Aquarius and cancer love compatibility

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is a match made in heaven.

These two signs are both highly intellectual, and they’ll never run out of things to talk about. They’re both also very emotional, which means that they’ll always be able to understand one another.

Aquarius’ love for the world and Cancer’s sense of home and family make them an ideal couple. They will be able to share ideas about how to make their lives better and can work together on projects that benefit not only themselves but also the people around them.

Aquarius and cancer love compatibility


Cancer and Aquarius Nature and Nuances:

Cancer Aquarius compatibility isn’t as high as you would want it to be, but making this relationship work is also very much possible. If these signs combine in the right way with the right state of mind, they can script a beautiful fairytale for themselves.

Let us understand the nuances of their equation below:

Cancer and Aquarius Personality Traits:

Cancer, fourth in the zodiac chart, is a family and home oriented sign. These individuals prefer coziness over chaos. They are tenacious, cautious and respectful in their approach to everything in life. The crab believes in the power of nurturing other souls and will not even expect their investment in other people’s growth to return to them in any form.

Aquarius is the second last sign of the zodiac and is known for its progressive thought process. Those born under this sun sign are sharp, focused and determined. The water-bearer is a real sucker for intellectual conversations and poignant discussions. They know how to achieve the highest of heights in their chosen field and once they set their mind to accomplish something, they are prone to get to it more often than not.

Cancer and Aquarius Love Compatibility:

Both Cancer man and Aquarius woman care for those around them and are extremely committed to their partner. Cancer will help Aquarius get in touch with his/her softer side through nothing but affection and compassion. Aquarius, in turn, will inspire the crab to care for its own self as much as it does for those around it.

This might not be the most conventional zodiac relationship and might even look difficult to work out on paper, but this Cancer and Aquarius love match will definitely see something worth exploring if the connection between the two souls seems real and something worth building upon. The association of the Aquarius man and Cancer woman may also turn out to be aligned in a similar manner.

Pros and Cons of Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility:

Pros of the Cancer Aquarius relationship:

The tender love that Cancer will shower on the water-bearer will truly help him/her make a secure place in the Aquarian’s heart. The biggest strength of this union lies in the commitment that both the partners will have for each other once the initial phase of the relationship is past.

Neither of them requires too much flattery or admiration from each other, which helps them focus on the deeper things instead. The crab will give a lot to its partner without expecting anything in return, while the Aquarian will not shy away from giving newer experiences to the Cancer from time to time. This can definitely be a successful union in the long run, if certain things are taken care of by both the individuals.

Cons of the Cancer Aquarius Relationship:

Those ruled by Cancer have a very tender and loving soul, and the emotional unavailability of their partner from time to time can turn them bitter. The Aquarian would hate to be restricted in anything through life and cannot settle down unless completely sure about their freedom. The crab, on the other hand, is a home driven zodiac sign that cannot feel secure without the stable presence of a domestic entity in their life constantly.

This can create insurmountable problems for the pair and make it difficult for them to find the middle ground.


For this relationship to work and for both the parties to reap maximum benefits from it, it is very important for both Aquarius and Cancer to embrace the uniqueness of their partner and try not to change their beliefs.

The Aquarian must try and engage in building a beautiful home with Cancer. The former might end up realizing that doing so isn’t at all claustrophobic, if done in the right spirit and with the right person. Cancer, on the other hand, must trust his/her partner when it comes to experimenting with new things. The crab must step out of the comfort zone and once that is achieved, he/she will find magic from the Aquarian’s hands.

Cancer AND Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius match

Cancer & Aquarius Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

A sexual relationship between Cancer and Aquarius can be stressful for both partners. Although Cancer is considered the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, governed by the Moon, they can be quite rough and distant when they feel the need to set strong boundaries. Aquarius, on the other hand, is known as an innovator, someone to make the change, but in fact, they are a fixed sign, pretty set in their ways and as a paradox – unchangeable.

When they engage in sexual activity, Cancer could be so stressed that they will have to set those boundaries and Aquarius will not be able to make the needed change to be gentler to their Cancer partner. There is too much energy in Aquarius that needs to be grounded through their physical activity and this includes sex. Cancer doesn’t really understand this and is convinced that in sexual relations with someone you love only emotions should be shared.

If Aquarius finds a way to slow down and not force anything on their partner, and if Cancer allows their rational mind to take over for some of the time they spend together, they might share an exciting sexual experience. Cancer will bring emotions and tenderness to their sex life and Aquarius won’t ever let boring routine take over. If they compromise on experimenting and emotional exchange, they could even start having fun.


