Best first question to ask on a dating site

What’s the best first question to ask on a dating site?

The answer is: “What are you passionate about?”

This is the best first question to ask on a dating site because it gives you insight into what the other person cares about, and it allows them to talk about themselves without having to worry about making a good impression. It’s also an easy way for them to get comfortable with you, which is something that most people struggle with when meeting someone new.

The next time you’re looking for some new dating apps or sites, try asking this question! You’ll be surprised at how many people open up and share their passions with you!

Best first question to ask on a dating site

Questions To Ask On A Dating App

Whether you want to try to find your soulmate through the virtual world (by trying some unique virtual dating ideas), or just delve into the idea for fun, online dating can be fun, exciting, and intriguing. When you finally match with someone, and the very thought of meeting them in person gives you butterflies, we’d suggest holding your horses and getting to know them a little bit virtually. We care about your heart, we really do! Find below 25 questions to ask on a dating app to know the other person better and take things forward. 

Questions To Ask On A Dating App

1. What made you Swipe Right on my profile?

One of the first questions to ask on a dating app can be – what made the other person interested in you? It will help you judge the attitude, thoughts, and most importantly, intentions of the person for you. The answer can’t be a general one and digs deep from the very first go, helping you start things on a deeper emotional scale. After all, it is not always about the decent/ attractive/ hot profile image and certainly shouldn’t be if you’re looking for a long-term relationship. 

2. What does a day in the life of (name) look like?

Instead of a more specific lifestyle question like “are you a night owl or early riser?”, ask this one to become acquainted more with their overall routine. You’d get to know if they’re a gym-freak, neat-freak, or health-freak or whether they meditate, take some time out for their friends, and what does their usual work/ leisure time looks like. Overall, this is a great ice-breaker and a superb question to get to know someone’s everyday life and whether or not it can match with yours. 

3. Do you have any pets? Or want to own one in the future?

You’re a cat person and this person you’ve matched with doesn’t like one, deal-breaker, right? Knowing if the other person already has a pet, and if in the future, they’re planning to keep one, reveals a ton about them. For many people, pets are like family, so it’s important for them to know that their prospective mate feels the same compassion & sentiments towards their furry mates. And imagine the interesting and fun conversations it could spark if you’re both equally bonded with your pets and can’t wait to have more in the future.!4&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=WwfSkVOTUo&p=https%3A//

4. Do you love your work? 

Not everyone is lucky enough to be doing a job that they’re utterly passionate about. Although, when it comes to questions to ask on a dating app, this one can spark conversations about your passions and what you’re doing individually to pursue them. Even if you aren’t pursuing them as your work (YET!), there’s still hope in the future. This sure is a great question to see if your career interests complement well.

5. What’s your first impression of people?

They say “First impression is the last impression”. Not only does this question gives you an idea of what other people think about your possible future mate, but also gives you an idea if they’re self-aware enough to give you an answer to this question. You can also ask them what their friend circle thinks about them. Let them hear your side of the story, it can help both of you to learn about each other. 

6. What does your typical weekend look like? 

Are you going to spend your weekends partying and getting drunk?, lazying around on the couch watching Netflix? or exploring a crazy adventure in the nearby area? – you’d want to know! This is one of the simple yet intriguing questions to ask on a dating app and one that also reveals a lot of the other person’s personality, preferences, and how they prefer winding down after a long week. Maybe they’ll say something you’re equally thrilled about and you’d have found someone to enjoy a shared interest, given everything goes well! 

7. Where are you planning your next trip? 

A normal question related to his general future plans without being too prying or direct. You can also ask where the last trip was and what is their dream place to visit. If you’re the kind of person for whom shared travel ideas matters a lot (because let’s face it travel takes time, money, and there’s no point if you don’t come back feeling relaxed), this will help you figure out if you’re on the right track. It also opens the doors for sharing stories, telling fears, and making jokes. Plus, for those with adventurous stories, this could be the time to show off. 

8. When did your last relationship end?

Sparking conversations about the past can make you connect on a deeper level. The general questions to ask on a dating app can start to feel a little stagnant after a while. Throwing in a question that’s emotional and also, important for both of you to know will throw in a curveball to a general conversation. Also, if the last relationship hasn’t ended that long ago, it gives you an idea of the pace the next one (possibly with you) will go. A word of advice: not everyone is comfortable talking about the details of their formal lovers openly with an online match. It’s best to approach this topic empathetically and with clear intent.  

