Best dating sites for toronto

If you’re looking for the best dating sites for toronto, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got all your bases covered. Whether it’s Tinder or Hinge, we’ve got a list of the best places to find dates in Toronto.

So let’s get into it! First up is Tinder. This popular app allows users to scroll through potential matches and swipe right if they like what they see, or swipe left if they don’t. If someone swipes right on you too, then it’s a match!

Tinder also has a feature called Moments that allows users to create their own mini-feeds full of photos and videos from events they’ve attended (like concerts or conferences). You can add these moments to your profile and share them with friends—or potential matches—too. It makes a great conversation starter when you meet someone new!

Next up is Hinge. This app takes a different approach than Tinder by asking users more questions about themselves before they can start swiping or messaging people. It works by matching up people based on mutual friends, so if you have a friend in common with someone else who uses Hinge then there’s a good chance that person will be compatible with you too! Pretty cool

Best dating sites for Toronto

After this tip you’ll know exactly which dating site is right for you. Later on we will discuss dating apps as well.

Maybe it’s the cold, or perhaps it’s that everyone’s breath smells like poutine.

But Canadians love dating websites.

One Google search already gave me 10+ different sites to find your romantic partner.

So it’s only normal to feel overwhelmed.

Let’s eat this elephant one bite at a time.

Starting with the best rated.


Of all the dating sites, Match is Toronto’s most praised.

Which is curious, considering it only has 4.000 users between the ages of 18 and 35 in the Toronto area.

Then again, maybe its small numbers make sense.

Once OkCupid finds you a partner, you leave the site.

The reason Match is so loved boils down to six reasons.

  1. It’s one of the longest running dating sites, earning it lots of trust.
  2. It has lots of fun and original ways to connect its members. Like games with names such as, ‘Romantic Rip Off’, ‘Gut Reaction’, ‘Drawn Together’, and ‘Name That Dance’.
  3. It offers super detailed dating profiles. Including facts like: longest relationship time and dating intentions.
  4. It guarantees you’ll find someone in six months. If you don’t, you get the next six months for free.
  5. It has the best male to female ratio out of the OG dating sites (eHarmony and OkCupid)

Who can you expect to meet?

People looking for relationships that lean on the serious. Because shelling out cash on a dating site to find a hookup is just silly.

Those people can go to a bar for free and get instant results.

  • People ready for monogamy
  • Varied user base
  • Lots of unique ways and games to meet new people
  • The fact that it has a small audience, probably means that its users found their partners and left
  • Not for people looking for a fling
  • Not for those eager to walk down the aisle

2. eHarmony

eHarmony is for hopeless romantics looking for serious relationships.

While the process of finding a partner is slow, it has a good ratio of finding you the One.

So if you’re tired of catching feelings for people who just want to fool around, eHarmony is for you.


Because (almost) all of eHarmony’s users are in it for the long haul.

Plus eHarmony is confident in its matchmaking abilities.

If you’re not satisfied in three months, they’ll give you another three months for free.

Even though there is a free option, it’s pretty worthless.

Because after you build your free profile, you can’t talk to any of your matches.

What a cocktease!

But the fact that your match has paid to talk to you is a good thing. It shows they’re seriously looking for commitment. Great if you’re looking for a relationship or marriage.

The biggest downside to eHarmony is matching.

There’s no swiping. Every day you get a batch of matches eHarmony picked for you.

And you have no way to search within a specific area. So your match could live over a 100 miles away.

Using eHarmony means to sit around and wait for your soulmate to show up.

  • People looking for marriage
  • Young adults who like to date other adult people
  • Not for people looking for a fling
  • Takes a long time to get a new match
  • Only allows straight people to match
  • Most users are older, divorced, and have kids

3. OKCupid

OkCupid is the happy medium.

It’s not centered on hooking up

And it’s not brimming with people obsessed with getting hitched.

Although OKCupid has been around longer than your granny (in internet years), it doesn’t smell of mothballs.

OKCupid has been through a major makeover and is ready for the new liberal world.

The site now offers 13 gender identities and 22 sexual orientations.

The overhaul also replaced traditional questions that nobody answers truthfully (somehow everyone on dating apps rates themselves high on patience and romance, and low on selfishness) with stuff like “Would you rather share a kiss in a tent or a kiss in Paris?”

That way OKCupid discovers your habits without you having to break a sweat.

The big drawback of OkCupid?

It’s liberal as hell.

Which depending on your views, does not have to be a snag.

But if you are a right-winger, OkCupid probably isn’t for you.

Because together with the facelift also came lots of politically charged questions to thin out the non-progressive. OkCupid wants to know your opinion on issues like abortion, immigration and more.

  • Gender inclusive. It has 13 gender identities and 22 sexual orientations
  • Perfect for open-minded people looking for a relationship
  • Wide range of age groups (it has what you like)
  • Not for the conservative/right-wing
  • Not for people who hate filling out questionnaires
  • Not for those in a rush to marry
  • Wide range of age groups (it may take you a while to find what you like)

#2: Best dating apps in Toronto

You’re about to get the name of the app that’s going to give you that extra dating edge.

But before you do, you’re going to learn something super important.