Cancer & Aquarius Trust

Cancer is usually loyal and honest, except in situations when they are scared of the aggressive reaction of their loved one, or of hurting them badly. With Aquarius, they might feel stressed to share things and this could present a both way issue when it comes to trust. The liberal nature of Aquarius could seem crazy to a Cancer, and their partner’s honesty about their craziness won’t help the inner feeling of mistrust for their possible actions. It is a complicated thing for them, because none of them wants to lie, but still they don’t seem to trust the future they might share.


Cancer & Aquarius Communication And Intellect

Cancer and Aquarius are able to join forces in intellectual activity. The mind of a Cancer is sensitive enough to pay attention to details and interpersonal relationships when Aquarius fails to do so. They could make grand ideas come true, especially those that need a lot of people involved on their way to become real.

However, they might have trouble talking to one another in the same tone or understanding each other in the first place. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the fastest heavenly body in the sky, but they are not fast to recognize what hides behind Aquarius’ words. There is difficulty for Aquarius to express their inner state and this is something Cancer has trouble understanding.

The best beginning of their relationship is guaranteed if Aquarius sees their Cancer partner as a weird human being that needs to be examined. This will allow them both enough space to get to know each other well, and this could influence all other areas of their relationship. If this happens, Aquarius will approach those strange activities Cancer needs as if they weren’t ordinary at all. After all, not everyone can drink a morning coffee in total silence with their partner and enjoy this silence as much as these partners can.


Cancer & Aquarius Emotions

The unconventional nature of Aquarius interferes with Cancer’s need to stay in a peaceful environment, and this is something they will find hardest to reconcile. That homey, cozy feeling Cancer needs can be deeply disturbed by the rebellious Air sign of Aquarius. They will bring stress and too much information in their life, and speed that cannot be handled by a subtle state of deep empathy Cancer has to live with daily.

The way they show love is very different, but it can be wonderfully focused on their kids and the family they build if they get to this point. There is no sign in the zodiac predestined for a family life such as Cancer. In a relationship with Aquarius, they would take over the most of everyday activities and responsibilities. In return, their children would get a childhood without boundaries and a life of free choices that no other couple can give. This is a consequence of the difference between them and the tolerance they have to build in order to stay together.

When they do fall in love, they will not be so quick to end their relationship. Aquarius will approach it as a kind of challenge and understand the stability and love they get from this partner. Cancer will realize that they have never been this free to actually be themselves instead of living in a symbiotic relationship they are easily sucked into. Once they form a strong bond, it will be very hard for both of them to let it go.


Cancer & Aquarius Values

Cancer values knowledge almost as much as Aquarius values information. This is a fine connection between their worlds and if it is nurtured it could be just enough for them not to be set apart by other values they hold on to. Cancer does value stability, intimacy and family, while Aquarius values their freedom, intellect and new technology. There is a difference between their worlds that might seem impossible to overcome, but if they hold on to their love of distances and travel or if they learn together, they could easily get over the fact that their values on other things differ so much.


Cancer & Aquarius Shared Activities

While Cancer will want to stay at home, go for a picnic in the park or to a furniture store, Aquarius will look for the highest skyscraper, wish for a new laptop and read anything that falls into their hands. The key activity that could truly connect them is travel. Although Cancer seems homey and unmovable, this is not exactly true. Due to the fact that it is a sign of Jupiter’s exaltation, they will want to travel far. Aquarius will always want to board a plane and it would be perfect if they could parachute to a location where Cancer would safely land in a Boeing 747.



We could say that Cancer and Aquarius are not your usual happy couple in most cases. Their relationship can be too stressful for Cancer partner and the lack of intimacy will most probably tear them apart. However, the link between them can actually be wonderful when found, and they could open up such interesting new perspectives for one another if this happens. They both want to learn new things and could travel far if a strong base is made at home, so Cancer can remain peaceful.

For this couple to move in a positive direction, Aquarius needs to understand how unusual their partner is, and try to experiment on being homey while having fun. Cancer will have to take over the main set of responsibilities to hold on to the idea of their home as a base from which they can move wherever they want. In the end, Cancer might discover an unbelievable joy of freedom and Aquarius might develop closeness. If these partners can be silent together, sipping on their morning coffee, this is in most cases the first step to success.

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