9. Who’re you closer to? Your mom or dad?

The key to getting to know anyone and their deepest personality secrets, patterns, and behavioral traits is to find out what their childhood is like and how’s their relationship with their parents. And instead of being direct in asking a general question like “what’s your childhood like?” – we’d suggest asking this question that directs answers to an emotional level, revealing their inherent bearing. We aren’t saying that children born in problematic households are beyond repair. But knowing about their early life experiences and how they’re working on becoming a better individual is a great psychological trick to get to know an online date. 

10. What are some items on your bucket list? 

Everyone has a bucket list. Everyone. It’s probably one of the best questions to ask on an online dating app. I know an acquaintance who asked someone on Tinder what was on their bucket list and he said hopping through Switzerland villages. Luck was in their favor and 2 years later, they were both touring Swiss villages on their honeymoon. Even if this match isn’t your “happily ever after”, there’s a possibility it would start some gripping conversations and interest or two to talk about. 

11. What’s your goal for the next 5 years? 

This might seem like a question to ask in an interview, but it really reveals tonnes about where a person is envisioning himself in 5 years and whether you fit into their life. Let’s say, for example, your match is planning to start a life in a different country or want to consider a possibility, and you have absolutely no plans of moving and are happy with where you are, this can be a dealbreaker for those looking for a long-term relationship. Besides, the question can also reveal a lot in terms of their future career plans, personal growth, and when they want to eventually settle down (a.k.a get married and have kids). 

Funny Online Questions To Ask On A Dating App

12. If you would choose to be a superhero, who would you be?

Adding some fun questions to the mix lightens up the mood and we all know humor is a great way to connect with anyone, let alone a prospective partner. Everyone loves the fantasy world and has grown up watching their favorite superhero. This could start a very interesting conversation especially if the person you’re talking to is a Marvel/ DC fan. Who knows you might even discover a superhero you didn’t even have an idea about! Plus, a fantasy movie night for the first date is always special. Depending on how the conversation goes, you can set up a fascinating first date with this good match.  

13. What are your thoughts on pineapple on a pizza?

A controversial dish that has possibly ruined pizza for some, and made the universal favorite dish better for others. It’s safe to say that pineapple on a pizza has divided the world like no other topic. No wonder it can be a superb fun question to ask on a dating app. They will either love it and you’d be excited about having a relationship where you both can devour the food item. Or the deal-breaker scenario occurs (just kidding) where one of you loves it and the other doesn’t. Nonetheless, it could spark some good conversation related to your culinary preferences and possibly, a romantic date in sight. 

14. Ask some “would you rather” questions

Would you rather be crazy rich or deeply in love? Would you rather skip pizza or sex for a year? Would you rather take one vacation that lasts 4 weeks or 4 vacations that last 1 week? Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the most intelligent? The possibilities are endless and the conversation can steer towards flirty or fun. If there’s one thing these questions do, it reveals the tastes, inclination, values, and character of a person without being too intrusive. Next time the conversation seems a bit awkward, just start these “would you rather” threads where each one of you can ask questions to the other by turn.!8&btvi=7&fsb=1&xpc=DQcy7rjTTZ&p=https%3A//

15. What’s the one thing that everyone hates but you love? 

This question is an interesting one and tells you what makes this person unique and also reveals their quirks. Finding out the one thing that he loves and the world doesn’t also might tell you their standing point towards certain affairs, their reasoning skills, and how well he takes criticism, in case you are opinionated in a different direction than they lean towards. The other person can also turn the limelight towards you, so be prepared to open up after you’re done querying.  

Flirty Questions For Online Dating

16. What do you prefer: cuddling or a slow makeout session?

Sex and getting close are a normal part of any relationship. In addition, having compatibility in that space boosts harmony in other aspects of relationships as well. If you & the person you’ve matched with are vibing well, and want to spice things up a little, a set of flirty questions can be totally the way to dig deeper into your mutual congruence. The first one could be as simple as asking them if they prefer a cuddling session or a slow makeout session. Some people prefer either depending on the scenario. It will be nice to know what your probable match thinks about the two and whether your intimacy preferences match. 

