Best dating site for canada

No matter if you live in the populous areas of the country or you’re out in the more rural areas, finding love in Canada can be challenging. What’s exciting, though, is that technology has come a long way in the past two decades to address those issues and make dating that much easier.

What we’re talking about is online dating! And when you use one of the best dating apps in Canada, you unlock the door to meet thousands of singles with the same relationship goals as you. In this guide, we’re going to showcase our picks for the best Canadian dating apps, share what dating is like in some of the more populous cities (like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal), and give you some tips to get the most out of online dating.

Best dating site for canada

Best Dating Apps in Canada

4 Best Dating Apps in Canada

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In This Guide:

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eHarmony app and homepage screenshots

When it comes to dating in Canada, the statistics show that more singles are looking for serious and committed relationships than casual, fly-by-night flings. And if that sounds like exactly what you’re looking for, then eHarmony is an ideal option for you.

What’s neat is that you can select any combination of 13 different provinces and regions in the country to see matches from, as well as matches from the US by state or other countries. This allows you to get the ideal mix of geographical matches that fit all your other wants and needs. Maybe you’re open to dating just in your province? Maybe you’re open to all of Canada? Maybe you’re open to a few northern US border states? The choice is all yours.

Canada Regions on eHarmony screenshot

Love is not just about location, though, and eHarmony delivers. With an in-depth matching questionnaire, a clear-cut focus on quality members, and a service experience that blows most other options out of the water—you’re going to love what eHarmony has to offer. If you’re even remotely interested, we recommend using the link below to create a free account, take the matching questionnaire, and get to see who might be available and looking to talk in your area!

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Other Great Canadian Dating Sites:

  • Elite Singles – With an impressive 173,000+ new members joining every month from North America, Elite Singles instantly became a candidate for one of the best dating sites in Canada. And when you toss in the fact that over 85% of the singles on the site are highly educated, matching is handled through a powerful algorithm, and it’s filled with high-quality Canadian singles—it easily a top pick. (Read our review of Elite Singles)
  • Zoosk – For Canadian singles who aren’t necessarily looking for a serious relationship quite yet or who are open to both serious and casual, Zoosk is ideal for you. And with over 35 million members around the world and throughout the 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada, it’s a great option to check out. (Read our review of Zoosk).
  • SilverSingles – Nearly half (49.12%) of the adult Canadian population is over the age of 50 (Source: National Canadian Statistics Office). If you fall into this group, you’re most likely interested in only dating senior Canadians. If that sounds like you, there is no better option to try than SilverSingles. You can still have luck on the other sites we’ve recommended, but this option only lets people join who are 50 years of age or older. (Read our review of SilverSingles).

Why These Are the Best Dating Sites in Canada

Canadians are known for being smart, perceptive, and enjoying the finer things in life. And as a result of this, our team felt it was extremely important to put extra time and effort into making our selections for the best dating apps in Canada. Additionally, the team felt it important to be transparent about the major factors that went into that decision-making process.

Here are four of the biggest reasons that we selected these options as the leaders when it comes to dating sites in Canada.

1. Singles From All Provinces and Territories

Our journey through evaluating these online dating options starts with the quality and number of singles available for you to meet and connect with. As Canada’s motto is A Mari Usque Ad Mare (From Sea to Sea), we want the single options always be from sea to sea to give you the best experience possible. Yes, you can probably expect lower numbers in the more rural areas or territories. However, it only takes one person to change your life, and you can always expand your search to other cities, provinces, or territories.

2. International Options to the South

Some Canadian singles just want to date other Canadian singles, which is totally fine (and awesome)! But some are open to dating across international borders, particularly to the south in America. This becomes more prevalent the closer you live to the border. If that’s the case, you’ll find that you will have the option with most of these sites to adjust your location to include seeing people from America. The best site for this on the list (where it’s the easiest and most convenient) is eHarmony.

3. Focus on More Committed Relationships

As of 2017, the majority of people in the country aged 25-64 were either married (56%) or living common law (15%). That’s an impressive 19.9 million people! Because of this, it seems logical that the best Canadian dating apps are ones that gravitate more towards these more serious types of relationships. Sure, we did include a few casual options, but when you look at sites like Elite Singles and eHarmony, they’re much more targeted towards what the stats show Canadian singles are looking for.

4. Bilingual Options and Translations

While this probably isn’t that important, it’s still nice to know that most of these Canadian dating apps give you the ability to translate into English or French. This will be more of a preference perk, as the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages in Canada states that 98% of people in the country know how to speak English fluently.

Tips for Selecting the Best Canadian Dating Site

Picking out your favourite Canadian dating site is actually quite easy if you know how to go about the process. While we’d just recommend jumping in and trying out a few of the options we’ve shared, we know that many of you may want to put a bit more calculated time and effort into the process. If that sounds like you, here are a few tips to help you with the process.

  • Start with the type of relationship you’re looking for. – If you’re looking for something potentially more serious or committed, go with an option like eHarmony or Elite Singles. If you’re looking more toward something casual, choose an option like Zoosk.
  • Learn how to utilize the app features. – None of these Canadian dating apps are run by magicians or wizards. It would be awesome if you could just sign up and instantly find the right person. but that’s just not the way things work. You are going to have to put in a little work yourself, but the apps all come with features to make the process way easier. That is—as long as you take the time to check out the features they have available and learn to use them. When you’re searching for the right app option for you, take a little time to go feature researching.
  • Use free trial accounts. – The average cost of a dating app membership in Canada is somewhere between CA$10 and CA$80 monthly. And while this is probably well worth every dollar on a quality site, it can become expensive if you are constantly buying memberships at the wrong sites. Use the free trial accounts we’ve supplied in this guide to test things out before you upgrade. We aren’t ever recommending that you use free Canadian dating sites (they’re not worth your time), but we are recommending that you invest your time and money wisely. Make sure you’re at the right site for you before you choose to pay for an upgraded premium account.
  • Don’t lose site of the fun. – Canadians know how to fun, but they also know how to get serious when it’s time for work to get done. When it comes to online dating, don’t let your serious side come on too strong. Yes, it’s a process you want to take seriously, but let yourself have some fun with it! If a Canadian dating app doesn’t seem like something you’re going to enjoy, move on to the next one!

