Best dating site for cheaters

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Best dating site for cheaters

15 Best Affair Sites and Cheating Apps: The Most Popular Affair Dating Platforms and Websites Online

Marriage does not always work out for some people. And when that happens, a dissatisfied spouse might choose to cheat. Hey, that’s their choice. My motto is if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it all the way, or do it the “right” way, if there is such a thing with cheating.

The best affair sites exist for married people who want a bit of fun outside the marriage. Moreover, these sites could be used as general dating for singles looking to mingle.

We have devised an excellent best affairs sites list that were used by our dedicated dating specialists. The information presented will help you make a final decision on which site you want to entertain and spend your money.

Popular Affair Sites Reviewed

Ashley Madison trucked forward with a confidence swagger and picked up a strong 9/10 rating. One reason AM earned the title ‘best affair site’ is because the free features are not too restrictive. You can still do some stuff like communicate with someone and establish a meeting without a premium account. The only hair-pulling con is the data breach-that can literally happen to any dating site-but still keep users on edge.

  1. Best affair dating site overall – Ashley Madison
  2. Runner up for best affair site – Victoria Milan
  3. Free affair site and support forum – Reddit Adultery
  4. Best for attractive and wealthy members – Seeking
  5. A classic married affairs website – No Strings Attached
  6. Best known affair dating site with a global presence – Adult Friend Finder
  7. Free classified ads with people seeking a secretive affair – Craigslist Activities
  8. A low-key way to cheat – Illicit Encounters
  9. Popular in France and Europe – Gleeden
  10. Best new affair site – HeatedAffairs

1. Ashley Madison – Most Popular Affair Site Today

15 Best Affair Sites and Cheating Apps: The Most Popular Affair Dating Platforms and Websites Online


  • Specifically for extramartial sex
  • Mask filter to hide facial features
  • Large user base


  • The site’s popularity poses a risk of getting caught

Ashley Madison is the pinnacle of affairs dating online. It has earned the number one spot by representing new age dating for old-timers who are committed to their spouse.

The popularity makes the site a household name and an ideal place to meet someone if one decides to take risks and cheat.

AM is free for women to use and charges a premium for men. Not unusual.

Additionally, there are plenty of ways to hide your location and identity so no one in your life can find your account easily should they go fishing on AM.

2. Victoria Milan – Runner Up for Best Affair Website

15 Best Affair Sites and Cheating Apps: The Most Popular Affair Dating Platforms and Websites Online


  • Top-notch 256-bit SSL security
  • Can hide your face from other users


  • Some profiles are fake
  • Customer service is meh is one of the hottest dating affair sites, but you need to sign up and upgrade to a premium account to get anywhere.

Although there are reports of fake profiles and attempted blackmail, it is still an excellent site to check out as long as you adequately protect yourself.

As far as features, it reminds me so much of Ashley Madison. A panic button is available to press when someone enters your bedroom or office. Data protection ensures your private info never leaks to hackers. You can hide your face with a mask icon and all.

3. Reddit Adultery – Free Cheating and Affair Site

15 Best Affair Sites and Cheating Apps: The Most Popular Affair Dating Platforms and Websites Online


  • Free to use


  • Not really a dating app
  • Can’t see photos of the people you’re talking to

Reddit adultery is not a discreet dating site, but more like a shrink for people expressing emotional stress in their marriages. But that’s where the dating part comes in. A person could put their game down and find someone to have a relationship with since you are talking about subjects that are not superficial. You can get to the core of problems and get to know the person in and out. Additionally, you can give and get some excellent dating advice on how to prevent infidelity.

4. Seeking – Site to Find Attractive Affair Partners

15 Best Affair Sites and Cheating Apps: The Most Popular Affair Dating Platforms and Websites Online


  • Sugar babies can do more than just have affairs and date on Seeking; she can actually make a financial come up
  • Sugar daddies can find a sexy sugar baby
  • Income verification earns a profile showing you are the real deal
  • College students can register for free using an .edu email


  • Attracts gold diggers

Seeking, aka Seeking Arrangements, is more conducive to sugar relationships than affairs. So, you know who fits this bill: married men who are tired of their boring wives.

Let’s face it, most marriages are business relationships, and love is not even a factor. Have you ever heard the phrase, “it’s not personal, just business”? Cheating men have an inkling to dump their loads into something proverbially “young and beautiful” instead of “paying” their housewives for an image. But these men don’t want to divorce, risk it all-including a family structure, and have the wife get half of everything. Therefore, this site seems to fit the bill for this type of situation. However, these men don’t understand that she will get half anyway if they get caught cheating.

People using this site seem to have an agenda, unlike Adult Friend Finder or even Ashley Madison that attracts those who are sexually undisciplined. Therefore, this site is great for college students and retirees.

5. No Strings Attached – Affair Dating Site for Married People

15 Best Affair Sites and Cheating Apps: The Most Popular Affair Dating Platforms and Websites Online


  • Best site for no string attached sex
  • Premium account is not as expensive as other affair sites
  • Better quality of users
  • Easy to use
  • Familiar features


  • Won’t get too far with the free account
  • Allegedly there are more men than women here, and some of those ‘women’ are catfish

If you have ever seen the movie No Strings Attached, you should know what this website is about.

