April 7 zodiac love compatibility

The zodiac signs of the zodiac compatibility chart can help you in finding love especially if you know the traits of your sign, and the other person’s sign.

April 7 zodiac love compatibility


Aries and Taurus compatibility: Nature and Nuances

Aries and Taurus are two different souls. However, they do have certain similarities between them. Can they find the right amalgamation of these qualities to nurture a powerful and enduring relationship with each other?

Find out below:

Aries and Taurus Personality Traits

Aries marks the beginning of the zodiac world and is the first sign of the astrological chart. The Ram is its symbol. It is a Cardinal Fire sign. These individuals are optimistic, powerful, ambitious, and self-assured.

Taurus zodiac sign is symbolized by the Bull. It is a Fixed Earth sign. Those born under it are secure, strong, steadfast, and sensuous individuals.

Aries and Taurus Love Match

Both the Aries man and Taurus woman are next to each other of the zodiac. Hence, both have a unique sense of youthfulness and energy in their personalities, as they represented birth and early childhood due to their positioning amongst the signs. This is why they have an understanding of each other and can connect on an innate level.

Both Aries and Taurus are powerful and strong-willed, albeit in their own ways. Aries is ruled by Mars, while Taurus is ruled by Venus. These two planets always make for a beautiful romantic couple.

However, differences are aplenty between the Ram and the Bull. They are not naturally compatible with each other, and if they do want the relationship to work for the long haul, they need to be willing to invest in each other and their bond. The association of a Taurus man and Aries woman may also need to find its passage towards a successful relationship.

Pros and Cons of Aries and Taurus Compatibility

Pros of the Aries Taurus Relationship:

Aries zodiac is a vibrant and vivacious soul, while Taurus is relatively stable. The Bull does not like too much noise, but is willing to provide the Ram with support to shine and rise. This adds a beautiful sort of balance to their relationship and makes it a valuable entity for both Taurus and Aries.

Aries is an intense lover. Taurus is a sensuous soul. Hence, their bond is extremely passionate and will feel thrilling to them both at every step along the way. Their physical intimacy will be high and the chemistry they build with each other will bring them closer.

Taurus will be attracted to the confidence and charm of the Ram. On the other hand, the Arian will be drawn by the quiet power and ceaseless ambition of the Taurean personality. If they manage to strike the right chord, this is a combination that can go the distance.

Cons of the Aries Taurus Relationship:

Aries has inborn leadership qualities. However, that can turn into a controlling trait from time to time. The Taurean, who hates being ordered around by other people, will find this extremely hard to take.

On the other hand, the Bull’s stubbornness to change its point of view will frustrate the Arian endlessly. The Ram always wants to be right. Hence, the arguments in this horoscope compatibility will not be mild and subtle. Instead, they will flow of the handle and can reach an ugly level pretty soon. Aries has a fiery temper and while Taurus is patient enough, if the latter goes out of control, it combusts into rage. This makes it even more difficult for this pair to have a constructive disagreement.


This Aries and Taurus love match compatibility work if both the sides are ready to adjust to each other on some basic fronts and to have a leash over their negative qualities. If and when they manage to do that, the Aries and Taurus compatibility will soar through the skies, without a care in the world!

April 7th Zodiac

April 8 ZodiacApril 6 Zodiac

Date: April 7th
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Color: Burgundy
In One Word: Beyond
Shape: Two Lines Forming a Right Angle
Strength: Clarity
Weakness: Pushy
Most Compatible With: Aquarius

Changes that are needed in the world of those born on April 7th tend to take a lot of energy from them day after day while at the same time feeding them with positivity. Only as they start embracing change as a natural part of everyday life will they learn how easy it can be to follow the spontaneous flow of their emotional needs. No stiff opinions will be good for them.

April 7th Horoscope

(Pluto) – URANUS – (Pluto) – SATURN

True innovators among Aries representatives, we can see that those born on the 7th of April have a lot of tension in their system. As if their sole purpose in life was to shake up the system, they could have trouble with the law, with authorities and the state they live in. We can see people who avoid taxes because of some strange principle, as well as those who build a strong foundation only to jump into something entirely different head on. Whatever their goals, they might change them along the way, but the basis they carry in the world of responsibility could give them wings if they are ready to embrace all circumstances and what they were truly built to do in this lifetime.

The second level of analysis shows that true liberation is found only through forgiveness and the mellow side of their hearts. Those born on this date have a mission to find their emotional core and let it guide them throughout all challenges that might come, connecting with another human on the foundation of unshakeable mutual respect.