17. What’s your idea of a perfect romantic holiday?

If asking about a kiss or something more intimate feels awkward, get to know their sexual preferences by asking them what a perfect romantic holiday looks like. In the future shall things pan out you’d know if a couples’ vacation would look like lounging on the beach or taking an adventurous tour in the streets of Bali! Plus, it can also open up a lot about someone’s personality and previous travel experiences, therefore, expanding the conversation. While the definition of romance might not fit in the same criteria for two people, we’d suggest looking for the efforts a person puts into answering the question and revealing the details. Taking time to respond is the number one sign the other person’s interested in and cares about you.!9&fsb=1&xpc=6ErybQTbhe&p=https%3A//

18. What turns you on about a woman/ man?

Another flirty question to ask on a dating app is what turns the other person on about the opposite sex. This question also gives you an insight into what the prospective partner is looking for in future relationships. For every person, what turns them on can vary greatly. Some would get in the mood after a good, hearty conversation, others feel the mood to get cozy after going on a romantic date, while for others, seeing their partner making them feel special can do the trick. While the answer to this question doesn’t necessarily have to match, it sure gives you a good idea about the other person’s sensual preferences. 

19. How do you define good sex? 

If you aren’t someone who beats around the bush and likes to keep their conversation direct and to-point, this online dating question for a partner is for you! Everyone has a different definition of good sex and it plays a significant role in defining their sexual satisfaction in a relationship. It’s best to know them shall things pan out for the better for you two. 

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Deep Questions For Online Dating

20. What’s your biggest regret in life?

By sharing regrets, shameful experiences, or even embarrassing moments, one opens a corner for vulnerability in a relationship and we all know how crucial is vulnerability to bond with almost anyone. Plus, it gives you an idea if the other person is ready to open up. If the answer is affirmative, they’re most likely seeing you as a partner in the near future because no one opens up to an online prospect if they aren’t serious about them.!a&btvi=10&fsb=1&xpc=cyIiRRL40O&p=https%3A//

21. In what scenario, if any, do you think it’s okay to lie to your partner?

This can be a tough question for some people because no one wants to hear it’s okay to lie to their partner, but the truth is, in some cases, it’s okay! These include a vague attraction for someone, fleeting doubts about the relationship, buying a super-expensive bag when you’re trying to save, etc. This can definitely be an interesting question to ask because the possibilities are many and it will help build some interesting tête-à-tête between you two. 

22. How do you approach self-awareness and personal growth?

There are many reasons why self-awareness and personal growth are important in cultivating better relationships. Since you’d be spending the most time with your partner, it’s imperative that the relationship will be benefitted the most from these practices. Everyone has a different way of practicing the act of self-awareness and thereby, furthering personal growth. Some prefer meditation, others prefer journaling, some rely on noting down their emotional responses, others try to get feedback from trusted friends & family, and others prefer a mix of 2 to 4 activities. Anyhow, these questions to ask on a dating app just help you know that the person is putting an effort to better himself as an individual and takes responsibility for their behaviors and actions. In the long run, this will matter much more than you could have ever imagined. 

23. Describe your ideal family life. 

Some people want 3 kids, others want just one, others have a preference for adoption: if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, it’s important to know the answer to these questions early on in the dating. For a lot of people, this can be a deal-breaker. Further, ask them how they see the family dynamics in the future – basically, the gender roles and what they think about the same. An added benefit of this question is that it can lead you into talking about families. And generally speaking, men/ women who are closer to their family are more likely to prioritize them later in their life.!b&btvi=9&fsb=1&xpc=cUrTVt619S&p=https%3A//

24. What are the deal-breakers for you in a relationship?

While some deal-breakers are common, like abuse, toxic behavior, and infidelity, others are specific to a person. It can be as simple as being unhygienic for someone who is a Monica-type clean and other ones that involve religion or non-conforming worldviews. Being aware of them early on the dating pedestal makes you prepared if this is worth the long-term commitment. 

25. How do you approach problems in a relationship?

This could be a question directed towards a romantic relationship or a general one that also includes a tiff with family members and friends. You can drive the conversation towards asking if they include their friend’s opinion in their judgment, or discuss relationship problems with anyone. If the former is the case, how much do their close one’s opinions affect their actions? Taking cues from how this sensitive conversation goes, you can take hints on how that person would react in disagreements and stressful situations. 

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