Dating sites cost mucho dinero. So you only want to use one.

But because most dating apps are free, or can be used for a small fee, you want to use several.

After all…

The more matches you get, the more people you meet.

So let’s find you the best app for dating in Toronto.

1. Hinge

Hinge connects you with your extended Facebook friends.

(Your friends’ friends.)

So chances are you already know your future matches.

But you aren’t yet familiar enough to exchange numbers or Facebook.

Depending on how easily you add new friends, Hinge has the benefit of linking you with like minded people.

Leading to a deeper connection.

2. Bumble

Bumble is almost identical to Tinder.

Except for one important thing…

Ladies go first.

You can’t do diddly if she doesn’t send you the first message.

Pretty cool if you’re a dude who finds it hard to create witty openers.

The issue with Bumble is that you always have to be on your toes.

Because if you don’t respond to her text within 24 hours, the match expires.

Bumble also introduces another new feature: Bumble BFF.

Instead of looking for sexy times, you can find platonic love.

The average Bumble user is highly educated and in his or her late twenties.

Read my article for some of the best Bumble bio examples for men.

3. Happn

Happn tries to solve the classic romantic problem.

You lock eyes with your soulmate only for her to walk out of your life, never to be seen again.

Unless if you have Happn.

Because if you know when and where you met her, you can fire up your app and go over your timeline.

If she also has Happn installed, you can ‘like’ her.

And if she likes you back, you can start the flirting ritual.

4. Badoo

Badoo is the jack of all trades.

It has a bit of everything.

Swipe just like Tinder (with extra profile info).

Find the crush you walked past at the bus stop like Happn.

And use it for friends or dating like Bumble.

Badoo mostly attracts people between the ages of 20 and 25 years old, who are slightly less educated.

5. Tinder

Tinder requires no introduction.

Everybody and their mom knows Tinder.

While it gets plenty of hate, I think Tinder is the best dating app of them all.

Sure, lots of people are only looking for a way to pass the time instead of date.

But the sheer volume of users make Tinder the undisputed champion of online dating.

Because even if you filter out the time-wasters, you’re left with more people than all the other apps put together.

Who can you expect to meet?


Young, old. Educated, uneducated. Tinder has it all.

You can upgrade your membership to Tinder Plus to receive some cool extra features and benefits.

#3: The truth on Tinder in Toronto

Now for the million dollar question: is Tinder dead in Toronto?

I put out my feelers and worked my magic.

Actually, I just opened Tinder and changed my location to Toronto.

Next I started swiping and came to the fantabulous conclusion that…

Torontonians LOVE Tinder.

Daddy T is filled with sexy Canadian women. (That doesn’t sound lewd at all.)

And if you didn’t know that, it’s probably because of one of two reasons:

  1. You haven’t used Tinder in Toronto before
  2. You have used Tinder in Toronto, but you have a… how do I put this delicately? A sub par profile.

And neither of these issues is a problem.

Simply install Tinder and go HAM (hard as a motherf—).

Or download my free dating profile checklist to reveal all the weaknesses in your profile.

And get the answer on how to fix them.

You can find my Profile Checklist HERE.

Torontonians also use Bumble.

So which is better?

Let’s pit them against each other.

#4: Tinder vs. Bumble in Toronto

Which app is worth your time and energy?

Let’s dig into both apps.

Starting with popularity.


In terms of popularity, Tinder easily blows all the other dating apps out of the water.

But Tinder needs to stay vigilant

Statistics show that Tinder audience is shrinking. Whereas Bumble’s user base is growing.

The reason?

Bumble earned the reputation of ‘Classy Tinder’.


This round goes to Tinder. Although Bumble may be able to make a comeback.

What about profiles?

Profile options

Both Tinder and Bumble place the most emphasis on photos instead of profile.

Tinder gives you only 400 characters to write a bio. And gives you fields to mention your job and education. As well as links to your Instagram and Spotify accounts.

Bumble gives you more options to tell your story. Although it’s barebones compared to dating websites like Match and OkCupid.

So Bumble takes this bout.

Although Bumble outperforms Tinder in terms of profile, doesn’t mean that Bumble is better.

It depends on your preferences.

I don’t enjoy reading questionnaires on my match. I prefer to get to know her on the date.

What about how you’re matched with others?


Again, both apps are close to identical.

Swipe right if you like someone. Left if you don’t.

Although there are minor differences in how you match with someone, I call this a draw.

Premium and unique features

Bumble is essentially a Tinder clone with a twist: women text first.

Which sounds positive and empowering.

But experience shows that women don’t like making the first move.

And because Bumble’s unique feature (a match expires if she doesn’t text in 24 hours) forces their hand, women almost always send a quick “Hey.”

Then the guy also has to respond withing 24 hours or the match expires.

I have to be honest, this SUCKS about Bumble. Unless both parties are glued to their phones, this mechanism will simply cost you too many precious Bumble matches.

One cool benefit Bumble offers to make up for this, is that their Rewind function is free. This allows you to bring back a match you accidentally rejected (swiped left).

In the end, Tinder simply has more features. (Albeit it paid.)