Love And Emotions

Those born on the 7th of April seem distant and detached in a way, as if they are always in a battle with the world to prove their worth and their attitude as righteous. They are the heroes of every social group and feel a strong need to fight for the weak, support those in need, and be the pillar of good will to those who need one. Still, close and intimate relationships build through many distant and undefined ones and they will come to learn that their primal family might not have given them what they needed to truly recognize their full potential for love.

It is in their nature to stand alone and be selfish in some way until they find the right person, a lover and a friend in one partner, and this ideal usually won’t even occupy their mind until it comes to life. They are open for different relationships, experiments, and could move though different relationships until they determine what they really want out of love. Able to separate sex from emotion, their rational mind from instinct, they will find their soulmate to be where they least expect to find them.


Interaction with other people is truly important in lives of those born on April 7th, especially with their mother and members of their family who are closest to their heart. They always have a story from their family tree that needs to be unveiled and overcome, and find their emotional world to be their greatest challenge and their greatest reward. It is their purpose in life to understand others and themselves, and forgive all those who hurt them when they were vulnerable and too young to find a way to protect their fragile hearts.

What They Excel In

People born on the 7th of April excel in all skills that need leadership and a strong spirit, with a strong focus on their goal. They will change and be willing to adapt, but the stress might take the best of them and make them aggressive or angry. They are innovative, starters and those who begin new organizations and working routines. Although interpersonal relationships aren’t their forte, they will work well in a team where emotion is shared, especially if they have their own company or if they work from home. They are sportsmen, archers, and engineers who turn out to be the masterminds behind the scenes. Their intelligence needs to be nurtured throughout their youth or the frustration will take over too easily.

April 7th Birthday Gift

A piece of technology such as a new tablet or something to improve their daily routine is a very good gift for a person born on April 7th. They will be curious about everything that can help them make a change in rational and obvious ways. Sentimental value of their presents can only be found when there is true essence in their bond, and if you aren’t intimate with them, steer clear from displays of closeness through gifts you choose. They want every message sincere and centered, in touch with the way they perceive relationships surrounding them. Throughout their lifetime, they will show interest in psychology, astrology, or different alternative ways to understand our existence, so it is a good idea to buy a voucher or a book that will feed this unusual curiosity.

Positive Traits For April 7th Born

Innovative, brave, confident, and physically strong, they are true sparks of energy in their social circle and their workplace. Confident, sure of their individuality, they will inspire and provoke change in themselves and others.

Negative Traits For April 7th Born

Irritated, too quick to speak and react, they are burning points without control or reason. They will push themselves and others over all possible limits and challenge the boundaries of their time through “inacceptable” behavior and aggression.

Healing Crystal

Kutnohorite is a very good stone to fit the need of those born on April 7th, as it helps regeneration and new beginnings. It is a crystal that heals a broken heart and one to infuse the body with empathy, compassion and self-confidence. Also, this stone will help a person deal with being irritated or aggressive, and balance their feminine side with the masculine one that is on a chase for change and initiative.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for Aries representatives born on April 7th born in one of the two years preceding a leap year:

“Two Dignified Spinsters Sitting in Silence”

The Sabian symbol for Aries representatives born on April 7th of a leap year and a year that follows:

“An Empty Hammock Stretched Between Two Trees”

These symbols speak of an obvious empty space between two people or two points in space and time. Lack of movement leads to an inner emptiness that must change in the lifetime of those born on this date and they will find that Uranus in their planetary row pushes them to grow and change, just as it is almost impossible to keep the balance on a bicycle if you aren’t moving. Still, there is a quality to these empty spaces, allowing them the introspective needed to make the next step up instead of spinning in circles.

Famous Birthdays On 7th Of April

  • In 1915 Billie Holiday was born, an American jazz musician, singer and songwriter, who pioneered a new way of manipulating tempo and phrasing. After a troubled childhood, she didn’t manage to get out of abusive and self-destructive behavior and died aged 44 from cirrhosis of the liver.
  • In 1954 Jackie Chan was born, a martial artist and actor from Hong Kong, known for his acrobatics and an incredible career based on abilities of his physical body. He received an Innovator Reward from the American Choreography Awards.
  • In 1964 Russell Crowe was born, a New Zealand – Australian actor, known best through his role of the Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius in the epic film Gladiator. He has a reputation for having a bad temper.

Important Historical Events On 7th Of April

  • 1141 – With the title “Lady of the English”, Empress Matilda (born on February 7th) becomes the first female to rule England.
  • 1827 – The first friction match is sold by John Walker (born on May 29th), an English chemist.
  • 1906 – Naples is devastated as Mount Vesuvius erupts.
  • 1927 – Washington, D.C. emits the first long-distance television broadcast.
  • 1940 – The U. S. postage stamp receives the first depiction of an African American, Booker Washington (born on April 5th).
  • 1948 – WHO (The World Health Organization) is established by the UN.

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