Best Toronto Dating Apps

If you’re a Torontonian looking for love, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a spoiler upfront. When it comes to online dating, any of the options we’ve recommended in this guide will make for great dating app options in Toronto. But to dial things in a bit more, here’s some information about what dating in Toronto is really like and where you might have the best results.

Our recommendation for the best dating app in Toronto is eHarmony.

The reason we chose eHarmony as the best Toronto dating app is two-fold. First, with over 54% of the city’s population already in legally committed relationships, it would seem that the city leans more towards those types of arrangements. As eHarmony is the leader for committed relationships in Canada, it seems like a good fit. Second, the city has an average age of 40.6, meaning that the more casual options that are ideal for singles in their teens and early 20s just might not be the right fit. As eHarmony’s bread and butter is late 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, again, it seems like the right option for Torontonian singles.

Dating Scene in Toronto

  • City Known For: Tourism; multicultural events; sports
  • Population: 2,731,571
  • Gender Split: 52% males to 48% females
  • Married: 54% married or living common-law
  • Single, Never Married: 30%
View of Toronto over the water

Best Vancouver Dating Apps

Vancouver singles looking for Vancouver dating apps need not look any further than the recommendations in this guide. In fact, our team found that our overall Canadian rankings were quite in line with our recommendations for people in this city. Read on to see our top pick for the best Vancouver dating app and why we made that decision. Additionally, we’ll share some data about the singles scene in the city.

Our recommendation for the best dating app in Vancouver is Elite Singles.

With a large tourism industry in the city, a great Vancouver dating app is going to be one where changing your location is going to be a bit harder, as well as an app that doesn’t work off your current proximity. Why? Well, unless you want to date a bunch of people who are just in town for the weekend looking for a quick fling, you’re better off choosing more wisely. And with Elite Singles, there’s an in-depth sign up process and the process to change your location or search for singles from your current proximity is a bit more challenging to figure out.

Additionally, Vancouver has an incredibly bustling tech, education, and business scene. You’ve also got several universities like The University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Film School. With such a focus on business, growth, and education, it makes Elite Singles and ideal fit for people in the city looking for more than just a weekend fling with a tourist.

Dating Scene in Vancouver

  • City Known For: Beautiful scenery; tourism
  • Population: 2,463,431
  • Gender Split: 48.8% males to 51.2% females
  • Married: 56.77% married or living common-law
  • Single, Never Married: 29.93%
Vancouver over the water

Best Montreal Dating Apps

If you live in Quebec, particularly in Montreal, you get the privilege of living in one of the most multicultural and exciting areas in all of Canada. With over 4 million people there, it’s a great place if you’re looking to meet someone special. Below, we’ll outline our pick for the best dating app in Montreal, as well as some information on the dating scene in the city and how you can have success finding love.

Our recommendation for the best dating app in Montreal is Zoosk.

With such a unique and diverse population in Montreal, we thought the best dating app in the area would be one that has the most options (and the most ways to search through those options). And when it comes to options and online dating, nothing tops the 35 million+ singles on Zoosk. And with an average age of 40.6 (slightly lower than that of the entire country), there may be more people still looking to casually date. Again, Zoosk shines here for Canadian singles because you can select any of six different types of relationships you’re looking for that range from casual to long-term dating.

If you’re from Montreal and looking to date or find love, Zoosk should probably be your first stop, though Elite Singles was a near-tie, close second.

Dating Scene in Montreal

  • City Known For: Cultural; education; central hub for business and entertainment
  • Population: 4,098,927
  • Gender Split: 49.8% males to 51.2% females
  • Married: 54.15% married or living common-law
  • Single, Never Married: 31.61%
A view of Montreal over the water

Canada Dating Site FAQ

What is the best dating app in Canada?

The best dating app in Canada is Elite Singles, followed closely by eHarmony, Zoosk, and Elite Singles. These apps have plenty of singles from all over Canada, are able to be used in multiple languages, and have a great track record of success for Canadian singles.

Are these dating apps good for French speaking Canadians?

While it’s reported that 98% of Canadians can carry on a fluent conversation in English, it’s still worth noting that some people prefer to carry on in French. If that’s the case, then yes—these Canadian dating apps allow you to translate the site content. Beyond that, you are always able to chat to other singles in whatever language you prefer.

Are there any free dating sites in Canada?

Yes, there are free Canadian dating sites available. However, the lack of resources these sites generally have often create issues with features, security, and the overall quality of the experience. We highly recommend using free trials to find a great Canadian dating site and then upgrading to a premium membership. Otherwise, you’re going to have to do a lot of sifting through scammers, fake accounts, and flaky people.

How can I meet Canadians online?

If you live in Canada, Canadian dating sites are a great way to meet people from the country. If you live internationally, though, you may want to check out international dating sites that connect you to people from this country.

What is the best dating site for over 40 in Canada?

If you’re over 40 in Canada, eHarmony is probably going to be the best option for you. If you’re over 50, though, SilverSingles is an option that doesn’t let anyone under that age onto the site. Any of the recommended options in this guide do allow you to set your preferences for what age singles you want to meet.

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