For more on these functions, check out my article, Is Tinder Gold Worth It? There you get to know all 12 extra features.

I’m especially a fan of Tinder’s ability to match me with people abroad through the location function, which is great for travel.

Conclusion on Tinder versus Bumble

Both apps do their jobs.

And each does a slightly different job.

So comparing the two is a classic example of apples and oranges.

It comes down to preference.

To not leave you completely lost for direction, I will say this: Bumble suffers from low user numbers outside the city.

So low that you may be waiting for days, if not weeks, for a match.

So if you live in the countryside, and you don’t have the patience of a monk, your best bet is probably Tinder.

Tinder pros and cons

  • Far more users than Bumble (it has more users than Canada has residents)
  • Romantic partners for everyone, whether you enjoy a low or high education, whether you’re 21 or 51.
  • Better for hookups
  • Also has lots of people looking for long-term monogamy
  • Because it has a larger audience, it costs more time to filter out the people you like

Bumble pros and cons

  • Free Rewind function
  • Allows you to add labels to your profile, signalling you want a relationship
  • Attracts a crown of educated people around 25-35 years if that’s your demography
  • Less people than Tinder
  • Your match is lost if she doesn’t text you within 24 hours
  • And if you don’t reply within 24 hours, you lose the match too
  • So, prepare to lose lots of matches

Sorry Bumble, but Tinder is still the winner for most people.

#5: Toronto dating etiquette (IMPORTANT)

Every country has its own rules of behavior. And if you don’t want to embarrass yourself, you better know them.

1. Torontonians don’t mind open relationships

Most people from the 6ix love city life, because there’s always something happening.

So locals like to weigh their options and pick the hottest event.

That wait-and-see approach probably explains why many (12% of) Torontonians stay away from monogamous relationships.

Because how can you know you found the One, if you’ve only been with 5 partners?

Which is why…

2. Casual dating doesn’t raise any eyebrows

Again, people from Toronto like to have fun.

Millennials especially.

That’s why people in their early to mid twenties tend to date casually.

But that doesn’t mean daters are heartless.

They’re simply waiting to see if there’s a real chance for a committed relationship.

And until then…

3. Almost everyone is active on Tinder, Bumble or Happn

Because why not be on a dating app if you’re not in a monogamous relationship.

But make no mistake.

Dating casually is not just a personal desire, can also be a necessity.

Because many Torontonians are…

4. Super ambitious and career driven

Toronto has lots of universities filled with people looking to make it big.

While relationships are important, it’s not always a priority.

If the person you’re dating lives in Liberty Village, chances are they’re a go-getter.

5. Everyone is connected

Even though Toronto is a metropolis that houses 2.6 million people, through the six degrees of separation, everyone knows everyone.

So don’t burn your bridges.

If you want to stop seeing the person you’re dating, be nice about it.

You don’t want to be known as a douche.

#6: Tinder date ideas

Toronto date locations that will turn her into putty in your hands.

The 6ix is pretty chilly most of the year.

To warm up, take your date to Bar Raval.

1. Bar Raval

Bar Raval is a Spanish-inspired bar in College street.

And even if you’ve never been there, its mediteranean guitar riffs will lead you right to it.

Raval is a crowd favorite.

So you may have to elbow your way through its jam-packed patio to get inside and order your drinks.

And if the patio isn’t fit to bust, you’re in luck.

Because not only is the deck covered to protect you from the elements, it has heat lamps to keep you warm.

While most of what Raval serves is good. I invite you to go for the cocktails.

They go down smooth.

Next up, a patio of a different caliber.

2. The Broadview Hotel Stripclub Roof

What was once stripclub has been turned into a luxurious hotel that Drake wouldn’t mind shooting his new video in.

And its rooftop bar has one of the most stunning views in Toronto.

You can find the Broadview Hotel on Broadview avenue (what a shocker!).

To mix it up a little, let’s introduce a joint with some more oomph.

3. The Black Dice Cafe

The Black Dice cafe is a Japanese-Rockabilly bar.

If you want a new take on classic rock, or enjoy a good bit of weirdness with your coffee, you’ll definitely enjoy your trip to Black Dice.

Because here American oldies, British punk rockers and Japanese grease hands all live together under one roof.

Step back into the 50s and play your favorite rock-’n-roll songs on a jukebox while sipping on sake.

And don’t fret. They also serve cocktails, spirits and beer.

Because they don’t take their rockabilly homage lightly, they only take cash. No plastic.

While we’re on the topic of money.

I’m reminded that it’s always nice to have a cool bar that doesn’t break the bank.

Even if it makes me a little sweaty.

4. Sweaty Betty’s

Sweaty Betty’s is one of Toronto’s oldest dive bars.

And still in business for a reason.

It’s got a great selection of beer, whiskey and no-frills cocktails. For cheap.

Its couches and lamps make you feel like you’re hanging out in your college friend’s dorm.

It doesn’t actually smell like gym shorts.

And if you’re hungry, Betty serves burgers and sandwiches for the low, low price of 6 bucks.

Be sure to check out the patio too. It’s da bomb.

Also, is it mandatory to have cool patios in Toronto or what?

That wraps it up for Tinder in Toronto.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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