NSA is for singles and those in committed relationships. It’s not as big as AdultFriendFinder but still functional, as there are thousands of users here. There is a possibility of finding a one-night stand, but you will likely find another relationship just based on the vibe of the people using the site.

This affair site is one of the easier ones to use with very accessible features. It reminds me of Ashley Madison as you get the ability to flirt, wink at matches.

6. Adult Friend Finder – Best Site for Finding an Affair Anywhere

15 Best Affair Sites and Cheating Apps: The Most Popular Affair Dating Platforms and Websites Online


  • Can find dates anywhere at anytime
  • Easy website to get around and use


  • Membership is the second most costly on this list

AdultFriendFinder reaches every part of the globe, so you will likely find a lonely cheater looking for the same type of entertainment. AFF provides easy convenience to talk with someone, and from what I noticed, most people get down to business about what they want.

Adult Friend Finder does not market itself as an affair site but as a general dating site. The umpteenth amount of people circulating there is why this site made the list.

You can easily find someone preferential by changing the filter according to body type, gender, likes and dislikes, habits, etc. An affair is waiting for you there.

Look at AFF as a sexual affair jungle with daters waiting for prey.

7. Craigslist Activities – Free Affairs Available Post by Post

15 Best Affair Sites and Cheating Apps: The Most Popular Affair Dating Platforms and Websites Online


  • Free
  • 100% anonymous
  • Directory: can find anything from an affair to an xBox on the same site


  • It’s risky meeting someone (you never know who they truly are)

Craigslist is the best affair site if you want to use it for free, remain anonymous, and get your freak on with no strings attached. Since anyone can log in to Craigslist with no identifying information and post a classified ad without paying a cent, there is no traceable digital footprint.

However, Craigslist is unpredictable. You never know who is on the other side of the computer. Therefore, finding someone who is not bat crazy is challenging.

Users can post their real pics on the best affair sites like Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder, but Craigslist does not require posting anything except words and then verifying you are not a robot by asking you to click on a series of pics. If you happen to luck up and find someone that matches your physical preference to have an affair, then you are in the game.

Using Craigslist Activities is like rolling dice. You never know what you’re going to get.

8. Illicit Encounters

15 Best Affair Sites and Cheating Apps: The Most Popular Affair Dating Platforms and Websites Online


  • Detailed filter feature
  • More secretive casual affair site


  • Some bots and fake profiles
  • Auto-renew payments

Illicit Encounters is very different from other affair sites in every way.

First, Illicit Encounters claim to have a balanced man-to-woman ratio. If true, then both genders should have the time of their lives. No more sausage fests for the men and women can have their pick of the litter.

Photo privacy is always a concern when on an affair site. Users want to show their assets and physical looks without exposing their identities. How can that be done? A simple answer: mask filter and make the photo gallery public or private, Illicit Encounters has.



Anybody unhappy with their marriage would love to use Illicit Encounters.

Runner ups that didn’t make the top 10:

  • Tinder
  • PlentyOfFish
  • Bumble
  • Fetlife
  • Pure App

FAQs for Best Affair Sites

Why choose married dating sites from this list?

1. Hides your identity

One major reason to choose the married dating sites in this list is the identity-hiding features. Casual dating sites do not have these features because users there want to be seen. Many are single and don’t have a reason to hide.

Out of a million members on casual dating sites, if someone recognizes you, then your secrets could get out to the world and eventually back home. These discreet affair sites prevent the cat from coming out of the bag.

2. Protects data

Another reason to choose these discreet affair sites is that they protect your data. Many have features that hide your location, name, etc.

3. Meeting like-minded people

Another benefit of meeting people who are in the same situation as you-looking to cheat with a one-night stand. Meeting an escort or hooker on the streets is risky in every way, but people who get on affair sites likely just want sexual gratification.

Are these affair sites safe to use?

These affair sites are safer to use than the casual dating one because of the SSL encrypted security features that protect users’ information. Of course, we’ve all heard about the Ashley Madison security breaches, but these hacks gave the sites a blueprint on how to avoid such attacks.

The only thing a person has to worry about would be catfish. Nothing can protect against that. And the catfish on affair sites seem to be expert blackmailers. However, these sites charge a premium price to decrease the chances of catfish signing up for accounts. As such, some sugar sites even have income verification systems, so women will know for sure they are messaging a rich man.

Cheating Sites and Apps: Final Word

Many married affair dating websites have a ton of features that help users stay hidden when cheating on their spouses.

Some websites have free features, but if you really want to get the full experience of hooking with a casual date, then purchasing a premium service or tokens is the way to go.

Having an equal male-to-women ratio is a plus for these sites, since most have more men than women, and even some fake profiles, which are part of the game. Out of 48 million members, you are bound to find someone.

That’s our final word about the best affair sites.

And remember something: cheating hurts a lot of people and makes relationships unrepairable, but if you’re going to do it, do it the “right” way, if there is such a thing. The best affair sites is the way to go.

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