recieved very mixed reviews from both iphone and android users with the average coming out right around 3 stars.
    • Last updated December 29, 2021
    • Free Download with in app purchases ($5.49 – $59.99)
    • Consistenly reviewed as “easy to use”
  • Tendrils – This is a free vegan dating app that allows you to chat with other vegetarian or vegan singles in your area. As a huge plus is has one of the best filtering systems we’ve seen on any dating service in this niche.
    • Completely free. No in app purchases.
    • Last Updated December 27, 2021
  • Mobile Friendly Vegan Dating Sites – this is an often overlooked part of the mobile dating market, but the majority of the sites listed above either have their own dedicated app or have a mobile friendly website. If you like one of the vegan dating sites in that list try it on mobile! It might just do all you need.

What Do Vegans Eat? – Understanding Veganism

If you’re looking to date vegans online it’s important to understand the vegan lifestyle. For that reason, we’ve put together this brief section simply explaining what veganism is. According to the Vegan society:

“Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.”– The Vegan Society

To truly understand vegan dating it’s important to talk to your partner and understand why they became vegan. Some individuals have chosen veganism out of deep personal conviction. They can’t stand cruelty to animals and would do anything they can to stop it. Other vegans however are simply interested in exploring the health benefits of the vegan lifestyle and are often less strict about how it impacts the rest of their life.

As a simple rule vegans avoid anything animal-based in their diet. This includes:

  • Red Meat like beef, pork, or lamb
  • Poultry products like chicken, duck, or eggs
  • Any kind of fish, shellfish, or other seafood
  • Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, or yogurt
  • Products made with any of the above (mayonnaise for example)

In place of these foods, vegans eat a rich diet of fruits, vegetables, legumes (beans), nuts, and seeds. There are vegan equivalents to many of the foods listed above like soy or almond milk and plant-based meats.

Whether you are new to the lifestyle and looking for vegan singles or a practicing vegan understanding these rules and your partners beliefs is the key to healthy vegan dating.

Vegan Dating FAQ

Can Vegans Date Non-Vegans?

In the end, this is up to you and your personal beliefs. If you’re willing to ask this then maybe you’re open to it. There have certainly been meaningful relationships between vegans and non-vegans, but it’s often been a deal-breaker also. 

Be sure to think it through before you make your decision. If the thought of meat disgusts you do you really want to kiss someone who just ate a burger? 27% of vegans have chosen to end relationships based on a partner’s eating habits.

Are Vegans and Vegetarians the Same?

They are similar, but definitely not the same. The common denominator is that they both avoid meat. The difference is that true vegans avoid anything that came from an animal including meat, eggs, milk and more. Many vegans will even avoid animal-based clothing like leather shoes and belts.

Most vegan dating apps will accept both vegetarians and vegans though. In some cases, the apps will even accept new members who are in transition to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Is Vegan Dating Hard?

Vegan dating itself isn’t hard and using vegan dating apps isn’t hard. The only difficult thing will be making that initial lifestyle change and becoming vegan. This will very likely change the types of dates you plan, what restaurants you frequent on dates, and what you wear if you’re doing it to end animal cruelty.

Ultimately vegan dating is like any other kind of dating. If you’re willing to adapt and be flexible you’ll be fine!

How Do I Find Vegan Friendly Resteraunts for Dates?

If you’re looking to take your vegan partner out to eat happycow is your friend. It will show you what restaurants in your area offer vegan foods. Another great option you should consider is learning to cook. Cooking for your partner is a great way to give of yourself and of course impress them!

Are These Apps Just for Vegan Dating?

Nope! Be sure to check out the goal of each before you sign up, but many are also vegan networking apps. This simply means they can be used to help you find other vegans in your area to hang out with.

What’s the Best Way to Meet Vegan Singles Near Me?

We’re a big supporter of online dating as a way of meeting vegan singles in your area, but it’s definitely not your only option. There are tons of active vegan communities online and IRL that you should start getting plugged into. Not only will this help you meet and date vegan singles, but you will also make new friends, get new recipes, and let’s be honest have a lot of fun.

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